BCRF Paddle for Pink
4 Aug 2018

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FavOverall RankRace NoNameTimeDivisionDiv RankGenderGender Rank
15Jim ROTHWELL01:08:48SUP 141Male1
273Ed OKINSKY01:08:53SUP 142Male2
3111Jack EGAN01:11:40SUP 143Male3
438Val FLORIO01:12:41SUP 144Male4
5118Keith ATTISANO01:15:12SUP 145Male5
6103Alexander JACKSON01:15:21SUP 146Male6
762Cromwell COULSON01:20:42SUP 147Male7
872Josette LATA01:24:35SUP 141Female1
99Thomas KEMPNER01:25:11SUP 148Male8
1096Ari WELLER01:25:26SUP 149Male9
1176Jessica BELLOFATTO01:28:40SUP 12-61Female2
12107Christopher ORR01:31:06SUP Under 12-61Male10
13100Erick GORALSKI01:32:16SUP 1410Male11
14108Amy KORPUS01:43:45SUP 12-62Female3
1599Vipul TANDON01:53:39SUP Under 12-62Male12
Page 1 of 1 (15 items)