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13 Jun 2015
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Gen Pos
1501Bill Amidon35:24All Ages148Male1CampbellsportUnited States11:48 min/m
2524Grace Culver36:10All Ages113Female1Spring CityUnited States12:03 min/m
3642Kelly O'brien36:24All Ages256Female2Fond Du LacUnited States12:08 min/m
4547Diane Gedlinske36:28All Ages352Female3Fond Du LacUnited States12:09 min/m
5563Steve Hankwitz36:43All Ages258Male2MaloneUnited States12:14 min/m
6668Jean Schram37:06All Ages447Female4Fond Du LacUnited States12:22 min/m
7707Claire Weston37:40All Ages516Female5Fond Du LacUnited States12:33 min/m
8662David Ruples37:48All Ages348Male3Fond Du LacUnited States12:36 min/m
9661Cheryl Ruples37:49All Ages643Female6Fond Du LacUnited States12:36 min/m
10514Joseph Buechel38:00All Ages463Male4Fond Du LacUnited States12:40 min/m
11695Ashley Watson38:00All Ages719Female7OshkoshUnited States12:40 min/m
12565Tom Harenburg38:01All Ages573Male5OshkoshUnited States12:40 min/m
13549Jennifer Gilbertson38:01All Ages842Female8Fond Du LacUnited States12:40 min/m
14523Diane Culver39:04All Ages954Female9Spring CityUnited States13:01 min/m
15502Sheri Amidon39:23All Ages1048Female10CampbellsportUnited States13:07 min/m
16794Char Wacek39:36All Ages1157Female11Fond du LacUnited States13:12 min/m
17733Christina Jaeger39:37All Ages1239Female12CampbellsportUnited States13:12 min/m
18712Renee Wollersheim39:53All Ages1345Female13BrownsvilleUnited States13:17 min/m
19740Lou Lindow39:54All Ages649Male6Fond Du LacUnited States13:18 min/m
20741Lydia Lindow39:55All Ages1420Female14Fond Du LacUnited States13:18 min/m
21636Jaime Muhlhauser39:57All Ages1538Female15Fond Du LacUnited States13:19 min/m
22766Beverly Witting40:02All Ages1659Female16BeloitUnited States13:20 min/m
23767Jennifer King40:02All Ages1740Female17Fond du LacUnited States13:20 min/m
24780Nicole Lindwall40:16All Ages1833Female18Fond du LacUnited States13:25 min/m
25508Ken Becker42:14All Ages772Male7Fond Du LacUnited States14:04 min/m
26586Erin Keifenheim42:18All Ages1940Female19Fond Du LacUnited States14:06 min/m
27585Emma Keifenheim42:24All Ages2014Female20Fond Du LacUnited States14:08 min/m
28589Lacey Keifenheim42:25All Ages218Female21Fond Du LacUnited States14:08 min/m
29587Halle Keifenheim42:28All Ages2211Female22Fond Du LacUnited States14:09 min/m
30687Patti Trapp42:29All Ages2355Female23Van DyneUnited States14:09 min/m
31588Jeff Keifenheim42:49All Ages843Male8Fond Du LacUnited States14:16 min/m
32680Greg Stollfus42:52All Ages964Male9Fond Du LacUnited States14:17 min/m
33604Joann Kurkowski42:52All Ages2460Female24LomiraUnited States14:17 min/m
34517Tina Chen43:01All Ages2527Female25EdenUnited States14:20 min/m
35465Abigail Wagner43:01All Ages2627Female26MaloneUnited States14:20 min/m
36464Hannah Behnke43:17All Ages2727Female27West MilwaukeeUnited States14:25 min/m
37473Ashley Costello43:18All Ages2827Female28Fond du Lac 14:26 min/m
38624Tj Mccoy43:19All Ages1022Male10Fond Du LacUnited States14:26 min/m
39649Gerianne Pertl43:26All Ages2954Female29Fond Du LacUnited States14:28 min/m
40530Kim Diaz43:26All Ages3035Female30Fond Du LacUnited States14:28 min/m
41665Barb Schaub43:26All Ages3156Female31Fond Du LacUnited States14:28 min/m
42748Kris Tatro43:30All Ages3269Female32North Fond du LacUnited States14:30 min/m
43657Mark Riendeau43:32All Ages1143Male11Fond Du LacUnited States14:30 min/m
44751Karen Fee43:37All Ages3352Female33Fond Du LacUnited States14:32 min/m
45554Heidi Gregorich43:41  Female34New FrankenUnited States14:33 min/m
46520Bob Cornejo43:50All Ages1247Male12Fond Du LacUnited States14:36 min/m
47590Carol Kemnitz43:50All Ages3471Female35Fond Du LacUnited States14:36 min/m
48797Ron Riemersma43:50All Ages1347Male13Fond du Lac 14:36 min/m
49607Jamie Law-Mielke43:51All Ages3535Female36Fond Du LacUnited States14:37 min/m
50608Debra Law-Weigel43:51All Ages3650Female37OmroUnited States14:37 min/m
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