Surrey Half Marathon 2014
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9 Mar 2014
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16034Manabu Osawa2:47.712 Yrs19-12 Yrs1Male1 17.2 km/h1:20.411:27.32
26041Ellie Sakaria2:49.211 Yrs19-12 Yrs1Female1 17.0 km/h1:24.041:25.11
36060Frank Townley2:51.411 Yrs19-12 Yrs2Male2 16.8 km/h1:21.721:29.73
45830Sienna Bates3:01.28 Yrs16-8 Yrs1Female2 15.9 km/h1:27.561:33.65
56015Harry Eisinger3:04.510 Yrs19-12 Yrs3Male3 15.6 km/h1:34.3131:30.14
66010Gabby Cooper3:06.611 Yrs29-12 Yrs2Female3 15.4 km/h1:23.431:43.116
76063Kiki Webb3:08.48 Yrs26-8 Yrs2Female4 15.3 km/h1:31.781:36.77
86007Owen Brabon3:10.59 Yrs19-12 Yrs4Male4 15.1 km/h1:26.751:43.819
96084Tom Shaw3:11.29 Yrs29-12 Yrs5Male5 15.1 km/h1:33.0101:38.28
106018Jack Hanson3:13.110 Yrs29-12 Yrs6Male6 14.9 km/h1:34.8151:38.29
116043Katie Sakaria3:13.48 Yrs36-8 Yrs3Female5 14.9 km/h1:33.1111:40.312
126087James Stuart3:15.97 Yrs16-8 Yrs1Male7 14.7 km/h1:32.191:43.718
136035Charlie Preece3:17.48 Yrs16-8 Yrs2Male8 14.6 km/h1:33.1121:44.220
146003Beau Barrow3:18.310 Yrs39-12 Yrs7Male9 14.5 km/h1:41.6251:36.76
156001Fergus Atkinson3:19.57 Yrs26-8 Yrs3Male10 14.4 km/h1:31.671:47.925
166071Freya Daines3:20.69 Yrs19-12 Yrs3Female6 14.4 km/h1:37.5191:43.015
176093Sammy Bristow3:20.77 Yrs36-8 Yrs4Male11 14.3 km/h1:37.7201:42.914
186014Charlie Eisinger3:23.48 Yrs26-8 Yrs5Male12 14.2 km/h1:36.2171:47.223
196058Shantel Tabunda3:23.511 Yrs39-12 Yrs4Female7 14.1 km/h1:40.3231:43.217
206073Tomas Desson3:24.510 Yrs49-12 Yrs8Male13 14.1 km/h1:44.3311:40.210
216044William Salt3:24.610 Yrs59-12 Yrs9Male14 14.1 km/h1:35.6161:48.926
226081Tom Pitts3:26.57 Yrs46-8 Yrs6Male15 13.9 km/h1:43.9291:42.613
236036Emily Preece3:28.811 Yrs49-12 Yrs5Female8 13.8 km/h1:34.4141:54.332
246076Joe Fry3:31.210 Yrs69-12 Yrs10Male16 13.6 km/h1:39.5221:51.728
256070Tom Colbert3:34.48 Yrs36-8 Yrs7Male17 13.4 km/h1:54.1441:40.211
266005Isak Jenkins-Berg3:34.66 Yrs16-8 Yrs8Male18 13.4 km/h1:42.8261:51.829
276053Mary Stevenson3:36.89 Yrs29-12 Yrs6Female9 13.3 km/h1:36.2182:00.644
286032Kai Morris3:37.69 Yrs39-12 Yrs11Male19 13.2 km/h1:42.9271:54.633
296012Daniel Cox3:37.78 Yrs46-8 Yrs9Male20 13.2 km/h1:50.3391:47.424
306067Sebastian Arnold3:38.59 Yrs49-12 Yrs12Male21 13.2 km/h1:43.3281:55.235
316006Megan Brabon3:38.710 Yrs19-12 Yrs7Female10 13.2 km/h1:39.0211:59.641
326077Jamie Harris3:41.57 Yrs56-8 Yrs10Male22 13.0 km/h1:40.8242:00.645
336068Joe Blondrage3:42.47 Yrs66-8 Yrs11Male23 12.9 km/h1:47.4331:55.034
346064Morgan Wills3:44.77 Yrs76-8 Yrs12Male24 12.8 km/h1:59.4501:45.222
356091Oliver Mantell3:45.58 Yrs56-8 Yrs13Male25 12.8 km/h2:01.0591:44.521
366045Annabella Salt3:46.58 Yrs46-8 Yrs4Female11 12.7 km/h1:44.2302:02.249
376016Fred Farhadpour3:47.76 Yrs26-8 Yrs14Male26 12.6 km/h1:58.1481:49.627
386082Emilia Pitts3:47.87 Yrs16-8 Yrs5Female12 12.6 km/h1:46.1322:01.748
396096Alexander Evans3:47.97 Yrs86-8 Yrs15Male27 12.6 km/h1:51.1401:56.836
406054Mary Stevenson3:48.58 Yrs66-8 Yrs16Male28 12.6 km/h1:47.5352:00.946
416100Louis Powell3:49.16 Yrs36-8 Yrs17Male29 12.6 km/h1:56.0461:53.030
426055Eleanor Stretch3:52.510 Yrs29-12 Yrs8Female13 12.4 km/h1:51.2412:01.347
436011Miriam Cooper3:53.58 Yrs56-8 Yrs6Female14 12.3 km/h2:00.4571:53.131
446009Emma Coates3:53.98 Yrs66-8 Yrs7Female15 12.3 km/h1:54.1431:59.742
456033Armani Nicholson3:54.410 Yrs79-12 Yrs13Male30 12.3 km/h1:48.5372:05.854
466028Eiry Lloyd3:55.211 Yrs59-12 Yrs9Female16 12.2 km/h1:55.4451:59.843
476075Natalia Forato3:57.98 Yrs76-8 Yrs8Female17 12.1 km/h2:00.6581:57.237
486024Megan Hill3:58.310 Yrs39-12 Yrs10Female18 12.1 km/h1:49.7382:08.559
496031Daniel Mattin3:59.012 Yrs29-12 Yrs14Male31 12.0 km/h1:47.6362:11.461
506022Rose Harrison3:59.88 Yrs86-8 Yrs9Female19 12.0 km/h2:01.3601:58.539
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