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11 Jun 2016
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Race No
Cat Pos
Gen Pos
1469Scott Hankwitz35:01.6All Ages133Male1North Fond du LacWI 11:40 min/m
2462Daniel Gregorich35:12.2All Ages258Male2New FrankenWI 11:44 min/m
3584Sharon Secord35:54.5All Ages152Female1Fond du LacWI 11:58 min/m
4414Deb Blackburn36:35.7All Ages264Female2WaupacaWI 12:11 min/m
5538Kelly O'Brien36:46.6All Ages357Female3Fond Du LacWI 12:15 min/m
6659Sherri Vande Streek37:01.4All Ages451Female4WAUPUNWI 12:20 min/m
7470Steve Hankwitz37:19.1All Ages359Male3MaloneWI 12:26 min/m
8626Gerianne Pertl37:34.1All Ages555Female5Fond du LacWI 12:31 min/m
9595Greg Stollfus37:50.8All Ages465Male4Fond du LacWI 12:36 min/m
10158Jaime Muhlhauser38:57.2All Ages639Female6Fond Du LacWI 12:59 min/m
11564Scott Sauer39:05.4All Ages561Male5Stevens PointWI 13:01 min/m
12618Renee Wollersheim39:11.8All Ages746Female7BrownsvilleWI 13:03 min/m
13607Char Wacek39:32.1All Ages858Female8Fond Du LacWI 13:10 min/m
14641Chirstina Jaeger39:32.4All Ages940Female9CampbellsportWI 13:10 min/m
15650Dennis Dryja40:19.8All Ages658Male6 WI 13:26 min/m
16533Ashley Nehls41:36.9All Ages1020Female10BrownsvilleWI 13:52 min/m
17590Brittany Soboleski41:37.1All Ages1120Female11BrownsvilleWI 13:52 min/m
18649Angela Kalsbeek41:37.3All Ages1241Female12 WI 13:52 min/m
19443Dawn Diedrich41:39.3All Ages1349Female13Fond Du LacWI 13:53 min/m
20425Lori Cardinal41:43.6All Ages1454Female14Fond Du LacWI 13:54 min/m
21561Mikayla Ruples42:00.5All Ages1517Female15Fond Du LacWI 14:00 min/m
22501Braedon Kiser42:02.5All Ages716Male7BrandonWI 14:00 min/m
23459Diane Giese42:10.3All Ages1662Female16Fond du LacWI 14:03 min/m
24560Cheryl Ruples42:16.5All Ages1744Female17FOND DU LACWI 14:05 min/m
25140Mike Lang42:25.1All Ages847Male8West Salem 14:08 min/m
26407Ken Becker42:25.1All Ages973Male9Fond du LacWI 14:08 min/m
27548Katie Reinke42:32.2All Ages1838Female18Fond Du LacWI 14:10 min/m
28547Brad Reinke42:32.2All Ages1036Male10Fond Du LacWI 14:10 min/m
29634Mark Duel42:50.7All Ages1155Male11RosendaleWI 14:16 min/m
30478Jennifer Hays42:55.6All Ages1936Female19Fond Du LacWI 14:18 min/m
31627Rose Lefeber42:56.6All Ages2058Female20Fond du LacWI 14:18 min/m
32630Tim Engel42:57.3All Ages1245Male12EdenWI 14:19 min/m
33429Josh Checki43:05.3All Ages1331Male13Fond du LacWI 14:21 min/m
34457Brittany Frye43:05.3All Ages2133Female21Fond du LacWI 14:21 min/m
35652Bob Cornejo43:25.4All Ages1448Male14Fond du LacWI 14:28 min/m
36631Kris Tatro43:30.6All Ages2270Female22North Fond du LacWI 14:30 min/m
37367Audrey Kiefer43:38.6All Ages2322Female23SUSSEXWI 14:32 min/m
38567Christine Schiek44:03.6All Ages2451Female24Fond Du LacWI 14:41 min/m
39599Patti Trapp44:04.5All Ages2556Female25Van DyneWI 14:41 min/m
40653John C. Kolmann44:06.8All Ages1570Male15OAKFIELDWI 14:42 min/m
41461Tracy Graves44:31.6All Ages2638Female26Fond Du LacWI 14:50 min/m
42651Bryana Van Linn44:33.4All Ages2731Female27MenashaWI 14:51 min/m
43445Kayla Ditter44:44.4All Ages2824Female28Fond du LacWI 14:54 min/m
44415Dylan Bladl44:44.6All Ages1627Male16Fond du LacWI 14:54 min/m
45447Louise Elsasser44:48.8All Ages2948Female29Fort WayneIN 14:56 min/m
46525Peggy Meyers44:54.8All Ages3051Female30Fond du LacWI 14:58 min/m
47633Deb Duel44:56.6All Ages3154Female31RosendaleWI 14:58 min/m
48643Nancy Dille44:57.1All Ages3253Female32Fond du LacWI 14:59 min/m
49530TABITHA MILLER44:59.3All Ages3348Female33Van DyneWI 14:59 min/m
50569Tammy Schmitz44:59.6All Ages3447Female34N Fond du LacWI 14:59 min/m
Page 1 of 5 (230 items)