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FavPosRace NoNameTimeCategoryCat Pos
19Michael Greaves04:27:04Male1
216Stephen Sheldrake04:29:47Male2
3108Happy Families 04:50:09Team1
418Steve Wolter04:53:52Male3
5104Team Tezza 04:54:22Team2
6107The Two D's 04:55:34Team3
717Deon Stoltz05:04:40Male4
815Aaron Sheldrake05:15:49Male5
96Shane Clapperton05:17:32Male6
103Peter Blake05:25:24Male7
1111Matt Harvey05:25:24Male8
122Nan Baker05:34:09Female1
1312Marvin Malia05:49:43Male9
14106Young Tigers 05:52:32Team4
15102Lost Boys Nz 05:55:39Team5
164Rose Candy06:06:26Female2
17103Old And New 06:12:20Team6
18105The Two Wheeled Pony Express 06:19:28Team7
198Grant Seagar06:48:03Male10
20101Kojak 07:06:35Team8
215Ian Chatfield07:15:12Male11
10Jarrod HarrisDNFMale
14Keith ScholesDNFMale
Page 1 of 1 (23 items)