Carcoar Running Festival
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4 Nov 2012
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Race No
Cat Pos
Gen Pos
1506Jak BUKOVINSKY 00:24:41All Ages1Male1
2546Shane WHATMAN 00:26:16All Ages2Male2
3559Nicole Williamson 00:27:51All Ages1Female1
4551John WOOD 00:30:04All Ages3Male3
5505Charles BRISTER 00:30:28All Ages4Male4
6510Sally-Ann CLUES 00:31:24All Ages2Female2
7528Iain MCLEAN 00:31:25All Ages5Male5
8548Danielle WILLIAMS 00:31:32All Ages3Female3
9535Stacey QUITZAU 00:31:58All Ages4Female4
10560Martin Woofer 00:33:00All Ages6Male6
11507Shane BUKOVINSKY 00:33:08All Ages7Male7
12516Paul DYER 00:33:16All Ages8Male8
13544Kerri WEBSTER 00:33:19All Ages5Female5
14561Ronny Woofer 00:34:44All Ages9Male9
15537Marion ROSE 00:35:31All Ages6Female6
16518Paula FINLAY 00:35:54All Ages7Female7
17532Rebecca O?DEA 00:36:05All Ages8Female8
18536Mark RICHARDSON 00:36:49All Ages10Male10
19542Bonny WAKEFIELD 00:36:56All Ages9Female9
20534Kellie PICKERING 00:38:06All Ages10Female10
21545Jen WETTINGER 00:38:18All Ages11Female11
22522Sally HAMER 00:38:50All Ages12Female12
23531Patsy MOPPETT 00:39:18All Ages13Female13
24503Tara BOARDMAN 00:39:44All Ages14Female14
25508Michael BUSHELL 00:39:44All Ages11Male11
26526Peta LAURIE 00:39:52All Ages15Female15
27556Trisha HERD 00:41:31All Ages16Female16
28554Carmen WONG 00:42:47All Ages17Female17
29501Janet ALLEN 00:43:13All Ages18Female18
30515Alice DRABSCH 00:43:59All Ages19Female19
31563Gemma Green 00:44:17All Ages20Female20
32562Nicole Pearce 00:44:27All Ages21Female21
33523Merryn HARE 00:44:28All Ages22Female22
34539Lisa STARR 00:44:38All Ages23Female23
35533Michelle PEARSON 00:44:40All Ages24Female24
36511Tanya CONNOR 00:45:05All Ages25Female25
37557Jess WIENKE 00:45:57All Ages26Female26
38520Lee GLENDENNING 00:47:21All Ages27Female27
39512James CUNNEW 00:47:21All Ages12Male12
40550Kylie WOOD 00:48:01All Ages28Female28
41517Allison FARR 00:48:05All Ages29Female29
42519Michelle FOGARTY 00:48:55All Ages30Female30
43502Tonia BARNES 00:48:59All Ages31Female31
44521Megan GOODWIN 00:49:09All Ages32Female32
45509Joanne CHAPPLE 00:49:44All Ages33Female33
46527Lynn MADDEN 00:49:45All Ages34Female34
47524Antonia HARE 00:51:02All Ages35Female35
48553James GOULD 00:52:23All Ages13Male13
49513Emma DAVIS 00:53:03All Ages36Female36
50541Karelle TAYLOR 00:59:07All Ages37Female37
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