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7 Sep 2014
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Race No
Cat Pos
Gen Pos
11James Downing 3:53:49Masters1Male125.7 km/h
2543Glenn Columbine 3:59:54Open1Male225.0 km/h
313Brett Bellchambers 4:00:00SInglespeed1Male325.0 km/h
410Brad Dalton 4:01:00Open2Male424.9 km/h
565Simon Ross 4:04:34Open3Male524.5 km/h
663Rowan Beggs-French 4:04:35Open4Male624.5 km/h
736Jarrod Bell 4:09:00Open5Male724.1 km/h
849Michael Ticehurst 4:10:27Masters2Male824.0 km/h
973Jason Morgan 4:13:05Masters3Male923.7 km/h
1078Trent Smyth 4:16:19Open6Male1023.4 km/h
114Alex Kooijman 4:16:24Masters4Male1123.4 km/h
1214Brian Tracey 4:23:49Open7Male1222.7 km/h
1379Stephen Tomczyk 4:24:31SInglespeed2Male1322.7 km/h
1452Michael Crummy 4:25:53Open8Male1422.6 km/h
1533Ian Anderson 4:26:32Open9Male1522.5 km/h
1654Mike Israel 4:28:42Masters5Male1622.3 km/h
1737Jasen Raymond 4:28:42Masters6Male1722.3 km/h
1866Stephen Alegria 4:29:04Masters7Male1822.3 km/h
1920Dan Marges 4:33:38SInglespeed3Male1921.9 km/h
2035Jamie Ingram 4:34:17Open10Male2021.9 km/h
2171Patrick Kluth 4:35:46Masters8Male2121.8 km/h
227Aubry Hill 4:38:32Masters9Male2221.5 km/h
2358Paul Spencer 4:39:39SInglespeed4Male2321.5 km/h
2474Jeremy Gleeson 4:48:21SInglespeed5Male2420.8 km/h
2559Peter Beggs 4:52:12Super Masters1Male2520.5 km/h
2612Brett Robertson 4:53:34Open11Male2620.4 km/h
2729Grantley Butterfield 4:54:05Open12Male2720.4 km/h
2841John Mader 5:00:37Open13Male2820.0 km/h
2930Han Strating 5:01:21Open14Male2919.9 km/h
3046Malcolm Bradley 5:01:56Super Masters2Male3019.9 km/h
312Ashley Mills 5:05:06Masters10Male3119.7 km/h
3215Christian Bachmann 5:05:55Masters11Male3219.6 km/h
3364Russ McKinnon 5:08:54Super Masters3Male3319.4 km/h
3442John Harris 5:11:12Super Masters4Male3419.3 km/h
3575Steve Munn 5:12:28Masters12Male3519.2 km/h
3617Colin Beashel 5:12:34Super Masters5Male3619.2 km/h
3757Paul Aston 5:16:46Masters13Male3718.9 km/h
3832Harry Brown 5:17:52Super Masters6Male3818.9 km/h
3951Michelle Inglis 5:20:26Masters1Female118.7 km/h
408Belinda Wren 5:21:25Open1Female218.7 km/h
4177Martin Freeland 5:24:17Open15Male3918.5 km/h
4260Peter Rohr 5:24:18Super Masters7Male4018.5 km/h
4347Matt Quirk 5:26:22Open16Male4118.4 km/h
44610Stephanie Jackson 5:32:11Open2Female318.1 km/h
45566Linda Corrigan 5:32:11Open3Female418.1 km/h
4645Kelvin Proctor 5:32:16Open17Male4218.1 km/h
473Aaron Mangan 5:34:17Open18Male4317.9 km/h
4855Neil Armstrong 5:35:40Open19Male4417.9 km/h
4925Derryck Menere 5:38:58Open20Male4517.7 km/h
5026Evan Oberg 5:42:43Open21Male4617.5 km/h
Page 1 of 2 (80 items)

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