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10 Jun 2017
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1940Brock Gerritson5:41.2Top 10-12112Male1Fond du LacWI15:41 min/m
21047Jonah Classen-Frey5:44.9Top 10-12212Male2Sun PrairieWisconsin15:44 min/m
31031Tyler Vang6:09.0Top 10-12312Male3Fond Du LacWI16:09 min/m
4965Logan Hughes6:16.9Age 11111Male4Fond Du LacWI16:16 min/m
51065Aidan Schwartz6:26.3Age 12112Male5Fond Du LacWisconsin16:26 min/m
61055Cullen King6:27.6Age 12212Male6Fond Du LacWisconsin16:27 min/m
7911Rocky Barfknecht6:29.3Age 11211Male7Fond du LacWI16:29 min/m
8915Audrey Brenner6:33.6Top 10-12111Female1MaloneWI16:33 min/m
9924John Coon6:35.8Age 12312Male8Fond Du LacWI16:35 min/m
101006Mara Reed6:36.4Top 10-12210Female2BrownsvilleWI16:36 min/m
111073Brycen Lindvall6:38.1Age 10110Male9Fond Du LacWisconsin16:38 min/m
121095Ava Virmillion6:45.6Top 10-12311Female3Fond Du Lac 16:45 min/m
13982Brady Loehr6:50.1Age 12412Male10Fond Du LacWI16:50 min/m
141014SAWYER SHULTIS6:50.9Age 11311Male11Fond Du LacWI16:50 min/m
15941Brookelyn Gerritson6:52.3Age 10110Female4Fond du LacWI16:52 min/m
161093Talan Blanck6:54.1Age 11411Male12Fond Du Lac 16:54 min/m
17969Elizabeth Judkins6:56.3Age 11111Female5Fond Du LacWI16:56 min/m
18276Tate Baker6:56.6Top 9 and Under19Male13Fond Du Lac 16:56 min/m
19949Samuel Gruber7:05.6Top 9 and Under29Male14OshkoshWI17:05 min/m
201064Bryce Britton7:06.5Age 10210Male15EldoradoWisconsin17:06 min/m
21263Gabe Braun7:07.5Age 10310Male16Fond Du Lac 17:07 min/m
22957Reed Hartjes7:09.8Top 9 and Under37Male17RudolphWI17:09 min/m
231094Jonathan Korb7:12.4Age 12512Male18Fond Du Lac 17:12 min/m
241026Millie Twohig7:14.4Age 11211Female6Fond Du LacWI17:14 min/m
25946matthew grater7:14.4Age 12612Male19GermantowngWI17:14 min/m
26277Payton Morgan7:15.1Age 10210Female7Eldorado 17:15 min/m
271004JAYDON QUELLA7:15.6Age 919Male20Fond Du LacWI17:15 min/m
28267Owen Mccallum7:17.4Age 11511Male21Fond Du Lac 17:17 min/m
291018Bennet Stemper7:17.5Age 818Male22Howards GroveWI17:17 min/m
30933Jack Fisher7:19.1Age 7 and Under17Male23OakfieldWI17:19 min/m
31989Morgan Mueller7:19.7Top 9 and Under18Female8New HolsteinWI17:19 min/m
321049Mason Forster7:20.3Age 10410Male24Fond Du LacWisconsin17:20 min/m
331015Kole Stauffacher7:23.6Age 929Male25OmroWI17:23 min/m
34952Carson Hall7:25.8Age 11611Male26WinneconneWI17:25 min/m
35944Lindy Goeckerman7:25.9Top 9 and Under28Female9Fond Du LacWI17:25 min/m
361051Jackson Ryan7:26.2Age 939Male27Fond Du LacWisconsin17:26 min/m
37987Kassidy Milanowski7:27.4Age 11311Female10Combined LocksWI17:27 min/m
381077Zachary Schmitz7:29.3Age 12712Male28Fond Du LacWisconsin17:29 min/m
391069Matthew John@performancetiming.com7:30.5Age 828Male29Fond Du LacWisconsin17:30 min/m
40994Jake Neubauer7:31.1Age 949Male30Fond Du LacWI17:31 min/m
411081Logan Puddy7:31.9Age 7 and Under27Male31N Fond Du LacWisconsin17:31 min/m
42984JACKSON MAND7:32.0Age 959Male32FOND DU LACWI17:32 min/m
43278Finley Morgan7:32.5Top 9 and Under38Female11Eldorado 17:32 min/m
44913Sophie Beattie7:35.1Age 10310Female12Fond du LacWI17:35 min/m
451033Lucas Waldvogel7:35.1Age 838Male33Fond Du LacWI17:35 min/m
46945Lauren Grass7:35.1Age 11411Female13Fond Du LacWI17:35 min/m
471009Aiden Ruch7:35.8Age 7 and Under37Male34Fond Du LacWI17:35 min/m
481027Bobby Van Kirk7:36.6Age 7 and Under47Male35Fond Du LacWI17:36 min/m
491052Kaden Ryan7:36.8Age 7 and Under57Male36Fond Du LacWisconsin17:36 min/m
50947megan grater7:38.4Age 919Female14GermantowngWI17:38 min/m
Page 1 of 5 (222 items)