The Reporter Walleye Run/Walk
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7 Jun 2014
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Race No
Cat Pos
Gen Pos
11290Logan Prall2:42All Ages1Male1   
21096Logan Puddy2:51All Ages2Male2North Fond du LacWI  
31087Brady Bigford2:53All Ages3Male3AndalusiaIL  
4927Charles Namur2:59All Ages4Male4Fond du LacWI  
537Eden Bauer3:00All Ages1Female1Fond du LacWI  
664Ava Bond3:09All Ages2Female2Fond du LacWI  
7609Trygg Vegter3:11All Ages5Male5Fond du LacWI  
8918Teigue Wagner3:12All Ages6Male6Fond du LacWI  
91017Piper Atkinson3:13All Ages3Female3Menomonee FallsWI  
10354Gavin Lipke3:13All Ages7Male7New LondonWI  
11140Reid Dwyer3:14All Ages8Male8OshkoshWI  
12586Gavin Thompson3:16All Ages9Male9FitchburgWI  
131148Kaden Horn3:18All Ages10Male10Fond du LacWI  
14641Noah Wendels3:20All Ages11Male11AppletonWI  
15802Jake Stadler3:20All Ages12Male12AppletonWI  
16803Kate Stadler3:21All Ages4Female4AppletonWI  
17741Abigail Hanke3:21All Ages5Female5Fond du LacWI  
18758Carmyn Koehler3:23All Ages6Female6OshkoshWI  
19136Bella Dowland3:26All Ages7Female7fond du lacWI  
20732Weston Frankow3:26All Ages13Male13Fond du LacWI  
21539Reagan Scott3:27All Ages8Female8Fond du LacWI  
22907Calistin Schommer3:27All Ages9Female9North Fond du LacWI  
23891Ty Hillson3:28All Ages14Male14DelavanWI  
24673Mya Ziebert3:30All Ages10Female10Fond du LacWI  
25540Rylie Scott3:30All Ages11Female11Fond du LacWI  
26916Diem Wagner3:30All Ages12Female12Fond du LacWI  
27620Madelyn Wagner3:31All Ages13Female13Fond du LacWI  
28859Isabella Rodriguez Becker3:34All Ages14Female14Fond du LacWI  
291178Piesley Johnson3:35All Ages15Female15Fond du LacWI  
30910Joel Simon3:37All Ages15Male15North Fond Du LaceWI  
31474Jason Radichel3:37All Ages16Male16Fond du LacWI  
32371Tillman Madigan3:39All Ages17Male17RosendaleWI  
33139Elizabeth Dux3:40All Ages16Female16Fond du LacWI  
341038Anna Buhr3:42All Ages17Female17West BendWI  
3578Addison Brester3:43All Ages18Female18Fond du LacWI  
361162Katelyn Hammes3:46All Ages19Female19Fond du LacWI  
37138Tennyson Duel3:47All Ages18Male18Fond du LacWI  
38393Holden Milanowski3:47All Ages19Male19Combined LocksWI  
39703Lillian Birschbach3:47All Ages20Female20Fond du LacWI  
40395Brayden Millage3:48All Ages20Male20MadisonWI  
4152Harlow Biro3:49All Ages21Female21Fond du LacWI  
42892Vinnie Hillson3:51All Ages21Male21DelavanWI  
431023Wayatt Culver3:54Unknown1Male22MenashaWI  
44705Bernard Bolka3:55All Ages22Male23Fond du LacWI  
451133Nora Merrdith3:55All Ages22Female22BrownsvilleWI  
46259Shayla Hill3:57All Ages23Female23SlingerWI  
47643Ella Wendt4:01All Ages24Female24Fond du LacWI  
48189Amelia Glaeser4:04All Ages25Female25Stevens PointWI  
49901Gracie Lese4:05All Ages26Female26Fond du LacWI  
50486Alayna Ritchie4:06All Ages27Female27Menomonee FallsWI  
Page 1 of 3 (132 items)

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