The Reporter Walleye Run/Walk
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07 June 2014
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Race No
Cat Pos
Gen Pos
1456Evan Peepo00:05:32Age 121Male1Vernon HillsIL 5:32 min/m
2989Ryan Schraufnagel00:05:48Age 122Male2LomiraWI 5:48 min/m
3988Brendan Schraufnagel00:05:48Age 123Male3LomiraWI 5:48 min/m
491Samuel Busse00:05:49Age 124Male4Fond du LacWI 5:49 min/m
5542Isaac Shannon00:05:59Age 125Male5Fond du LacWI 5:59 min/m
6483Marin Reed00:06:00Age 111Female1BrownsvilleWI 6:00 min/m
7185Brock Gerritson00:06:05Age 91Male6Fond du LacWI 6:05 min/m
8674Liz Ziegler00:06:06Age 121Female2Fond du LacWI 6:06 min/m
9112Riley Collett00:06:10Age 101Female3Fond du LacWI 6:10 min/m
1092Caden Carlson00:06:14Age 126Male7Fond du LacWI 6:14 min/m
111014Zack Gietzel00:06:16Age 101Male8FDLWI 6:16 min/m
121028Ryan Wendt00:06:16Age 102Male9Fond du LacWI 6:16 min/m
13462Noah Pickart00:06:17Age 127Male10Fond du LacWI 6:17 min/m
1493Cole Carlson00:06:18Age 128Male11Fond du LacWI 6:18 min/m
151112Logan Naker00:06:22Age 129Male12Fond du LacWI 6:22 min/m
16128Jacob Davies00:06:23Age 1210Male13BrandonWI 6:23 min/m
17646Zackary Wendt00:06:28Age 111Male14Van DyneWI 6:28 min/m
18386D.j. Meleney00:06:29Age 112Male15CoronaWI 6:29 min/m
19369Cyna Madigan00:06:31Age 122Female4RosendaleWI 6:31 min/m
201366John Coon00:06:36Age 92Male16 WI 6:36 min/m
21262Kaithlyn Hochrein00:06:43Age 123Female5West BendWI 6:43 min/m
22847Calla Loehr00:06:47Age 124Female6Fond du lacWI 6:47 min/m
23948Barron Lenz00:06:50Age 113Male17Fond du LacWI 6:50 min/m
24921Dakota Krupp00:06:50Age 114Male18Fond du LacWI 6:50 min/m
251160Miles Jaeger00:06:52Age 93Male19 WI 6:52 min/m
261183Cullen King00:06:53Age 94Male20Fond du LacWI 6:53 min/m
27274Jacob Huey00:06:54Age 103Male21Fond du LacWI 6:54 min/m
281364Isaac Hyland00:06:57Age 104Male22 WI 6:57 min/m
291004Eli Zimmerman00:06:58Age 7 and Under1Male23FDLWI 6:58 min/m
30978Shauna Hoff00:07:00Age 112Female7LomiraWI 7:00 min/m
3156Jackson Blaine00:07:00Age 95Male24Fond du LacWI 7:00 min/m
32388Connor Meyer00:07:01Age 96Male25Fond du LacWI 7:01 min/m
33832Caden Blanck00:07:04Age 105Male26Fond du lacWI 7:04 min/m
34819Serena Werner00:07:05Age 102Female8North Fond du LacWI 7:05 min/m
35993Caleb Nehls00:07:10Age 97Male27FDLWI 7:10 min/m
36710Dynasia Carey00:07:11Age 113Female9Fond Du LacWI 7:11 min/m
37694Robert Alio00:07:11Age 1211Male28WaupunWI 7:11 min/m
38498Hunter Sabel00:07:13Age 81Male29OakfieldWI 7:13 min/m
391035Mitch Mccarty00:07:13Age 98Male30CampbellsportWI 7:13 min/m
40990Shawn Ferguson00:07:14Age 106Male31FDLWI 7:14 min/m
411134Lucas Merrdith00:07:15Age 99Male32BrownsvilleWI 7:15 min/m
42187Nickolas Gilgenbach00:07:17Age 910Male33Fond du LacWI 7:17 min/m
43748Keagan Henschel00:07:17Age 107Male34Fond du LacWI 7:17 min/m
44366Alyssa Lorenz00:07:17Age 125Female10Fond du LacWI 7:17 min/m
451012Logan Hughes00:07:18Age 82Male35Fond du LacWI 7:18 min/m
4686Alaska Burroughs00:07:19Age 114Female11Fond du LacWI 7:19 min/m
47677Kaleb Zielke00:07:19Age 911Male36HolmenWI 7:19 min/m
481371Hayley Herzig00:07:20Age 115Female12  7:20 min/m
49763Jackson Luedtke00:07:23Age 108Male37Fond du LacWI 7:23 min/m
50608Cole Vegter00:07:25Age 1212Male38Fond du LacWI 7:25 min/m
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