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11 June 2016
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Race No
Cat Pos
Gen Pos
11Eric Bilitz9:56.4Overall120Male1Fond du LacWI 4:58 min/m
2864Noah Toaliapietra10:09.9Overall217Male2Fond du LacWI 5:04 min/m
33Danny Buechel10:52.4Overall326Male3ChicagoIL 5:26 min/m
4725Nick Buechel11:31.23039134Male4Whitefish BayWI 5:45 min/m
5833Isaac Shannon11:35.90014114Male5Fond Du LacWI 5:47 min/m
6726Robert Coehoorn11:40.22029129Male6BrandonWI 5:50 min/m
7932Matt Berndt11:54.13039233Male7OSHKOSHWI 5:57 min/m
8851Mike Ward12:00.73039335Male8ChicagoIL 6:00 min/m
9886Jeff Strong12:06.86069160Male9Fond du LacWI 6:03 min/m
10928Laura Schmitz12:11.1Overall133Female1OSHKOSHWI 6:05 min/m
11765Ryan Hill12:12.13039439Male10SlingerWI 6:06 min/m
12880Jonathan Huey12:17.21519117Male11Fond du LacWI 6:08 min/m
13834Corey Splittgerber12:28.33039539Male12BerlinWI 6:14 min/m
14764Mark Hetzel12:34.83039636Male13Cottage GroveWI 6:17 min/m
155Sonny Jenkins12:39.7Overall222Female2OshkoshWI 6:19 min/m
16758Marshall Harris12:49.42029224Male14KielWI 6:24 min/m
17829Stacy Schmitz12:53.2Overall326Female3ChicagoIL 6:26 min/m
189Megan Buechel12:57.91519119Female4Fond du LacWI 6:28 min/m
19767Madison Hughes12:58.31519215Female5Fond du LacWI 6:29 min/m
20926Casey Herzig12:58.73039734Male15FOND DU LACWI 6:29 min/m
21848Josh Ziebert13:06.73039835Male16Fond du lacWI 6:33 min/m
22769Josh Jackett13:07.13039936Male17SussexWI 6:33 min/m
23906Annie Moore13:16.11519318Female6FOND DU LACWI 6:38 min/m
24849Liz Ziegler13:18.80014114Female7Fond du LacWI 6:39 min/m
25738Michael Deschand13:24.91519216Male18Fond du LacWI 6:42 min/m
26924Michael Frank13:27.930391035Male19WEST BENDWI 6:43 min/m
27914Lucas Roltgen13:29.90014214Male20FOND DU LACWI 6:44 min/m
28842Luke Wacek13:37.32029329Male21Fond Du LacWI 6:48 min/m
29896Jeff Hochrein13:45.74049144Male22WEST BENDWI 6:52 min/m
30934Rachael Bergmann13:52.74049141Female8FOND DU LACWI 6:56 min/m
31818Marin Reed13:55.60014213Female9BrownsvilleWI 6:57 min/m
32787Alex Kusters13:59.72029429Male23MadisonWI 6:59 min/m
33867Aiden Schwartz14:08.20014311Male24Fond du LacWI 7:04 min/m
34895James Konen14:08.85059154Male25FOND DU LACWI 7:04 min/m
35872Luke Godleski14:20.20014411Male26Fond du LacWI 7:10 min/m
36791Matt Lechner14:25.930391139Male27Van DyneWI 7:12 min/m
37817Carla Reed14:29.74049241Female10BrownsvilleWI 7:14 min/m
38899Jon Krug14:31.330391232Male28SHAKOPEEMN 7:15 min/m
39904Andrew Loehr14:32.91519316Male29MOUNT CALVARYWI 7:16 min/m
40723Jonah Classen Frey14:40.90014511Male30Sun PrairieWI 7:20 min/m
41898Shawn Lord14:43.74049249Male31FOND DU LACWI 7:21 min/m
42786Dakota Krupp14:45.60014613Male32Fond du LacWI 7:22 min/m
43859Cyna Madigan14:50.30014314Female11RosendaleWI 7:25 min/m
44763Shane Hernandez14:51.12029527Male33Fond Du LacWI 7:25 min/m
45866Keenan Schwartz15:01.70014713Male34Fond du LacWI 7:30 min/m
46929Andy Schmitz15:03.130391338Male35OSHKOSHWI 7:31 min/m
47799Chris Manthie15:03.94049343Male36Fond Du LacWI 7:31 min/m
48905Jerid Waddle15:04.70014812Male37EDENWI 7:32 min/m
49877Jeffrey Huey15:06.24049447Male38Fond du LacWI 7:33 min/m
50782Josh Kolstad15:07.40014914Male39Fond Du LacWI 7:33 min/m
Page 1 of 5 (226 items)