Vibram Hong Kong 100 Ultra Trail Race
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19 Jan 2014
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Cat Pos
Gen Pos
1 Tirtha Bahadur Tamang 92MaleOpenTai Mo Shan18:01:4310:02:04 11
2 Bed Bahadur Sunuwar 16MaleOpenTai Mo Shan18:06:1610:06:3700:04:3222
3 Vlad Ixel 14MaleOpenTai Mo Shan18:11:3210:11:5300:09:4833
4 Vajin Armstrong 9MaleOpenTai Mo Shan18:18:0810:18:2900:16:2444
5 Scott Hawker 20MaleOpenTai Mo Shan18:18:3510:18:5600:16:5155
6 Ram Bhandari 17MaleOpenTai Mo Shan18:19:1410:19:3500:17:3066
7 Shunsuke Okunomiya 39MaleOpenTai Mo Shan18:28:2410:28:4500:26:4177
8 Dave Mackey 19MaleOpenTai Mo Shan18:36:2510:36:4600:34:4188
9 Tsang Siu Keung 1MaleOpenTai Mo Shan18:39:4710:40:0800:38:0399
10 Jez Bragg 8MaleOpenTai Mo Shan18:58:1810:58:3900:56:351010
11 Cyril Cointre 29MaleOpenTai Mo Shan19:01:3111:01:5200:59:481111
12 Freddy Thevenin 37MaleOpenTai Mo Shan19:06:0211:06:2301:04:181212
13 Pascal Blanc 33MaleOpenTai Mo Shan19:06:0311:06:2401:04:191313
14 Antoine Guillon 10MaleOpenTai Mo Shan19:17:2011:17:4101:15:361414
15 Christophe Le Saux 36MaleOpenTai Mo Shan19:25:3511:25:5601:23:511515
16 Jeremy Ritcey 18MaleOpenTai Mo Shan19:26:0811:26:2901:24:241616
17 Jaeduk Sim 21MaleOpenTai Mo Shan19:51:4811:52:0901:50:041717
18 Yao Jin Tao 1477MaleOpenTai Mo Shan19:59:4212:00:0301:57:591818
19 Wong Kam Cheong 28MaleOpenTai Mo Shan20:07:1412:07:3502:05:301919
20 William James Lloyd Davies 4MaleOpenTai Mo Shan20:19:1112:19:3202:17:272020
21 Fabrice Armand 30MaleOpenTai Mo Shan20:19:1912:19:4002:17:352121
22 Ng Kwok Lun 71MaleOpenTai Mo Shan20:21:3812:21:5902:19:552222
23 Peter Lee 27MaleOpenTai Mo Shan20:33:2012:33:4102:31:362323
24 Wang Xiao Lin 1324MaleOpenTai Mo Shan20:51:4712:52:0802:50:032424
25 Vincent Delebarre 34MaleOpenTai Mo Shan20:58:5712:59:1802:57:142525
26 Francesca Canepa 12FemaleOpenTai Mo Shan20:58:5812:59:1902:57:1411
27 Jonathan Ng 70MaleOpenTai Mo Shan21:03:4913:04:1003:02:052626
28 Dominic Rigby 1106MaleOpenTai Mo Shan21:05:0213:05:2303:03:192727
29 Yang Jiagen 96MaleOpenTai Mo Shan21:05:0613:05:2703:03:222828
30 Wu Shan Kuan 1420MaleOpenTai Mo Shan21:05:1313:05:3403:03:292929
31 Tsang Chun Kit 77MaleOpenTai Mo Shan21:05:1813:05:3903:03:343030
32 Law Chor Kin 26MaleOpenTai Mo Shan21:05:2813:05:4903:03:443131
33 Chan Kwok Keung 22MaleOpenTai Mo Shan21:06:0813:06:2903:04:243232
34 Chau Wai Kin 233MaleOpenTai Mo Shan21:07:2413:07:4503:05:413333
35 John Ellis 53MaleOpenTai Mo Shan21:08:1913:08:4003:06:353434
36 Lam Shing Yip 25MaleOpenTai Mo Shan21:09:1513:09:3603:07:313535
37 Liang Xin De 849MaleOpenTai Mo Shan21:10:2113:10:4203:08:373636
38 Ho Ming Lai 539MaleOpenTai Mo Shan21:26:0813:26:2903:24:243737
39 Xu Yuanshan 85MaleOpenTai Mo Shan21:29:5413:30:1503:28:113838
40 Timothee Nalet 68MaleOpenTai Mo Shan21:32:0513:32:2603:30:223939
41 Chow Pui Yan 93FemaleOpenTai Mo Shan21:32:2713:32:4803:30:4322
42 Angus Chan 45MaleOpenTai Mo Shan21:32:3513:32:5603:30:524040
43 Xue Di Fu 1450MaleOpenTai Mo Shan21:35:0913:35:3003:33:254141
44 Anthony Hughes 580MaleOpenTai Mo Shan21:37:1013:37:3103:35:274242
45 Leo Chung Kwong On 50MaleOpenTai Mo Shan21:41:4113:42:0203:39:574343
46 Meng Qiu Yu 979MaleOpenTai Mo Shan21:43:0513:43:2603:41:224444
47 Kevin Cheung Kei Fung 32MaleOpenTai Mo Shan21:50:5413:51:1503:49:104545
48 Ng Pak Hong 73MaleOpenTai Mo Shan21:51:2913:51:5003:49:464646
49 Vic So 1163MaleOpenTai Mo Shan21:53:2213:53:4303:51:394747
