BCRF Paddle for Pink
5 Aug 2017

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Overall RankRace NoNameTimeDivisionDiv RankGenderGender RankTeam
1190Stephanie Shideler01:13:34SUP 12-61Female1
285Alexander Jackson01:15:02SUP 141Male1
346Val Florio01:15:56SUP 142Male2
412Sean Attebury01:16:38SUP 143Male3
545Cromwell Coulson01:21:34SUP 144Male4
633Thomas Kempner01:24:30SUP 145Male5
760Jackson Rung-Wile01:25:25SUP 146Male6
8150Alexa Suess01:26:01SUP 12-62Female2
973Kennen Mackay01:29:20SUP 12-61Male7
10109Heidah Hirmand01:29:23SUP Under 12-61Female3
11105Jessica Bellofatto01:31:26SUP 12-63Female4
1264Bill Peters01:31:26SUP 147Male8
1336Chris Orr01:33:17SUP Under 12-61Male9
1457Jessica Cadden Osborne01:35:10SUP 12-64Female5
15103Peter Kramer01:36:41SUP Under 12-62Male10Town and Country
16104Christine Goppel01:36:41SUP Under 12-62Female6Town and Country
1777Peter Bryniczka01:40:31SUP Under 12-63Male11
18176Jill Robbins01:41:15SUP 12-65Female7
19110William Welker01:41:21SUP Under 12-64Male12
2071Jeff Fagen01:42:42SUP Under 12-65Male13
21177Edward Harnisch01:43:26SUP 148Male14
22160Robert Casper02:07:17SUP Under 12-66Male15
68Hilary PetersonDNFSUP Under 12-6Female
69Justin NeubauerDNFSUP Under 12-6Male
158Meredith McardleDNFSUP 12-6Female
Page 1 of 1 (25 items)