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13 Jun 2015
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Race No
Cat Pos
Gen Pos
11521Allison Stratz2:20All Ages16Female1Fond Du LacUnited States
21664Braelyn Purswell2:25All Ages26Female2North Fond du LacUnited States
31522Dean Stratz2:40All Ages16Male1Fond Du LacUnited States
41608Logan Puddy2:46All Ages25Male2North Fond Du LacUnited States
51678Presley Johnson2:46All Ages35Female3Fond du LacUnited States
61420Addison Brester2:49All Ages45Female4Fond Du LacUnited States
71547Natalie Fisher3:08All Ages54Female5West BendUnited States
81505Alayna Ritchie3:09All Ages64Female6Fond Du LacUnited States
91615Amelia Glaeser3:10All Ages75Female7Stevens PointUnited States
101495Ella Nuss3:12All Ages85Female8Fond Du LacUnited States
111486Aiden Nawrot3:13All Ages34Male3North Fond Du LacUnited States
121492Anthony Nett3:16All Ages45Male4Fond Du LacUnited States
131410Eden Bauer3:20All Ages96Female9Fond Du LacUnited States
141656Weston Eigenbrodt3:27All Ages54Male5Fond du LacUnited States
151657Simon Eigenbrodt3:27All Ages65Male6Fond du LacUnited States
161452Megan Hall3:28All Ages105Female10Fond Du LacUnited States
171510Maggie Schlotthauer3:28All Ages114Female11Menomonee FallsUnited States
181485Mara Nachreiner3:29All Ages124Female12Fond Du LacUnited States
191650Tayden Clark3:34All Ages73Male7Fond du LacUnited States
201465Grace Keenan3:36All Ages134Female13MadisonUnited States
211566Elijah Salzmann3:37All Ages85Male8Fond Du LacUnited States
221618Aiden Rector3:39All Ages94Male9PlymouthUnited States
231567Everleigh Schmidt3:42All Ages143Female14Fond Du LacUnited States
241658Austin Roehl3:42All Ages106Male10Oshkosh 
251412Riley Becker3:43All Ages113Male11Fond Du LacUnited States
261579Taylor Quackenbush3:44All Ages155Female15SheboyganUnited States
271487Brady Neils3:44All Ages124Male12JacksonUnited States
281565Grayson Rosen3:49All Ages134Male13RichfieldUnited States
291432Madison Dowland3:51All Ages163Female16Fond Du LacUnited States
301559Grace Gross3:51All Ages173Female17Fond Du LacUnited States
311403Julian Bailey3:54All Ages144Male14DenverUnited States
321643Kate Zimmerman3:54All Ages185Female18Fond du LacUnited States
331418Ethan Boudreau3:56All Ages155Male15Fond Du LacUnited States
341435Emily Dux3:56All Ages192Female19Fond Du LacUnited States
351636Logan Hass3:57All Ages165Male16St Louis ParkUnited States
361504Kali Riegert3:57All Ages203Female20Fond Du LacUnited States
371637Madison Hass3:57All Ages216Female21St Louis ParkUnited States
381416Olivia Blessing3:59All Ages224Female22Fond Du LacUnited States
391564Landon Peterson4:00All Ages176Male17Fond Du LacUnited States
401536Brooklyn Zangl4:04All Ages232Female23Fond Du LacUnited States
411502Lilia Redig4:06All Ages244Female24Fond Du LacUnited States
421694Jaymes Herzig4:08All Ages183Male18Fond du LacUnited States
431580Karson Wells4:08All Ages194Male19Fond Du LacUnited States
441456Ethan Hetzel4:10All Ages203Male20Cottage GroveUnited States
451497Eliza Petrie4:11All Ages254Female25GraftonUnited States
461436Finnian Fauska4:12All Ages213Male21Fond Du LacUnited States
471514Logan Smet4:13All Ages224Male22Fond Du LacUnited States
481668Parker Witt4:15All Ages233Male23EldoradoUnited States
491422Jonah Broennimann4:17All Ages244Male24Fond Du LacUnited States
501683Trenton Guell4:17All Ages254Male25Fond du LacUnited States
Page 1 of 3 (116 items)

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