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13 Jun 2015
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Race No
Cat Pos
Gen Pos
11135Brock Gerritson5:55Top 10-12110Male1Fond Du LacUnited States
21120Riley Collett5:57Top 10-12111Female1Fond Du LacUnited States
31202Brady Welsch6:06Top 10-12212Male2Fond Du LacUnited States
41363Marin Reed6:12Top 10-12212Female2BrownsvilleUnited States
51358Grace Sphatt6:13Top 10-12312Female3Fond du LacUnited States
61259Zack Gietzel6:13Top 10-12311Male3Fond Du LacUnited States
71275Mathias Lefeber6:25Age 12112Male4Fond Du LacUnited States
81187Trevor Roehrig6:26Age 12212Male5MaloneUnited States
91303Cullen King6:28Age 10110Male6Fond du LacUnited States
101338Logan Hughes6:34Top 9 and Under19Male7Fond du Lac 
111149Jacob Huey6:37Age 11111Male8Fond Du LacUnited States
121123John Coon6:40Age 10210Male9Fond Du LacUnited States
131329Aidan Schwartz6:48Age 10310Male10OshkoshUnited States
141204Zack Wendt6:50Age 12312Male11Van DyneUnited States
151315Eli Zimmerman6:52Top 9 and Under28Male12Fond du LacUnited States
161235Gracie Dewan6:52Age 12112Female4AntigoUnited States
171227Monica Nehls6:53Age 12212Female5Fond Du LacUnited States
181288Jayda Janeczko6:55Age 11111Female6Fond Du LacUnited States
191347Jerid Weddle6:58Age 11211Male13EdenUnited States
201307Miles Jaeger6:59Age 10410Male14RosendaleUnited States
211200Morgan Wallendal6:59Age 12312Female7Fond Du LacUnited States
221134Jonah Frey7:00Age 10510Male15Sun PrairieUnited States
231186Anna Rivera7:01Top 9 and Under18Female8WinnetkaUnited States
241301Nathan Mueller7:01Age 11311Male16Fond du LacUnited States
251328Brayden Eigenbrodt7:01Age 10610Male17Fond du LacUnited States
261234Benjamin Bell7:01Top 9 and Under38Male18OshkoshUnited States
271158Dakota Krupp7:01Age 12412Male19Fond Du LacUnited States
281104Kendall Ahern7:02Age 12412Female9Fond Du LacUnited States
291157Blayne Kloosterboer7:03Age 818Male20WaupunUnited States
301349Caden Blanck7:04Age 11411Male21Fond du LacUnited States
311119Rachel Cederholm7:06Age 11211Female10Fond Du LacUnited States
321196Alayna Suprenand7:08Age 12512Female11Fond Du LacUnited States
331270Serena Werner7:08Age 12612Female12North Fond Du LacUnited States
34405Elizabeth Eilertson7:09Age 12712Female13EldoradoUnited States
35403Keenan Schwartz7:11Age 12512Male22OshkoshUnited States
361226Sam Lucas7:11Age 919Male23EdenUnited States
371117Camden Brittnacher7:12Age 828Male24Fond Du LacUnited States
381164Jackson Luedtke7:12Age 11511Male25Fond Du LacUnited States
391222Caden Kleinschmidt7:13Age 10710Male26LarsenUnited States
401255Lucy Hughes7:14Top 9 and Under29Female14Fond Du LacUnited States
411351Tylan Blanck7:16Age 929Male27Fond du LacUnited States
421262Lucas Meredith7:17Age 10810Male28OakfieldUnited States
431142Bobby Herbeck7:18Age 11611Male29Fond Du LacUnited States
441264Dynasia Cary7:21Age 12812Female15Fond Du LacUnited States
451203Sawyer Wendt7:23Age 939Male30Van DyneUnited States
461152Riley Kann7:23Age 838Male31MiddletonUnited States
471035Claire Odekirk7:24Age 12912Female16Fond du LacUnited States
481114Audrey Brenner7:24Top 9 and Under39Female17MaloneUnited States
491108Bella Bauer7:26Age 121012Female18Fond Du LacUnited States
501263Madeline Meredith7:26Age 818Female19OakfieldUnited States
Page 1 of 6 (253 items)

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