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13 Jun 2015
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Race No
Cat Pos
Gen Pos
11601Kahedyn Retzlaff2:17All Ages16Male1Fond Du LacUnited States
21517Calvin Steffes2:20All Ages26Male2Mount CalvaryUnited States
31666Cooper Zinda2:21All Ages36Male3Fond du LacUnited States
41652Finley Morgan2:22All Ages16Female1EldoradoUnited States
51457Garret Hetzel2:24All Ages46Male4Cottage GroveUnited States
61520Bennet Stemper2:25All Ages56Male5Sheboygan FallsUnited States
71446Lindy Goeckerman2:28All Ages26Female2Fond Du LacUnited States
81633Matthew Mueller2:28All Ages66Male6Fond du LacUnited States
91612Austin Demos2:28All Ages76Male7Fond Du LacUnited States
101646Grant Guderski2:31All Ages86Male8Fond du LacUnited States
111553Austin Supple2:32All Ages95Male9Van DyneUnited States
121574Beckham Kastein2:32All Ages103Male10OshkoshUnited States
131593Simone Blackburn2:32All Ages36Female3Fond Du LacUnited States
141630Brody Haus2:34All Ages116Male11Fond du LacUnited States
151621Seth Huempfner2:35All Ages126Male12Fond Du LacUnited States
161639Kate Hammes2:35All Ages44Female4Fond du LacUnited States
171458Emma Hicken2:35All Ages52Female5North Fond Du LacUnited States
181443Lucy Fridley2:36All Ages66Female6Fond Du LacUnited States
191600Kaden Horn2:36All Ages136Male13Fond Du LacUnited States
201582Jensen Jacobitz2:36All Ages146Male14Fond Du LacUnited States
211466Owen Kloosterboer2:36All Ages155Male15WaupunUnited States
221647Wiley Haney2:37All Ages163Male16Fond du LacUnited States
231428Analise Coon2:37All Ages76Female7Fond Du LacUnited States
241519Molly Steinbarth2:38All Ages86Female8Fond Du LacUnited States
251583Macie Munson2:38All Ages96Female9Fond Du LacUnited States
261681Abigail Smith2:38All Ages106Female10PewaukeeUnited States
271606Logan Puddy2:38All Ages172Male17North Fond Du LacUnited States
281609Jack Mcguire2:38All Ages186Male18Fond Du LacUnited States
291682Madeline Ferri2:39All Ages116Female11PewaukeeUnited States
301527Ryan Waltenberry2:39All Ages194Male19Fond Du LacUnited States
311631Dean Stadler2:39All Ages206Male20Fond du LacUnited States
321660Lucas Waldvogel2:40All Ages216Male21Fond du Lac 
331439Kennedy Floeter2:40All Ages124Female12WaupunUnited States
341648Jacob Haney2:40All Ages226Male22Fond du LacUnited States
351551Hayden Johnson2:40All Ages136Female13EldoradoUnited States
361516Kamryn Stauffacher2:41All Ages144Female14OshkoshUnited States
371450Macalister Haase2:42All Ages235Male23Fond Du LacUnited States
381693Paige Haapale2:42All Ages156Female15Fond du LacUnited States
391684Charlotte Ferri2:42All Ages165Female16PewaukeeUnited States
401651Sadie Diedrich2:44All Ages176Female17Fond du LacUnited States
411662Andrew Winkler2:44All Ages245Male24MaloneUnited States
421469Jackson Koepke2:44All Ages255Male25Fond Du LacUnited States
431455Karissa Hernandez2:45All Ages186Female18Fond Du LacUnited States
441573Addison Kastein2:46All Ages195Female19OshkoshUnited States
451595Kaitlyn Winter2:46All Ages205Female20Fond Du LacUnited States
461641Mahri Huempfner2:47All Ages216Female21Fond du LacUnited States
471483Holden Milanowski2:47All Ages266Male26Combined LocksUnited States
481663Heath Braun2:47All Ages275Male27Fond du Lac 
491552Brenna Slavik2:50All Ages225Female22Fond Du LacUnited States
501431Bella Dowland2:50All Ages235Female23Fond Du LacUnited States
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