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10 Jun 2017
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Cat Pos
Gen Pos
11348Everett Diener2:11.6All Ages16Male1Shawnee 0 min/m
21251Levi Schwartz2:13.3All Ages26Male2Fond Du LacWI0 min/m
31253Kamryn Stauffacher2:18.6All Ages16Female1OmroWI0 min/m
41125Katherine Brenner2:20.8All Ages26Female2MaloneWI0 min/m
51132Hailey Collett2:21.6All Ages36Female3Fond du LacWI0 min/m
6541Asher Morgan2:22.2All Ages36Male3Eldorado 0 min/m
71271Ryan Waltenberry2:24.6All Ages46Male4Fond du LacWI0 min/m
81257Adelynn Thanos2:24.9All Ages45Female4Fond du LacWI0 min/m
91150Natalie Fisher2:29.3All Ages56Female5SussexWI0 min/m
101279Jordan Winans2:32.2All Ages6121Female6Fond Du LacWI0 min/m
111187Caleb Judas2:32.7All Ages52Male5BerlinWI0 min/m
121297Carmyn Koehler2:33.4All Ages76Female7Fond Du LacWisconsin0 min/m
131128Eva Cavill2:36.2All Ages86Female8Fond Du LacWI0 min/m
14544Maggie Schlotthauer2:36.9All Ages96Female9Menomonee Falls 0 min/m
151143Elizabeth Dux2:37.7All Ages106Female10Fond du LacWI0 min/m
161180Masen Holmes2:38.6All Ages66Male6Fond du LacWI0 min/m
171265Rudy Vanden Avond2:39.4All Ages75Male7Fond Du LacWI0 min/m
181242Gavin Rooney2:39.8All Ages82Male8Fond Du LacWI0 min/m
191101Gabriella Albrecht2:43.1All Ages115Female11Fond Du LacWI0 min/m
201289Zachary Zappa2:46.3All Ages93Male9North Fond du LacWI0 min/m
211344Collin Buxton2:49.9All Ages106Male10Fond Du Lac 0 min/m
221129Tayden Clark2:51.4All Ages115Male11Fond Du LacWI0 min/m
231314Kaden Slavik2:51.9All Ages125Male12Fond Du LacWisconsin0 min/m
241183Austin Hunter2:52.9All Ages136Male13Fond Du LacWI0 min/m
251114Riley Becker2:53.9All Ages145Male14Fond Du LacWI0 min/m
261139Owen Dengel2:55.1All Ages156Male15MaloneWI0 min/m
271308Liam Peterson2:56.9All Ages166Male16Fond Du LacWisconsin0 min/m
281145Weston Eigenbrodt2:57.7All Ages176Male17Fond Du LacWI0 min/m
29552Lon Diener3:01.6All Ages185Male18Fond Du Lac 0 min/m
301299Colin Gilgenbach3:02.2All Ages196Male19Fond Du LacWisconsin0 min/m
311157Gavin Garcia3:03.7All Ages206Male20Fond Du LacWI0 min/m
321212Logan Menzel3:04.4All Ages216Male21De PereWI0 min/m
331286Brady Zangl3:04.4All Ages226Male22Fond Du LacWI0 min/m
341216Kendyl Milanowski3:04.7All Ages125Female12Combined LocksWI0 min/m
35548Raelynn Schaumburg3:05.2All Ages135Female13Fond Du Lac 0 min/m
361199Nora Lechner3:06.8All Ages145Female14Van DyneWI0 min/m
371311Henry Kant3:06.9All Ages235Male23Fond Du LacWisconsin0 min/m
381172Landon Hau3:07.9All Ages245Male24Fond Du LacWI0 min/m
391319Kai Wahtola3:07.9All Ages255Male25Fond Du LacWisconsin0 min/m
401276Chase Westphal3:08.9All Ages266Male26Fond Du LacWI0 min/m
411260Elise Thomma3:09.4All Ages156Female15Fond Du LacWI0 min/m
421147Finnian Fauska3:10.4All Ages275Male27Fond du lacWI0 min/m
431336Connor Teunissen3:10.6All Ages283Male28Cedar Grove 0 min/m
441206Bryntly Ludwig3:10.9All Ages296Male29Fond Du LacWI0 min/m
451334Emmett Rich3:11.2All Ages304Male30Fond Du Lac 0 min/m
461220Brady Neils3:11.6All Ages316Male31JacksonWI0 min/m
471181Cohen Hopf3:11.7All Ages324Male32Fond Du LacWI0 min/m
481122Rylan Boris3:11.8All Ages336Male33LomiraWI0 min/m
491105George Anderson3:12.5All Ages345Male34MadisonWI0 min/m
501252LOGAN SMET3:12.9All Ages356Male35FOND DU LACWI0 min/m
Page 1 of 3 (143 items)