The Warwick Valley Turkey Trot
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18 Nov 2018
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Overall Rank
Race No
Div Rank
Gender Rank
112Benjamin NILSESTUENTop Male1Male1BrooklynNew York7:40 min/m
2349Mike LAWRENCEM 30-391Male2AstoriaNew York8:33 min/m
3441Pj POSTM 30-392Male3NewtonNew Jersey8:35 min/m
4564Terrance FOXM 30-393Male4BostonMassachusetts8:39 min/m
5535Johnathan VRABELM 20-291Male5Green TownshipNew Jersey8:55 min/m
6541Cody WALTERSM 20-292Male6MiddletownNew York9:13 min/m
711Shane SCHWARZM 30-394Male7Highland LakesNew Jersey9:17 min/m
8207Alex CHAMAKM 16-191Male8New CityNew York9:19 min/m
91Tori PENNINGSTop Female1Female1WarwickNew York9:34 min/m
10284Stephen GWYNNM 30-395Male9AndoverNew Jersey9:41 min/m
11214Andrew CIMINOM 15-1Male10WarwickNew York9:50 min/m
12495Kevin SMITHM 30-396Male11MahwahNew Jersey9:58 min/m
13502Carmine SPADACCINIM 30-397Male12ChesterNew York10:04 min/m
14424Christopher PALMERM 50-591Male13WarwickNew York10:08 min/m
157Kristen PELUSOF 20-291Female2White PlainsNew York10:15 min/m
164Ryan AHEARNM 30-398Male14WarwickNew York10:21 min/m
17228Joseph CUTROM 30-399Male15New HamptonNew York10:22 min/m
18338Luke KRASZEWSKIM 15-2Male16WarwickNew York10:31 min/m
19520Jamie SZAPKAF 30-391Female3WarwickNew York10:34 min/m
20278Peter GIANNINIM 20-293Male17RockawayNew Jersey10:36 min/m
21516Dan SULLIVANM 30-3910Male18West MilfordNew Jersey10:39 min/m
22405Danielle MONTUORIF 20-292Female4FloridaNew York10:40 min/m
23194Kelly BROZOWSKIF 16-191Female5WarwickNew York10:45 min/m
246John KOLESARM 20-294Male19White PlainsNew York10:48 min/m
25372Michael MARCOM 40-491Male20MiddletownNew York10:51 min/m
26183Gene BOVEM 20-295Male21BranchvilleNew Jersey11:02 min/m
27547Conrad WENDELLM 15-3Male22WarwickNew York11:07 min/m
28395Kurtis MCMANUSM 30-3911Male23PeekskillNew York11:09 min/m
29525Daniel TOLLM 30-3912Male24Highland LakesNew Jersey11:13 min/m
30172Harry BARRM 50-592Male25WayneNew Jersey11:20 min/m
31386Robert MCCANNM 20-296Male26MonroeNew York11:25 min/m
32515Kathryn SULLIVANF 30-392Female6ValhallaNew York11:26 min/m
33322Jesse KANEM 20-297Male27AttleboroMassachusetts11:29 min/m
34528Michael VALENTINOM 50-593Male28WarwickNew York11:32 min/m
35440Masha PORTIANSKYF 30-393Female7BrooklynNew York11:34 min/m
3617Nicholas SEGONDM 30-3913Male29Highland LakesNew Jersey11:41 min/m
37490Sayeeda SIDDIQUIF 40-491Female8WarwickNew York11:41 min/m
3841Mackery PAULSENM 15-4Male30WarwickNew York11:42 min/m
39219Kylie CONNORF 15-1Female9WarwickNew York11:44 min/m
40503Jenni-Leigh SPADACCINIF 30-394Female10ChesterNew York12:00 min/m
4164Lindsey ROGERSF 30-395Female11WarwickNew York12:01 min/m
42277William GIANNINIM 60-691Male31Highland LakesNew Jersey12:02 min/m
43354Andrea LISBONAF 40-492Female12West MilfordmilfordNew Jersey12:04 min/m
44290Mark HARRISONM 40-492Male32HewittNew Jersey12:17 min/m
45506Eon SPRINGERM 30-3914Male33AstoriaNew York12:17 min/m
46554Brittany WHITEHEADF 20-293Female13AstoriaNew York12:17 min/m
47523Kristopher THOMASM 20-298Male34GlenwoodNew Jersey12:17 min/m
48332Colleen KETCHUMF 40-493Female14WarwickNew York12:24 min/m
49310Arcangelo IURATOM 20-299Male35VernonNew Jersey12:26 min/m
50496Will SMITHM 20-2910Male36MiddletownNew York12:31 min/m
Page 1 of 7 (345 items)