Carcoar Running Festival
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4 Nov 2012
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Race No
Cat Pos
Gen Pos
1123Mitch DEAN 01:13:38All Ages1Male1
2176Andrew TUCKEY 01:14:07All Ages2Male2
3191James PERRETT 01:14:25All Ages3Male3
4120Tim COCHRANE 01:17:13All Ages4Male4
5129Jane FARDELL 01:18:53All Ages1Female1
6187Sean WILLIAMS 01:19:32All Ages5Male5
7133Fleur FLANERY 01:25:18All Ages2Female2
8156Michael MUELLER 01:25:42All Ages6Male6
9190Nicola Torley 01:27:48All Ages3Female3
10180Kelley-Ann VAREY 01:27:50All Ages4Female4
11161Marnie PONTON 01:30:50All Ages5Female5
12139Andrew Fyfe LAMOND 01:34:59All Ages7Male7
13166Angus James RUTHERFORD 01:36:20All Ages8Male8
14160James PONTON 01:37:09All Ages9Male9
15146Terry MALONEY 01:37:14All Ages10Male10
16179Paul TWOHILL 01:37:14All Ages11Male11
17173Alison STEPHENS 01:37:25All Ages6Female6
18117Mark CLANCY 01:38:53All Ages12Male12
19143Stuart LOVEJOY 01:39:15All Ages13Male13
20182Kate WEATHERSTONE 01:39:36All Ages7Female7
21145Gary MAHON 01:39:37All Ages14Male14
22128Jacob EVANS 01:40:28All Ages15Male15
23101Mohammed ALKHUB 01:40:36All Ages16Male16
24168Marco SCANNONE 01:41:04All Ages17Male17
25162Sandi RABIE 01:41:20All Ages8Female8
26154Thomas MILLIST 01:41:36All Ages18Male18
27137Phillip HOGLIN 01:41:52All Ages19Male19
28104Paul BENNETT 01:42:34All Ages20Male20
29144Richard MADDEN 01:42:36All Ages21Male21
30132Sarah FENTON 01:44:49All Ages9Female9
31110Stewart CAMERON 01:45:18All Ages22Male22
32149Kimberley MAYNE 01:45:36All Ages10Female10
33151Phillip MCINTOSH 01:46:15All Ages23Male23
34158Natasha PARKER 01:47:30All Ages11Female11
35184Peter WETTINGER 01:47:49All Ages24Male24
36118Felicity CLELLAND 01:49:44All Ages12Female12
37169Donna SCOTT 01:50:01All Ages13Female13
38107Jo BOYD 01:50:09All Ages14Female14
39164Michael RENDLE 01:51:05All Ages25Male25
40165Susan RENKERT 01:51:30All Ages15Female15
41115Penny CHANDLER 01:51:35All Ages16Female16
42188Neil Stewart 01:51:53All Ages26Male26
43126Richard EGGLESTON 01:52:23All Ages27Male27
44185Emma WHELAN 01:54:17All Ages17Female17
45112Matthew CARMODY 01:54:18All Ages28Male28
46122Charlie COULSON-KNIGHT 01:54:19All Ages29Male29
47108Jenna BULLEY 01:54:54All Ages18Female18
48150Niaomi MCDONELL 01:55:13All Ages19Female19
49192Samantha Chapman 01:55:38All Ages20Female20
50157Amanda O?CONNOR 01:56:00All Ages21Female21
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