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11 Jun 2016
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Race No
Cat Pos
Gen Pos
11019Riley Collett5:35.4Top 10-12112Female1Fond du LacWI 5:35 min/m
21161Caden Blanck5:53.7Top 10-12112Male1Fond du LacWI 5:53 min/m
31036Zack Gietzel5:55.5Top 10-12212Male2Fond Du LacWI 5:55 min/m
41137Cullen King6:23.4Top 10-12311Male3Fond du LacWI 6:23 min/m
51177Logan Hughes6:30.9Age 10110Male4FOND DU LACWI 6:30 min/m
61117Brayden Eigenbrodt6:34.3Age 11111Male5Fond du LacWI 6:34 min/m
71151Brycen Lindvall6:41.7Top 9 and Under19Male6Fond du LacWI 6:41 min/m
81162Talan Blahck6:54.4Age 10210Male7Fond du LacWI 6:54 min/m
91052Charlie Kebble6:57.3Age 12112Male8Fond Du LacFind du lacWI 6:57 min/m
101028Jaimie Deschand6:57.5Top 10-12212Female2Fond du LacWI 6:57 min/m
111108Kaleb Zielke7:00.5Age 11211Male9HolmenWI 7:00 min/m
121067Davin Munoz7:01.6Age 12212Male10NeenahWI 7:01 min/m
131074Mara Reed7:01.8Top 9 and Under19Female3BrownsvilleWI 7:01 min/m
141039Zoey Goeckerman7:04.3Top 10-12312Female4Fond Du LacWI 7:04 min/m
151158Addison Wexland7:08.5Age 11111Female5Fond du LacWI 7:08 min/m
161178Jonathan Korb7:10.4Age 11311Male11FOND DU LACWI 7:10 min/m
171173Carson Hall7:10.9Age 10310Male12OshkoshWI 7:10 min/m
181189Payton Morgan7:11.3Top 9 and Under29Female6ELDORADOWI 7:11 min/m
191017Camden Brittnacher7:15.6Top 9 and Under29Male13Fond Du LacWI 7:15 min/m
201041Baylee Hartjes7:17.4Top 9 and Under38Female7RudolphWI 7:17 min/m
211034Brookelyn Gerritson7:17.4Age 919Female8Fond du LacWI 7:17 min/m
221188Isabel Baker7:18.2  Female9FOND DU LACWI 7:18 min/m
231148Madeline Meredith7:19.3Age 929Female10OakfieldWI 7:19 min/m
241121Lucy Hughes7:22.7Age 10110Female11Fond du LacWI 7:22 min/m
251169Natalie Bartelt7:23.9Age 818Female12FOND DU LACWI 7:23 min/m
261050Riley Kann7:25.1Top 9 and Under39Male14MiddletonWI 7:25 min/m
271119Sawyer Hardesty7:26.3Age 919Male15MayvilleWI 7:26 min/m
281038Lindy Goeckerman7:26.8Age 7 and Under17Female13Fond Du LacWI 7:26 min/m
291090Bennet Stemper7:29.4Age 7 and Under17Male16Sheboygan FallsWI 7:29 min/m
301013Carter Blaylock7:31.2Age 929Male17Fond du LacWI 7:31 min/m
311094Logan Supple7:31.8Age 939Male18Van DyneWI 7:31 min/m
321061JACKSON MAND7:31.9Age 818Male19FOND DU LACWI 7:31 min/m
331106Mason Ziebell7:33.5Age 828Male20Fond Du LacWI 7:33 min/m
341128Tierney Madigan7:34.7Age 939Female14RosendaleWI 7:34 min/m
351109Owen Zielke7:37.7Age 949Male21HolmenWI 7:37 min/m
361048Harleigh Jagdfeld7:38.9Age 11211Female15Fond Du LacWI 7:38 min/m
371089Sammi Slonecker7:39.4Age 11311Female16RosendaleWI 7:39 min/m
381143Joshua Dux7:40.2Age 838Male22Fond du LacWI 7:40 min/m
391011Ella Blackburn7:43.6Age 12112Female17Fond Du LacWI 7:43 min/m
401160Cameron Gerlach7:44.2Age 848Male23Fond du LacWI 7:44 min/m
411129Jake Neubauer7:48.3Age 858Male24Fond du LacWI 7:48 min/m
421187Tate Baker7:50.5Age 959Male25FOND DU LACWI 7:50 min/m
431045Garret Hetzel7:50.7Age 7 and Under27Male26Cottage GroveWI 7:50 min/m
441023Joey Coon7:50.7Age 7 and Under37Male27Fond du LacWI 7:50 min/m
451086Zachary Schmitz7:53.4Age 11411Male28Fond du LacWI 7:53 min/m
461153Garret Garcia7:55.1Age 868Male29Fond du LacWI 7:55 min/m
471163Mazie Olkowski7:55.8Age 949Female18NeenahWI 7:55 min/m
481035Alyssa Giese7:56.8Age 10210Female19Fond du LacWI 7:56 min/m
491112Anna Zyromski7:57.3Age 10310Female20IndianapolisIN 7:57 min/m
501132Eva Horn7:57.3Age 828Female21Fond du LacWI 7:57 min/m
Page 1 of 4 (176 items)