Nike Women's 10K
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4 Apr 2015
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Cat Pos
Gen Pos
1512 Wong Tin Yau00:29:41Couple1Male1
2511 Chan Tak Lun00:31:13Couple2Male2
3660Max Lau00:31:24NGOs1Male3
4658 Hui Ho Tat00:31:51NGOs2Male4
5545Hanson Wong00:32:06Corporate1Male5
6659 Yeung Wing Kui00:33:28NGOs3Male6
7657 Leung Siu Pang00:33:51NGOs4Male7
8662Deric Lam Wing Hung00:35:02Corporate2Male8
9437 Lee Chi Man00:35:27Couple3Male9
10664 Chan Tat Wing00:35:29Corporate3Male10
11663 Sze Tak Heung00:36:17Corporate4Male11
12661 Poon Chun Sing00:36:18Corporate5Male12
13443 Liem Wai00:36:48Couple4Male13
14438 Tsang Ka Hung00:37:31Couple1Female1
15666 To Hoi Lau00:37:38Corporate6Male14
16546Fiona So00:37:40Corporate1Female2
17583Matt Haslar00:38:04Corporate7Male15
18557Sunny K L Tse00:38:14Corporate8Male16
19549Alex Chong00:38:21Corporate9Male17
20691Joseph Lai00:38:45Corporate10Male18
21665 Li Kin Wo00:38:59Corporate11Male19
22421 Ma Chak Wai00:39:08Couple5Male20
23668 Lai Hon Man00:39:20Corporate12Male21
24456 Wong Siu Keung00:40:34Couple6Male22
25582Lachlan Evans00:40:51Corporate13Male23
26605James Hills-Ingyon00:40:58Corporate14Male24
27543Tony Li00:41:00Corporate15Male25
28544King Chan00:41:11Corporate16Male26
29485 Lee Ka Fai00:41:16Couple7Male27
30547Emily Siu00:41:34Corporate2Female3
31410 Ng Chi Man00:41:56Couple8Male28
32535 Ngai Ka Wai00:41:56NGOs5Male29
33461 Chan Wai Ming00:42:27Couple9Male30
34570Joe Cheung Koon Ying00:42:43Corporate17Male31
35505 Leung Tak Yau00:42:50Couple10Male32
36622 Chung Kin Man00:42:52Corporate18Male33
37462 Li Chun Hoi00:43:00Couple11Male34
38470 Cheung Chun Sing00:43:00Couple12Male35
39419 Leung Chun Kwong00:43:09Couple13Male36
40521 Chau Hon Man00:43:27NGOs6Male37
41548Lorraine Leung00:43:31Corporate3Female4
42458 Wong Pui San00:43:49Couple14Male38
43609Sangini Shroff00:44:16Corporate4Female5
44444Lisa Li Shuk Han00:44:25Couple2Female6
45601Francis Chiang00:44:35Corporate19Male39
46589Sam Lam00:44:49Corporate20Male40
47431 Ki Yiu00:44:56Couple15Male41
48423 Ng Chin Fung00:45:08Couple16Male42
49556William W H Kwok00:45:27Corporate21Male43
50469 Chan Chun Wa00:45:38Couple17Male44
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