BDO Around the Mountain Cycle Challenge
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Race No
Cat Pos
Gen Pos
14008Team Lewis & Lehrke 04:20:37Male11New Plymouth
24022Young And Old 04:26:34Male22New Plymouth
34021Fast Furious And Fading 04:45:42Male33New Plymouth
44035Wano Bros 04:51:44Male44Waitara
54020Keeping Up With The Cardashians 04:51:45Male55Patea
64023Dan & Kelly 04:52:06Mixed11taranaki
74036Irrisistable Force 04:58:17Mixed22New Plymouth
84024Team Dandrew 04:58:52Male66New Plymouth
94014Gears N Beers 05:03:47Male77patea
104039Bdo Travelsmart 05:06:16Female11New Plymouth
114007Dr Seuss On The Leuss 05:07:12Mixed33New plymouth
124012U 2 Can 05:07:23Male88new plymouth
134015Thomas 05:10:09Mixed44rotorua
144028Bdo Challengers 05:11:59Male99New Plymouth
154001Bbb 05:15:11Female22Eltham
164018Blazing Saddles 05:17:48Male1010Palmerston North
174006Russell Roadies 05:22:14Female33Whangarei
184005Bean Galvanised 05:22:14Female44Whangarei
194033Htl Insurance 05:22:32Male1111New Plymouth
204017Plucky Yorkshire Drafters 05:24:46Male1212Wellington
214037Crazy Inc 05:31:16Mixed55New Plymouth
224010Taranaki Takirua Toa 05:35:35Female55New Plymouth
234009Sumo And Gadget Gal 05:44:43Mixed66Wanganui
244026Team Parker Williams 05:51:27Mixed77Wellington
254038O What A Team 06:00:46Male1313New Plymouth
264003Mentalist Duo 06:03:05Male1414New Plymouth
274016Rod & David 06:04:13Male1515Palmerston North
284034Two Weaks 06:10:21Female66Taranaki, New Zealand, 4387
294031Zimmer Pros 06:12:18Male1616Auckland
304032Sticky Fingers 06:17:29Male1717New Plymouth
314025Peter & The Dragon 06:28:44Mixed88Auckland
324013Round We Go Again 06:32:20Mixed99Waipu
334027Erik & Verona 06:36:15Mixed1010Hamilton
344019River City Relics 08:12:19Mixed1111Wanganui
Page 1 of 1 (34 items)