NC OWS Zone Meet
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Race No
Cat Pos
Gen Pos
1267 Antonio L Medina00:09:31.247All Ages114Male1FL-FL
2208 Benjamin C Fenwick00:09:31.357All Ages216Male2Ncow Zone Team-NC
3240 Michael I Fernandez00:09:40.570All Ages315Male3Florida Gold-FG
4259 Conner V Coronado00:10:08.130All Ages414Male4FL-FL
5312 Shamus B Sparling00:10:13.343All Ages516Male5GA-GA
6217 Ellie K Marquardt00:10:22.490All Ages116Female1Ncow Zone Team-NC
7363 Bo D Barlow00:10:41.610All Ages612Male6SES-SE
8273 Amanda R Reeter00:11:10.717All Ages216Female2FL-FL
9223 Chip B Peterson00:11:12.900All Ages729Male7Ncow Zone Team-NC
10206 Ross M Dant00:11:13.353All Ages816Male8Ncow Zone Team-NC
11254 Rafael Rodriguez00:11:16.777All Ages915Male9Florida Gold-FG
12275 Cale A Russell00:11:20.210All Ages1017Male10FL-FL
13246 Leonardo E Mateus00:11:22.473All Ages1115Male11Florida Gold-FG
14203 Thomas J Bretzmann00:11:22.510All Ages1216Male12Ncow Zone Team-NC
15384 Alex A Robinson00:11:23.697All Ages1318Male13SES-SE
16300 Ian P Grum00:11:24.527All Ages1415Male14GA-GA
17211 Alan A Hudgens00:11:24.853All Ages1517Male15Ncow Zone Team-NC
18293 Chris J Castaldo00:11:25.110All Ages1616Male16GA-GA
19313 Luke A Teverino00:11:28.803All Ages1716Male17GA-GA
20219 John D Mccray00:11:28.987All Ages1817Male18Ncow Zone Team-NC
21385 Ethan L Sanders00:11:29.193All Ages1917Male19SES-SE
22375 Ward E Lockhart00:11:29.213All Ages2015Male20SES-SE
23216 Owen O Lloyd00:11:29.827All Ages2115Male21Ncow Zone Team-NC
24235 Adrian Aguilar00:11:33.270All Ages2216Male22Florida Gold-FG
25251 Bryan O Rivero00:11:33.473All Ages2315Male23Florida Gold-FG
26332 Matthew D Street00:11:42.257All Ages2416Male24KY OW-KY
27231 Ashley G Twichell00:11:43.167All Ages327Female3Ncow Zone Team-NC
28374 Austin M Kinsler00:11:45.547All Ages2515Male25SES-SE
29359 Shreyush Shankar00:11:46.857All Ages2614Male26South Texas-ST
30272 Jack J Poppell00:11:48.110All Ages2715Male27FL-FL
31311 Andrew J Simmons00:11:48.517All Ages2814Male28GA-GA
32380 Mason D Mathias00:11:48.860All Ages2914Male29SES-SE
33280 Ryan A Staunch00:11:50.757All Ages3014Male30FL-FL
34299 Ben A Grottle00:11:53.393All Ages3113Male31GA-GA
35354 Corby M Furrer00:11:53.600All Ages3214Male32South Texas-ST
36381 Kas K Mcintire00:11:54.973All Ages3316Male33SES-SE
37269 Julian E Newman00:11:57.603All Ages3417Male34FL-FL
38301 Anna E Jahns00:11:59.517All Ages420Female4GA-GA
39276 Riley P Sampson00:11:59.680All Ages3513Male35FL-FL
40296 Jack A Christie00:12:01.717All Ages3617Male36GA-GA
41341 Jonathan T English00:12:02.133All Ages3714Male37Louisiana-LA
42379 Ian C Marshall00:12:03.320All Ages3816Male38SES-SE
43224 Emmaline B Peterson00:12:04.980All Ages518Female5Ncow Zone Team-NC
44331 Connor S Reichel00:12:06.357All Ages3916Male39KY OW-KY
45262 Cole E Firlie00:12:06.590All Ages4013Male40FL-FL
46358 Tristan V Olstad00:12:07.107All Ages4114Male41South Texas-ST
47263 Jordan Gorham00:12:07.577All Ages617Female6FL-FL
48258 Zach M Brewer00:12:08.833All Ages4215Male42FL-FL
49347 Samuel J Russell00:12:10.240All Ages4315Male43Louisiana-LA
50279 Kyle Smithers00:12:10.267All Ages4416Male44FL-FL
Page 1 of 4 (190 items)

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