National Road Champs 2017 Team Time Trial
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Race No
Time Behind
11152Auckland Grammar Senior A 21:13.10Boys - U20  Auckland Grammar School21:13.10
21148Hamilton Boys' High School A 21:15.70Boys - U20 2.60Hamilton Boys High School21:15.70
31151Christchurch Boys High School A 21:35.11Boys - U20 22.01Christchurch Boys High School21:35.11
41150Takapuna A 21:40.76Boys - U20 27.66Takapuna Grammar School21:40.76
51149Saint Kentigern A 21:43.10Boys - U20 30.00Saint Kentigern College21:43.10
61153Pnbhs Senior A 22:07.60Boys - U20 54.50Palmerston North Boys High School22:07.60
71147Cambridge High School Boys Senior A 22:23.08Boys - U20 1:09.98Cambridge High School22:23.08
81139Nelson College 22:24.37Boys - U20 1:11.27Nelson College22:24.37
91146Westlake Boys Senior A 22:32.85Boys - U20 1:19.75Westlake Boys High School22:32.85
101144Scots College A 22:58.36Boys - U20 1:45.26Scots College22:58.36
111142King's Senior A 23:00.80Boys - U20 1:47.70King's College23:00.80
121137Christchurch Boys High School B 23:04.69Boys - U20 1:51.59Christchurch Boys High School23:04.69
131131Westlake Boys Senior B 23:05.31Boys - U20 1:52.21Westlake Boys High School23:05.31
141133Saint Kentigern B 23:12.17Boys - U20 1:59.07Saint Kentigern College23:12.17
151141Auckland Grammar Senior B 23:16.05Boys - U20 2:02.95Auckland Grammar School23:16.05
161132Takapuna B 23:23.53Boys - U20 2:10.43Takapuna Grammar School23:23.53
171138Massey Senior Boys A 23:29.80Boys - U20 2:16.70Massey High School23:29.80
181089Pnbhs Junior A 23:30.61Boys - U16 Palmerston North Boys High School23:30.61
191143Sacred Heart Senior A 23:38.73Boys - U20 2:25.63Sacred Heart College Akld23:38.73
201135Pnbhs Senior B 23:38.75Boys - U20 2:25.65Palmerston North Boys High School23:38.75
211093Takapuna A 23:46.49Boys - U1615.88Takapuna Grammar School23:46.49
221090Auckland Grammar Junior A 23:46.72Boys - U1616.11Auckland Grammar School23:46.72
231136Hamilton Boys' High School B 23:50.51Boys - U20 2:37.41Hamilton Boys High School23:50.51
241080St Peter's School Cambridge 24:06.52Boys - U1635.91St Peter's School Cambridge24:06.52
251092Christchurch Boys High School 24:23.17Boys - U1652.56Christchurch Boys High School24:23.17
261084Westlake Boys Junior A 24:24.97Boys - U1654.36Westlake Boys High School24:24.97
271130Auckland Grammar Senior C 24:43.75Boys - U20 3:30.65Auckland Grammar School24:43.75
281115Waikato Dio Senior A 24:50.38Girls - U20 Waikato Diocesan School For Girls24:50.38
291091Saint Kentigern A 25:10.41Boys - U161:39.80Saint Kentigern College25:10.41
301113Baradene Senior A 25:15.53Girls - U2025.15Baradene College of the Sacred Heart25:15.53
311079Pnbhs Junior B 25:18.93Boys - U161:48.32Palmerston North Boys High School25:18.93
321083Auckland Grammar Junior B 25:27.89Boys - U161:57.28Auckland Grammar School25:27.89
331114Epsom Girls Senior A 25:36.78Girls - U2046.40Epsom Girls Grammar School25:36.78
341117St Peter's School Cambridge 25:45.01Girls - U2054.63St Peter's School Cambridge25:45.01
351078Takapuna B 25:57.23Boys - U162:26.62Takapuna Grammar School25:57.23
361110Saint Kentigern A 25:59.78Girls - U201:09.40Saint Kentigern College25:59.78
371053Baradene Junior A 26:00.37Girls - U16 Baradene College of the Sacred Heart26:00.37
381056Epsom Girls Junior A 26:02.57Girls - U162.20Epsom Girls Grammar School26:02.57
391128Takapuna C 26:09.71Boys - U20 4:56.61Takapuna Grammar School26:09.71
401112Cambridge High School Girls Senior A 26:10.09Girls - U201:19.71Cambridge High School26:10.09
411073Pnbhs Junior C 26:10.30Boys - U162:39.69Palmerston North Boys High School26:10.30
421125Massey Senior Boys B (Composite) 26:23.70Boys - U20 5:10.60Massey High School26:23.70
431127Westlake Boys Senior C 26:29.70Boys - U20 5:16.60Westlake Boys High School26:29.70
441124Pnbhs Senior C 26:39.21Boys - U20 5:26.11Palmerston North Boys High School26:39.21
451111Villa Maria 26:42.35Girls - U201:51.97Villa Maria College26:42.35
461068Pnbhs Junior D 26:43.05Boys - U163:12.44Palmerston North Boys High School26:43.05
471077Westlake Boys Junior B 26:43.44Boys - U163:12.83Westlake Boys High School26:43.44
481088King's Junior A 26:43.69Boys - U163:13.08King's College26:43.69
491108Diocesan 26:44.29Girls - U201:53.91Diocesan School for Girls26:44.29
501094Hamilton Boys' High School A 26:47.81Boys - U163:17.20Hamilton Boys High School26:47.81
Page 1 of 3 (133 items)