Golden Beach Aquathon
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Race Information
Race Series
11 October 2015
Final Results
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Start Time
1220 Wong Hui Wai 22:12Male Elite Open1Male1Energetic Triathlon ShaTinHeat 308:00:006:408:166:43
2212 Law Leong Tim 22:16Male Elite Open2Male2Energetic Triathlon ShaTinHeat 308:00:006:398:156:48
354Hilda Choi Yan Yin 24:32Female Elite Open1Female1Energetic Triathlon ShaTinHeat 107:30:007:079:137:30
4217 Lau Tsun Ling 24:47Male Elite Open3Male3Titan TriathlonHeat 308:00:006:4810:077:12
5157Kevin Chow  24:54Male 35-391Male4South China Athletic AssociationHeat 308:00:007:139:117:42
6216Jason Ng Ka Lok  25:04Male 20-241Male5Energetic Triathlon ShaTinHeat 308:00:006:4810:067:25
7121Tobias Chu  25:13Male 40-441Male6Tritons Triathlon ClubHeat 207:45:007:099:407:36
8214Josh Alculumbre  25:21Male 20-242Male7 Heat 308:00:006:4410:047:27
9206 Yuen Chi Hang 25:54Male 25-291Male8Titan TriathlonHeat 308:00:006:5610:397:39
10167 Chan Tsz Leung 26:29Male 30-341Male9 Heat 308:00:007:1011:287:03
11199 Chan Chin Lung 26:29Male 25-292Male10First Ten Generation TeamHeat 308:00:007:1510:427:52
1221Kate Rutherford  26:32Female Elite Open2Female2 Heat 107:30:007:3310:068:13
13219 Tsoi Ka Cheuk 26:49Male 20-243Male11Sonic Sports AssociationHeat 308:00:007:3510:188:16
14122Olivier Courret  26:49Male 40-442Male12Hong Kong Dragons Triathlon ClubHeat 207:45:007:2610:587:42
15179 Tsang Chun Kit 26:56Male 30-342Male13AustSports AssociationHeat 308:00:007:1511:187:30
16203 Wong Wai Ho 27:07Male 25-293Male14Energetic Triathlon ShaTinHeat 308:00:006:5512:197:13
17164Sirus Lee Yuk Tong  27:08Male 35-392Male15Energetic Triathlon ShaTinHeat 308:00:007:1411:577:13
18100Jimmy Wan Shu Wah溫樹華27:19Male 45-491Male16Energetic Triathlon ShaTinHeat 207:45:007:1111:497:27
1998Thomas Hardcastle  27:23Male 45-492Male17South China Athletic AssociationHeat 207:45:007:1012:007:37
20218 Chow Man Him周文謙27:27Male 20-244Male18Excel Swim Sports AssociationHeat 308:00:007:2211:417:34
21107 Lai Kin Sun黎建新28:01Male 45-493Male19Sonic Sports AssociationHeat 207:45:008:0710:408:28
22102Dick Chung  28:15Male 45-494Male20Energetic Triathlon ShaTinHeat 207:45:007:5311:238:15
23202 Lo Ning Yan 28:17Male 25-294Male21Crest Ray Recreation & Sports ClubHeat 308:00:007:1112:417:31
24131Daniel Palomar  28:23Male 40-443Male22Energetic Triathlon ShaTinHeat 207:45:007:3112:247:45
25133Ron Tupac  28:26Male 40-444Male23 Heat 207:45:007:2112:397:45
2665Michael Harrison 夏米高28:46Male 55-591Male24Crest Ray Recreation & Sports ClubHeat 207:45:007:3312:258:02
2710Parker Lee Tanya 28:51Female 50-541Female3 Heat 107:30:008:1811:078:44
28161 Leung Hon Wing梁翰榮28:56Male 35-393Male25Part Time AssociationHeat 308:00:007:5211:338:32
2956 Tsang Ka Hung 29:00Female 20-241Female4AustSports AssociationHeat 107:30:007:3711:488:26
30191 Tam Yau Yan 29:07Male 25-295Male26AustSports AssociationHeat 308:00:007:2112:247:53
31215Patrick Watson  29:08Male 20-245Male27 Heat 308:00:007:3611:279:09
32208Kenneth Wu Yee Lok 29:14Male 20-246Male28Tung Chung Triathlon AssociationHeat 308:00:007:5712:087:58
33172Ray Lau 劉健威29:14Male 30-343Male29AustSports AssociationHeat 308:00:007:3712:347:57
3473 Li Ka Wo 29:18Male 55-592Male30New Wave Swimming ClubHeat 207:45:008:0611:528:33
35134Mark Lee 29:20Male 35-394Male31 Heat 308:00:007:2313:098:01
3664 Wong Cheuk Yin 29:24Male 55-593Male32Mango Swimming ClubHeat 207:45:008:0311:398:47
37162 Woo Wai Kit 29:29Male 35-395Male33AustSports AssociationHeat 308:00:008:0312:198:11
38210Alan Chan Chun Lung 陳振龍29:33Male 20-247Male34Titan TriathlonHeat 308:00:008:5210:339:19
3951 Ng Chau Yu 29:47Female 25-291Female5South China Athletic AssociationHeat 107:30:008:3711:189:08
40112 Wong Yee Keung 29:50Male 40-445Male35AustSports AssociationHeat 207:45:008:1212:078:49
41116Andy Wong Kwok Chun  29:51Male 40-446Male36Energetic Triathlon ShaTinHeat 207:45:008:2112:108:25
42178 Lau Chun Pong 29:56Male 30-344Male37 Heat 308:00:007:5212:438:39
4381Paul Kong Tak Wa 29:56Male 50-541Male38Energetic Triathlon ShaTinHeat 207:45:007:2813:317:51
44193Sean Ma  29:58Male 25-296Male39 Heat 308:00:008:1311:249:08
4589Bertram Emil Shi  30:01Male 45-495Male40Energetic Triathlon ShaTinHeat 207:45:008:1411:399:24
46196 Chan Chu Hong 30:01Male 25-297Male41Titan TriathlonHeat 308:00:008:0512:458:09
47103Edwin Wong  30:03Male 45-496Male42Sonic Sports AssociationHeat 207:45:008:2811:239:18
4842 Wu Ka Wing 30:09Female 30-341Female6South China Athletic AssociationHeat 107:30:008:2811:239:26
49166Gary Lui Kim Lun呂劍倫30:14Male 30-345Male43AustSports AssociationHeat 308:00:008:1412:338:32
50198 Leung Ka Lun 30:27Male 25-298Male44Energetic Triathlon ShaTinHeat 308:00:008:5311:049:43
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