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11 Jun 2016
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Race No
Cat Pos
Gen Pos
11359Reed Hartjes2:11.8All Ages16Male1RudolphWI min/m
21422Logan Puddy2:19.8All Ages26Male2North Fond du LacWI min/m
31328Brayden Daane2:21.2All Ages36Male3BrandonWI min/m
41582Ayden Brockway2:22.6All Ages46Male4FOND DU LACWI min/m
51472Ryan Waltenberry2:22.8All Ages55Male5Fond du LacWI min/m
61451Kamryn Stauffacher2:23.2All Ages15Female1OmroWI min/m
71463Bobby Van Kirk2:24.2All Ages66Male6Fond du LacWI min/m
81454Austin Supple2:24.2All Ages76Male7Van DyneWI min/m
91561Heath Braun2:24.4All Ages86Male8Fond du LacWI min/m
101492Maddy Zyromski2:24.7All Ages26Female2IndianapolisIN min/m
111433Aiden Ruch2:27.3All Ages96Male9Fond Du LacWI min/m
121395CARTER MAND2:27.5All Ages106Male10FOND DU LACWI min/m
131338Elizabeth Dux2:28.3All Ages35Female3Fond du LacWI min/m
141481Kaitlyn Winter2:28.5All Ages46Female4Fond Du LacWI min/m
151468Trygg Vegter2:29.3All Ages116Male11Fond Du LacWI min/m
161378Jackson Koepke2:29.8All Ages126Male12Fond Du LacWI min/m
171311LEVI BENTZ2:31.0All Ages136Male13EdenWI min/m
181319Addison Brester2:31.1All Ages56Female5Fond du LacWI min/m
191356Macalister Haase2:31.6All Ages146Male14Fond du LacWI min/m
201511Tillman Madigan2:32.0All Ages156Male15RosendaleWI min/m
211497Weston Eigenbrodt2:32.1All Ages165Male16Fond du LacWI min/m
221449Brenna Slavik2:32.9All Ages66Female6Fond Du LacWI min/m
231304Piper Atkinson2:33.4All Ages76Female7Menomonee FallsWI min/m
241344Jack Fisher2:34.2All Ages176Male17OakfieldWI min/m
251326Hailey Collett2:34.7All Ages85Female8Fond du LacWI min/m
261318Kate Brenner2:35.2All Ages95Female9MaloneWI min/m
271436Kaden Ryan2:35.3All Ages186Male18Fond du LacWI min/m
281403Hudson Mischo2:36.6All Ages195Male19Fond du LacWI min/m
291512Chayse Hall2:37.6All Ages106Female10CampbellsportWI min/m
301537Jayden Zitlow2:37.7All Ages206Male20Fond du LacWI min/m
311335Bella Dowland2:38.6All Ages116Female11Fond Du LacWI min/m
321515Christian Mendoza2:38.8All Ages216Male21Fond du LacWI min/m
331388Ashton Lewis2:41.6All Ages226Male22Fond du LacWI min/m
341573Asher Morgan2:41.7All Ages235Male23ELDORADOWI min/m
351396Will McClone2:42.8All Ages245Male24Fond du LacWI min/m
361485Brady Zangl2:43.2All Ages255Male25Fond Du LacWI min/m
371507Tyler Kant2:45.2All Ages266Male26Fond du LacWI min/m
381534Will Jahn2:45.6All Ages276Male27Fond du LacWI min/m
391376Carmyn Koehler2:46.8All Ages125Female12OshkoshWI min/m
401568Elle Johnson2:46.8All Ages136Female13FOND DU LACWI min/m
411489Mya Ziebert2:47.3All Ages146Female14Fond du lacWI min/m
421367Masen Holmes2:48.8All Ages285Male28Fond du LacWI min/m
431323Emalee Cavill2:49.2All Ages156Female15Fond Du LacWI min/m
441325Tayden Clark2:49.3All Ages294Male29Fond Du LacWI min/m
451381Ethan Krueger2:49.3All Ages305Male30OshkoshWI min/m
461501Addison Pitz2:50.2All Ages166Female16Fond du LacWI min/m
471465Jackson Van Kirk2:50.3All Ages315Male31Fond du LacWI min/m
481305Alison Baker2:51.5All Ages175Female17Fond Du LacWI min/m
491348Chase Fryman2:52.1All Ages326Male32OakfieldWI min/m
501570Caleb Schmitz2:52.9All Ages336Male33FOND DU LACWI min/m
Page 1 of 4 (163 items)