King Of The Hills - Hong Kong Island
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27 November 2016
1649Jeff Campbell 01:37:58Male Open11
2681Michael Skobierski 01:39:05Male Open22
3300Kevin Scallan 01:42:13Male Open33
4440Guy Connell 01:43:15Male Open44
5211Giuseppe Mollica 01:44:36Male Open55
6260William Davies 01:47:00Male 40-4416
7990Shing Yip Lam 01:48:07Male 40-4427
8951Fujio Miyachi 01:48:25Male Open68
9267Chun Keung Leung 01:49:12Male Open79
102151Hon Hei Tommy Wong 01:50:50Male Open810
11929Seth Fischer 01:51:37Male 40-44311
12507George Major 01:52:11Male Open912
13281Chino Chan 01:52:23Male Open1013
14687Phil Wright 01:53:39Male Open1114
15101Rollo Frederick Walter Gwyn-Jones 01:53:48Male Open1215
16563Tam Tsz Hong 01:53:52Male Open1316
17499Joseluis Alvelais Gonzalez 01:54:03Male Open1417
18325Tim Marchant 01:54:12Male 40-44418
19304Anthony Davies 01:54:49Male 50-54119
20133Peter Bachmann 01:56:03Male 45-49120
21451Rocky Chan 01:57:05Male Open1521
22208Mo Devlin 01:57:18Male 50-54222
23298Thomas Hardcastle 01:57:34Male 45-49223
24691Plato Luk 01:57:42Male Open1624
25585Jerry Wong 01:58:00Male Open1725
26455Dmitry Lapidus 02:00:18Male Open1826
27372Zein Williams 02:00:46Female Open11
28236Jacques Clot 02:00:51Male 40-44527
29604Andreas Nessi 02:00:53Male 40-44628
30109Robet Turnbull 02:01:05Male Open1929
31428Jan Littlewood 02:01:17Male 40-44730
322115Steve Wong 02:01:21Male 55-59131
33317Frank Riehm 02:01:30Male 40-44832
34207Thomas Lai 02:01:55Male 50-54333
35456Rowan Williams 02:02:14Male Open2034
36473Ezra Emerson 02:02:31Male 40-44935
37292Fu Keung Ho 02:02:33Male Open2136
38538Wai Kit Heung 02:02:48Male Open2237
39390Rupert Chamberlain 02:02:58Male 45-49338
402167Ping Hau 02:03:45Male 55-59239
41474Jan Bogaert 02:04:09Male Open2340
42502Joshua Craddock 02:04:54Male Open2441
43846Tiu Yeung Wong 02:05:25Male Open2542
44419Olivier Streun 02:05:31Male 50-54443
45150Kong To Lee 02:05:39Male Open2644
462083Wai Hei Ng 02:05:45Male Open2745
47400Chun Man Szeto 02:06:08Male Open2846
48702Sai Kit Alger Cheng 02:06:13Male 45-49447
49221Kwok Keung Yeung 02:06:17Male 55-59348
50217Luigi Hayashibara 02:06:32Male 50-54549
512095See Kau Chan 02:06:51Male 55-59450
52216Peter Hopper 02:07:01Male 55-59551
53505Kin Sun Pang 02:07:19Male 45-49552
54114Alan Oates 02:07:44Male Open2953
55708Steve Kite 02:09:02Male 40-441054
56350Siu Yip 02:09:19Male 45-49655
57191Jonathan Gilchrist 02:09:54Male 50-54656
58410C L Lam 02:11:25Male Open3057
59920Ping Leung 02:11:56Male 55-59658
60203Alan Zagury 02:12:09Male 40-441159
612084Chi Yeung Chiu 02:12:15Male Open3160
62234Robert Sullivan 02:12:31Male Open3261
63859Adam Crawford 02:12:42Male 50-54762
64470Kin Chung Chan 02:13:16Male Open3363
65980Shu Wah Leung 02:13:28Male 50-54864
66426Yee Ting Chris Kwan 02:13:33Female 40-4912
67163Peter Mills 02:13:55Male 50-54965
68487Adam York 02:15:00Male 40-441266
69460Guillaume Besson 02:15:03Male Open3467
70411Jeremy Borne 02:15:09Male Open3568
71425Yu Keung Chan 02:15:11Male 40-441369
722092Kwok Man Yuen 02:15:14Male 50-541070
73987Hoi Lau Eric To 02:15:17Male 55-59771
74316Sam Stitt 02:15:19Male Open3672
75303Jochen Breuer 02:15:32Male Open3773
76618Camille Modiano 02:15:51Male Open3874
77205Vivian Lee 02:15:59Female 40-4923
78117Ching Po Kwok 02:16:08Male 50-541175
79305Kai Ho Leung 02:16:49Male Open3976
80558Andy Churn 02:17:00Male 50-541277
81352Woon Ming Tsang 02:17:10Female 40-4934
82468Norman Buerzle 02:17:13Male Open4078
83243Mark Firth 02:17:13Male 40-441479
842099Wan Sheung Ku古運雙02:17:21Male Open4180
85887Franck Gauthier 02:17:22Male 45-49781
86793Justin Haik 02:17:52Male 45-49882
87155Kenneth Leung 02:17:55Male 45-49983
882112Mark Cornell 02:18:06Male 40-441584
89403William Harrison 02:18:21Male Open4285
90694Rafael Franz 02:18:24Male Open4386
912076Wai Lun Mok 02:18:29Male Open4487
922131Ming Ho Chow周銘豪02:18:30Male Open4588
93710Tak Cheung Ng 02:18:42Male Open4689
94132Eliot Fisk 02:18:57Male 45-491090
95271Stephanie Roland 02:19:00Female Open25
96559Kwai Wah Leung 02:19:03Male 45-491191
97534Mark Redfearn 02:19:12Male 40-441692
98766Dick Au 02:19:17Male 40-441793
99830Roger Lee 02:20:13Male Open4794
100105Chi Yip Chau 02:20:41Male Open4895
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