Mudgee Running Festival
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20 Aug 2017
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Race No
Cat Pos
Gen Pos
13178Harrison Doley00:20:4412-15 (fun run only)1Male1 00:20:44
23302Adam Reeves00:22:1930-39 (fun run only)1Male2 00:22:19
33106Beau Rohr00:22:35under 12 (fun run only)1Male3 00:22:35
43022Hamish Douglas00:22:4912-15 (fun run only)2Male4 00:22:49
53128Lewis Roth00:22:5012-15 (fun run only)3Male5ROTH AND ROLL00:22:50
63109Archie Roberts00:23:2716-191Male6 00:23:27
73236Riley Taylor00:23:31under 12 (fun run only)2Male7 00:23:31
83321Martin Newcombe00:23:3240-49 (fun run only)1Male8 00:23:32
93127Mark Roth00:23:3940-49 (fun run only)2Male9ROTH AND ROLL00:23:39
103270John Hill00:23:5016-192Male10MOOLARBEN COAL00:23:50
113065Lauren Hooke00:24:1530-39 (fun run only)1Female1GULGONG HIGH SCHOOL00:24:15
123121Matthew Thrum00:24:2312-15 (fun run only)4Male11 00:24:23
133129Samuel Roth00:25:3212-15 (fun run only)5Male12ROTH AND ROLL00:25:32
143122Ryan Thrum00:25:43under 12 (fun run only)3Male13 00:25:43
153204Ben Pirie00:25:5540-49 (fun run only)3Male14 00:25:55
163307Alesha Bennetts00:26:07under 12 (fun run only)1Female2Wilpinjong00:26:07
173245Lily Craig00:26:1312-15 (fun run only)1Female3 00:26:13
183152Connor Whale00:26:2512-15 (fun run only)6Male15 00:26:25
193029Jason Hollow00:26:4640-49 (fun run only)4Male16GULGONG HIGH SCHOOL00:26:46
203304Duncan Mcneill00:26:5516-193Male17 00:26:55
213058Jack Sewell00:27:0016-194Male18 00:27:00
223267Wesley Kelly00:27:0216-195Male19MOOLARBEN COAL00:27:02
233057Daniel Van Der Hoeven00:27:0216-196Male20OUTBACK00:27:02
243032Rachel Marshall00:27:02under 12 (fun run only)2Female4Wilpinjong00:27:02
253187Haryy Riley00:27:11under 12 (fun run only)4Male21Ulan00:27:11
263279William Buckley00:27:11under 12 (fun run only)5Male22 00:27:11
273275Grace Woodgate00:27:2312-15 (fun run only)2Female5 00:27:23
283247Sienna Wilkin00:27:27under 12 (fun run only)3Female6 00:27:27
293003Nate Atkinson00:27:28under 12 (fun run only)6Male23MUDGEE INDOOR SWIMMING CLUB00:27:28
303123Danielle Thrum00:27:4012-15 (fun run only)3Female7 00:27:40
313001Roslind Wols00:27:4930-39 (fun run only)2Female8ARE WE THERE YET?00:27:49
323002Jenny Shephard00:28:0650-59 (fun run only)1Female9 00:28:06
333203Claire Finter00:28:1212-15 (fun run only)4Female10 00:28:12
343220Cooper Azar00:28:15under 12 (fun run only)7Male24 00:28:15
353324Darren Slattery00:28:1630-39 (fun run only)2Male25 00:28:16
363272Hugo George00:28:19under 12 (fun run only)8Male26 00:28:19
373144Stuart Eckford00:28:2750-59 (fun run only)1Male27NERD HERD00:28:27
383079Bill Mccarney00:28:32under 12 (fun run only)9Male28 00:28:32
393075Logan Geddes00:28:35under 12 (fun run only)10Male29 00:28:35
403076Jordan Geddes00:28:35under 12 (fun run only)11Male30 00:28:35
413202Richard Finter00:28:3550-59 (fun run only)2Male31 00:28:35
423073Lochlan Mortensen00:28:4216-197Male32MUDGEE PCYC00:28:42
433099John Reid00:28:4350-59 (fun run only)3Male33WOODENDERS00:28:43
443281Nate Warren00:28:50under 12 (fun run only)12Male34 00:28:50
453025Anthony Furney00:28:5812-15 (fun run only)7Male35GULGONG HIGH SCHOOL00:28:58
463115Ed Mcgilvray00:29:02under 12 (fun run only)13Male36MUDGEE INDOOR SWIMMING CLUB00:29:02
473117Grant Mcgilvray00:29:0240-49 (fun run only)5Male37MUDGEE INDOOR SWIMMING CLUB00:29:02
483280Harry Ehlen00:29:1312-15 (fun run only)8Male38 00:29:13
493084Elliot Wright00:29:15under 12 (fun run only)14Male39THE WRIGHT RUNNERS00:29:15
503278Sam Buckley00:29:28under 12 (fun run only)15Male40 00:29:28
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