Timberhonger 10k
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1 Jul 2017
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Race No
Net Time
Cat Pos
Gen Pos
1806Nathan Sanders00:05:2900:00:00M 8 to 101Male1 
2783Michael Greenfield00:05:3400:00:00M 11 to 141Male2 
3794Lauren Kennard00:05:3700:00:00F 11 to 141Female1Worcester AC
4904Bailey Depper-Gwilliams00:05:4600:00:00M 8 to 102Male3 
5753Matthew Athey00:05:4600:00:00M 8 to 103Male4 
6817Harry Williams00:05:4900:00:00M 11 to 142Male5BRAC
7768Toby Dale00:05:5500:00:00M 11 to 143Male6 
8766Patrick Crump00:05:5900:00:00M 11 to 144Male7 
9974Sam Hatton00:06:0400:00:00M 11 to 145Male8 
10767Hannah Dale00:06:0400:00:00F 8 to 101Female2 
11973James Nind00:06:0700:00:00M 11 to 146Male9 
12772Jamie Elsdon00:06:1000:00:00M 11 to 147Male10Droitwich AC
13816Aoibhe Williams00:06:1800:00:00F 11 to 142Female3 
14920Leo Cerrone00:06:2300:00:00M 8 to 104Male11 
15909Jake Tyrell00:06:2400:00:00M 8 to 105Male12 
16818Mattie Woodcock00:06:2400:00:00M 8 to 106Male13Jacqueline Woodcock
17943Isabel Knowles00:06:3200:00:00F 8 to 102Female4 
18971George Viant00:06:3300:00:00M 11 to 148Male14 
19912William Hewston00:06:3300:00:00M 11 to 149Male15 
20771Sam Elsdon00:06:3300:00:00M 11 to 1410Male16Droitwich AC
21931George Copestake00:06:3400:00:00M 11 to 1411Male17 
22944Luka D Waal00:06:3700:00:00M 11 to 1412Male18 
23778Benjamin Girvan00:06:3800:00:00M 11 to 1413Male19 
24775Jacob Forman00:06:4100:00:00M 11 to 1414Male20 
25810Ben Taylor00:06:4300:00:00M 8 to 107Male21 
26941Flynn Little00:06:4500:00:00M 8 to 108Male22 
27782Liam Grasby00:06:4500:00:00M 8 to 109Male23Redditch Stars
28788George Hayes00:06:4500:00:00M 8 to 1010Male24 
29797Owen Marcetic00:06:4900:00:00M 8 to 1011Male25Hubby Marcetic
30812Jack Taylor00:06:5500:00:00M 8 to 1012Male26 
31786Ted Hales00:06:5500:00:00M 8 to 1013Male27 
32787Luke Hayes00:06:5600:00:00M 8 to 1014Male28 
33764Matt Croal00:06:5800:00:00M 11 to 1415Male29 
34789Fletcher Howard00:07:0000:00:00M 8 to 1015Male30 
35777Jasmine Girvan00:07:0200:00:00F 11 to 143Female5 
36906Darcy Hocking00:07:0200:00:00F 8 to 103Female6 
37899Alfie Evans00:07:0200:00:00M 8 to 1016Male31 
38802Edward Pike00:07:0400:00:00M 8 to 1017Male32 
39811Harry Taylor00:07:0500:00:00M 8 to 1018Male33 
40793Lewis Kennard00:07:0600:00:00M 8 to 1019Male34 
41790charlie hunt00:07:0600:00:00M 8 to 1020Male35 
42760Ethan Butt00:07:0900:00:00M 8 to 1021Male36 
43796Euan Lowe00:07:0900:00:00M 8 to 1022Male37 
44957Kara Welborn00:07:1600:00:00F 8 to 104Female7 
45898Jacob Bailey00:07:1800:00:00M 8 to 1023Male38 
46930Jarod Mcclean00:07:1800:00:00M 11 to 1416Male39 
47781Chloe Gould00:07:1900:00:00F 8 to 105Female8Rachel Gould
48928Sophie Pearce00:07:2000:00:00F 8 to 106Female9 
49774Liam Forman00:07:2000:00:00M 8 to 1024Male40Forman Steven
50814Clover Webster00:07:2200:00:00F 8 to 107Female10 
Page 1 of 2 (100 items)

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