Haywards Heath Bike Ride
10 Apr 2016


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Race NoNameNameNet TimeNet TimeCategoryGenderPace
273Patrick McGarryPatrick McGarry
#273 Male All Ages
00:52:0200:52:02All AgesMale14.6 m/hr
449Katrina ReaderKatrina Reader
#449 Female All Ages
00:57:2900:57:29All AgesFemale13.3 m/hr
448James LeaJames Lea
#448 Male All Ages
01:05:4301:05:43All AgesMale11.6 m/hr
304Carrie MatthewCarrie Matthew
#304 Female All Ages
01:10:0901:10:09All AgesFemale10.9 m/hr
294Paul DittmerPaul Dittmer
#294 Male All Ages
01:18:4301:18:43All AgesMale9.7 m/hr
466Cameron ReedCameron Reed
#466 Male All Ages
01:19:0301:19:03All AgesMale9.6 m/hr
467Emma ReedEmma Reed
#467 Female All Ages
01:19:0501:19:05All AgesFemale9.6 m/hr
610william greywilliam grey
#610 Male All Ages
01:25:3301:25:33All AgesMale8.9 m/hr
609anthony greyanthony grey
#609 Male All Ages
01:25:3601:25:36All AgesMale8.9 m/hr
699Harriet RecordHarriet Record
#699 Female All Ages
01:32:1801:32:18All AgesFemale8.3 m/hr
698Anna RecordAnna Record
#698 Female All Ages
01:33:1701:33:17All AgesFemale8.2 m/hr
454Darren TidyDarren Tidy
#454 Male All Ages
01:33:1901:33:19All AgesMale8.2 m/hr
455Alex TidyAlex Tidy
#455 Male All Ages
01:33:1901:33:19All AgesMale8.2 m/hr
585Gordon WardGordon Ward
#585 Male All Ages
01:33:4401:33:44All AgesMale8.1 m/hr
586Amelia WardAmelia Ward
#586 Female All Ages
01:33:5101:33:51All AgesFemale8.1 m/hr
584Emma WardEmma Ward
#584 Female All Ages
01:33:5901:33:59All AgesFemale8.1 m/hr
697Matt RecordMatt Record
#697 Male All Ages
01:34:1701:34:17All AgesMale8.1 m/hr
602aidan tangaidan tang
#602 Male All Ages
01:39:1601:39:16All AgesMale7.7 m/hr
600vince tangvince tang
#600 Male All Ages
01:39:2001:39:20All AgesMale7.7 m/hr
603nicky tangnicky tang
#603 Female All Ages
01:39:2101:39:21All AgesFemale7.7 m/hr
601sam tangsam tang
#601 Male All Ages
01:39:2301:39:23All AgesMale7.7 m/hr
438Ben EldrigeBen Eldrige
#438 Male All Ages
01:39:3801:39:38All AgesMale7.6 m/hr
437Simon EldrigeSimon Eldrige
#437 Male All Ages
01:39:4101:39:41All AgesMale7.6 m/hr
472Paul DobsonPaul Dobson
#472 Male All Ages
01:43:1701:43:17All AgesMale7.4 m/hr
473Noah DobsonNoah Dobson
#473 Male All Ages
01:43:1801:43:18All AgesMale7.4 m/hr
611james gloverjames glover
#611 Male All Ages
01:44:5301:44:53All AgesMale7.3 m/hr
612neil gloverneil glover
#612 Male All Ages
01:45:0101:45:01All AgesMale7.3 m/hr
465Mark ReedMark Reed
#465 Male All Ages
01:45:5601:45:56All AgesMale7.2 m/hr
468Imogen ReedImogen Reed
#468 Female All Ages
01:45:5801:45:58All AgesFemale7.2 m/hr
281Amy TullettAmy Tullett
#281 Female All Ages
01:54:5701:54:57All AgesFemale6.6 m/hr
272Pam HobbsPam Hobbs
#272 Female All Ages
01:55:0001:55:00All AgesFemale6.6 m/hr
280Kyle TulletKyle Tullet
#280 Male All Ages
01:55:0101:55:01All AgesMale6.6 m/hr
265Marie-Chantel CrametMarie-Chantel Cramet
#265 Female All Ages
01:58:3901:58:39All AgesFemale6.4 m/hr
400Lucy WallerLucy Waller
#400 Female All Ages
02:03:0502:03:05All AgesFemale6.2 m/hr
422Amelie TaylorAmelie Taylor
#422 Female All Ages
02:03:3902:03:39All AgesFemale6.2 m/hr
421Nicolas TaylorNicolas Taylor
#421 Male All Ages
02:03:4002:03:40All AgesMale6.2 m/hr
274Benedikt MiedanerBenedikt Miedaner
#274 Male All Ages
02:06:3002:06:30All AgesMale6.0 m/hr
275Gunter MiedanerGunter Miedaner
#275 Male All Ages
02:06:3102:06:31All AgesMale6.0 m/hr
264Bernadette CaudronBernadette Caudron
#264 Female All Ages
02:06:3802:06:38All AgesFemale6.0 m/hr
261Corinne BernatCorinne Bernat
#261 Female All Ages
02:06:4202:06:42All AgesFemale6.0 m/hr
262Tom BurstowTom Burstow
#262 Male All Ages
02:09:1202:09:12All AgesMale5.9 m/hr
263Lucy BurstowLucy Burstow
#263 Female All Ages
02:09:1202:09:12All AgesFemale5.9 m/hr
506Richard Taylor-HollandRichard Taylor-Holland
#506 Male All Ages
02:09:1302:09:13All AgesMale5.9 m/hr
507Bracken Taylor-HollandBracken Taylor-Holland
#507 Female All Ages
02:09:1502:09:15All AgesFemale5.9 m/hr
520Megan TrmacraeMegan Trmacrae
#520 Female All Ages
02:17:4402:17:44All AgesFemale5.5 m/hr
276Samantha MonkSamantha Monk
#276 Female All Ages
02:17:4602:17:46All AgesFemale5.5 m/hr
277Gemma PenaGemma Pena
#277 Female All Ages
02:17:4602:17:46All AgesFemale5.5 m/hr
557lesley scottlesley scott
#557 Female All Ages
02:21:4202:21:42All AgesFemale5.4 m/hr
558josh scottjosh scott
#558 Male All Ages
02:21:4302:21:43All AgesMale5.4 m/hr
435Murphy Sowden-MabbottMurphy Sowden-Mabbott
#435 Male All Ages
03:08:3503:08:35All AgesMale4.0 m/hr
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