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30 October 2016
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Race No
Cat Pos
Gen Pos
1676Samson Karega Kamau 00:41:40All Ages1Male1
2502AGUSTINUS BENU 00:46:01All Ages2Male2
3677Dennis Isika 00:47:28All Ages3Male3
4168Hadi Firmansyah 00:50:20All Ages4Male4
522Ari Masrudi 00:51:50All Ages5Male5
6268Khunala Satria Amin 00:52:41All Ages6Male6
765ELIUS 00:52:46All Ages7Male7
8166Hadi Mustofa 00:53:20All Ages8Male8
9263Erfan Pambudi Nugroho 00:54:25All Ages9Male9
10120Vivi Wulandari 00:55:20All Ages10Male10
11316Rizki Eka Putra 00:57:20All Ages11Male11
12179Asep Wilantoro 00:57:40All Ages12Male12
13264Abdul Wakhid 00:59:40All Ages13Male13
14608SUNARYADI SETIAWAN 00:59:50All Ages14Male14
15375Priyo Widodo 01:00:42All Ages15Male15
16295ALFI SYAHRIN 01:01:02All Ages16Male16
17475M. Agung Azlansyah 01:01:24All Ages17Male17
18558LIMAN SANTOSO 01:01:48All Ages18Male18
19193Muh. Hafy 01:01:52All Ages19Male19
20228Samsul K 01:02:37All Ages20Male20
21419Kacung 01:02:39All Ages21Male21
22599SAMSON PRAKOSO 01:02:40All Ages22Male22
2311Ilham Nur Alam 01:03:25All Ages23Male23
24334Faid Aqdas Al Qhozi 01:03:56All Ages24Male24
25418Imam Muslich 01:04:17All Ages25Male25
26148Siswanto 01:04:54All Ages26Male26
27317Syaifudin Al Jufri 01:05:05All Ages27Male27
2869ASYHADI FATAH 01:05:14All Ages28Male28
29381Andri Utomo 01:05:43All Ages29Male29
30209M. Ludfi Efendi 01:05:47All Ages30Male30
31621TAUFIQ ROHMAN 01:06:09All Ages31Male31
32565MOCHAMMAD BHIROWO 01:06:13All Ages32Male32
33472Widodo 01:06:14All Ages33Male33
34434Aditya Wahyu Wicaksana 01:06:28All Ages34Male34
35147Freda Adi Wardana 01:06:32All Ages35Male35
3661Akbar Maulana H. 01:06:33All Ages36Male36
37110Lemri Erwanto 01:06:38All Ages37Male37
38456Wisang Wahyu Febrianing Cahyo 01:07:59All Ages38Male38
39521DIDI PRAYOGO 01:07:59All Ages39Male39
40202Ashari Ridho 01:08:03All Ages40Male40
41412Mochamad Arif Rahardjo 01:08:46All Ages41Male41
42414Irwan Sutrisno 01:08:46All Ages42Male42
43624AKHMAD FIRDAUS 01:09:18All Ages43Male43
44595ROHMAD BAGUS SUPRIYANTO 01:09:32All Ages44Male44
4570SUKAMTO 01:09:33All Ages45Male45
46373Ilham Adi Laksana 01:09:38All Ages46Male46
47354obi nazari 01:10:07All Ages47Male47
48568MUH. IMAM RIADY 01:10:48All Ages48Male48
49230Dwi Fitria Aditya Meiyanto 01:10:53All Ages49Male49
50506ANDRY SAUSA D 01:11:11All Ages50Male50
Page 1 of 13 (601 items)

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