50 Ivan Chan 159MaleOpenTai Mo Shan21:54:0013:54:2103:52:164848
51 Lo Ching Ling 908FemaleOpenTai Mo Shan21:55:1313:55:3403:53:2944
52 Michael Sanderson 1116MaleOpenTai Mo Shan21:55:5113:56:1203:54:074949
53 Kenneth Chan Wai Tik 61MaleOpenTai Mo Shan21:58:1913:58:4003:56:355050
54 Anson Ng Kwok Wai 72MaleOpenTai Mo Shan21:59:5014:00:1103:58:075151
55 Jeffrey Tsang 1272MaleOpenTai Mo Shan22:02:4514:03:0604:01:015252
56 Su Lan 1171MaleOpenTai Mo Shan22:20:5014:21:1104:19:065353
57 A J Silbernagl 75MaleOpenTai Mo Shan22:24:3814:24:5904:22:545454
58 Loick Michel 980MaleOpenTai Mo Shan22:26:0614:26:2704:24:235555
59 Lam Ka Wai 59MaleOpenTai Mo Shan22:26:1814:26:3904:24:345656
60 Zhang Dong 1559MaleOpenTai Mo Shan22:26:2014:26:4104:24:365757
61 Qian Cheng Xi 1086MaleOpenTai Mo Shan22:26:4614:27:0704:25:025858
62 Tarmo Vannas 81MaleOpenTai Mo Shan22:27:5714:28:1804:26:145959
63 Lu Ou 931MaleOpenTai Mo Shan22:28:2514:28:4604:26:416060
64 Nerea Martinez 99FemaleOpenTai Mo Shan22:29:5514:30:1604:28:1155
65 Bruce PYE 1085MaleOpenTai Mo Shan22:32:1514:32:3604:30:316262
66 Hysan Wong 1354MaleOpenTai Mo Shan22:36:3614:36:5704:34:536363
67 Samson Lam Kai Hong 676MaleOpenTai Mo Shan22:38:1114:38:3204:36:276464
68 Michael Hui 581MaleOpenTai Mo Shan22:39:0914:39:3004:37:256565
69 Gary Lew 803MaleOpenTai Mo Shan22:40:5514:41:1604:39:116666
70 Mathilde Heaton 515FemaleOpenTai Mo Shan22:43:0014:43:2104:41:1666
71 Law Kai Pong 60MaleOpenTai Mo Shan22:43:1114:43:3204:41:276767
72 Fabien Billaud 136MaleOpenTai Mo Shan22:43:5314:44:1404:42:096868
73 Rachel Jacqueline 55FemaleOpenTai Mo Shan22:43:5814:44:1904:42:1477
74 Matthew Parry 1061MaleOpenTai Mo Shan22:45:3414:45:5504:43:506969
75 Rollo Gwyn-Jones 487MaleOpenTai Mo Shan22:45:3414:45:5504:43:507070
76 Hau Ping 503MaleOpenTai Mo Shan22:46:5314:47:1404:45:097171
77 Lee Kin Kan 750MaleOpenTai Mo Shan22:48:2714:48:4804:46:437272
78 Tim Duckworth 399MaleOpenTai Mo Shan22:48:5514:49:1604:47:117373
79 Sebastien Bertrand 98MaleOpenTai Mo Shan22:52:4814:53:0904:51:047474
80 Leung Wan Yee 64FemaleOpenTai Mo Shan22:53:3714:53:5804:51:5388
81 Zhu Fengyun 1600MaleOpenTai Mo Shan22:54:1614:54:3704:52:327575
82 Chan Yeung Wah 215MaleOpenTai Mo Shan22:56:0214:56:2304:54:187676
83 Hugo Lau Hon Hoi 706MaleOpenTai Mo Shan22:57:0214:57:2304:55:187777
84 Alan Wong Tak Tai 1392MaleOpenTai Mo Shan22:58:2614:58:4704:56:427878
85 William W T Chan 166MaleOpenTai Mo Shan23:00:0915:00:3004:58:257979
86 Ryan Cheng 274MaleOpenTai Mo Shan23:00:2015:00:4104:58:368080
87 Garrett Quigley 1095MaleOpenTai Mo Shan23:00:3715:00:5804:58:538181
88 Kwong Chat Ho 659MaleOpenTai Mo Shan23:01:3215:01:5304:59:498282
89 Chen Chao Long 237MaleOpenTai Mo Shan23:02:5615:03:1705:01:128383
90 Jacques Clot 1635MaleOpenTai Mo Shan23:04:4315:05:0405:03:008484
91 Mohd Puzi Dolah 52MaleOpenTai Mo Shan23:05:0415:05:2505:03:208585
92 Nora Senn 5FemaleOpenTai Mo Shan23:06:1815:06:3905:04:3599
93 Wu Hsin-Ping 1656MaleOpenTai Mo Shan23:06:1915:06:4005:04:368686
94 Wong Tze Wan 84MaleOpenTai Mo Shan23:06:2415:06:4505:04:408787
95 Yiu Cheuk Pang 1511MaleOpenTai Mo Shan23:07:2215:07:4305:05:388888
96 Lam Ka Man 58MaleOpenTai Mo Shan23:10:0515:10:2605:08:228989
97 Kwok Chi Ming 651MaleOpenTai Mo Shan23:10:3815:10:5905:08:549090
98 Chung Pak Hang 51MaleOpenTai Mo Shan23:10:5815:11:1905:09:149191
99 Qin Junping 1091MaleOpenTai Mo Shan23:11:0415:11:2505:09:209292
100 Yan Yun 1460MaleOpenTai Mo Shan23:12:2715:12:4805:10:449393
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