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7 Jun 2014
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Race No
Cat Pos
Gen Pos
1800Carter Smet2:37All Ages1Male1Fond du LacWI 0:31 min/m
275Jack Brenner2:45All Ages2Male2MaloneWI 0:33 min/m
31142Conor Way2:48All Ages3Male3Fond du LacWI 0:33 min/m
4671Mason Ziebell2:48All Ages4Male4Fond du LacWI 0:33 min/m
5151Tristyn Ernst2:50All Ages1Female1Fond du LacWI 0:34 min/m
6507Taylor Schaumberg2:51All Ages5Male5Fond du LacWI 0:34 min/m
7228Baylee Hartjes2:52All Ages2Female2RudolphWI 0:34 min/m
8924Jack Rens2:52All Ages6Male6RosendaleWI 0:34 min/m
91089Grahm Gopalan2:53All Ages7Male7North Fond du LacWI 0:34 min/m
101286Jack Brinkley2:53All Ages8Male8  0:34 min/m
11326Luke Krueger2:53All Ages9Male9New BerlinWI 0:34 min/m
121103Avery O'Loughlin2:53All Ages3Female3Fond du LacWI 0:34 min/m
13685Cooper Zinda2:55All Ages10Male10Fond du LacWI 0:35 min/m
14849Jackson Mand2:55All Ages11Male11Fond du LacWI 0:35 min/m
15439Allison Now2:56All Ages4Female4North Fond du LacWI 0:35 min/m
16459Eliza Petrie2:57All Ages5Female5GraftonWI 0:35 min/m
17936Porter Johnson2:58All Ages12Male12Fond du LacWI 0:35 min/m
181182Madox King2:59All Ages13Male13Fond du LacWI 0:35 min/m
191147Eva Horn2:59All Ages6Female6Fond du LacWI 0:35 min/m
20749Mason Henschel3:00All Ages14Male14Fond du LacWI 0:36 min/m
21559Calvin Steffes3:01All Ages15Male15Mount CalvaryWI 0:36 min/m
22896Brandon Klitzke3:01All Ages16Male16Fond du LacWI 0:36 min/m
231189Olivia Brown3:01All Ages7Female7Fond du LacWI 0:36 min/m
24589Mallory Thorpe3:03All Ages8Female8Fond du LacWI 0:36 min/m
25389Makayla Meyer3:03All Ages9Female9Fond du LacWI 0:36 min/m
26779Jaxon Ramirez3:04All Ages17Male17Fond du LacWI 0:36 min/m
27606Amelia Vegter3:05All Ages10Female10Fond du LacWI 0:37 min/m
28176Lexi Freese3:05All Ages11Female11PittsvilleWI 0:37 min/m
29120Joey Coon3:06All Ages18Male18Fond du LacWI 0:37 min/m
30347Matthew Lechner3:06All Ages19Male19Van DyneWI 0:37 min/m
311348Emily Winkler3:06All Ages12Female12Fond du LacWI 0:37 min/m
32953Brooks Lenz3:07All Ages20Male20Fond du Lac,WI 0:37 min/m
331223Grant Schaumburg3:07All Ages21Male21 MN 0:37 min/m
34955Joshua Dux3:08All Ages22Male22Fond du LacWI 0:37 min/m
3515Lilyana Albrecht3:08All Ages13Female13FDLWI 0:37 min/m
36327Lydia Krueger3:08All Ages14Female14New BerlinWI 0:37 min/m
37831Simone Blackburn3:08All Ages15Female15Fond du LacWI 0:37 min/m
38243Garret Hetzel3:10All Ages23Male23Cottage GroveWI 0:38 min/m
39983Grant Guderski3:10All Ages24Male24FDLWI 0:38 min/m
40417Matthew Mueller3:11All Ages25Male25Fond du LacWI 0:38 min/m
411034Devin Zimmerman3:11All Ages26Male26WaupunWI 0:38 min/m
42272Ella Huempfner3:11All Ages16Female16North Fond du LacWI 0:38 min/m
4321Henry Bachar3:12All Ages27Male27WauwatosaWI 0:38 min/m
44598Caden Umentum3:12All Ages28Male28Fond du LacWI 0:38 min/m
451191Kahedyn Retzlaff3:12All Ages29Male29Fond du LacWI 0:38 min/m
461289Quinten Vogds3:12All Ages30Male30  0:38 min/m
47365Mitchell Lorbach3:13All Ages31Male31Fond du LacWI 0:38 min/m
48461Dalani Pickart3:13All Ages17Female17Fond du LacWI 0:38 min/m
49563Bennet Stemper3:13All Ages32Male32Sheboygan FallsWI 0:38 min/m
50789Cohen Schellin3:14All Ages33Male33Fond du LacWI 0:38 min/m
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