The Warwick Valley Turkey Trot
18 Nov 2018

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FavOverall RankRace NoNameDivisionDiv RankGenderGender RankCityStatePace
1311Madison JAKUBEKTop Female1Female1WarwickNew York11:24 min/m
283Michael CORCORANTop Male1Male1Highland MillsNew York11:27 min/m
344Anthony ROEM 11-121Male2WarwickNew York12:05 min/m
452Jake TANNARM 9-101Male3WarwickNew York12:09 min/m
5150Chloe ZIEGLERF 8-1Female2WarwickNew York12:16 min/m
690Ava FANOSF 8-2Female3WarwickNew York12:34 min/m
785Brian DOWNSM 19-291Male4Highland LakesNew Jersey12:45 min/m
886Jocelyn DUPREYF 19-291Female4Highland LakesNew Jersey12:45 min/m
929Mia CRESSEVEURF 8-3Female5WarwickNew York13:16 min/m
1091Scott FRIEDLERM 30-391Male5WarwickNew York13:17 min/m
1145Karl ROECKERM 40-491Male6WarwickNew York14:10 min/m
1246Kasen ROECKERM 8-1Male7WarwickNew York14:10 min/m
13123Callie ROMIGF 8-4Female6ChesterNew York14:34 min/m
14103Kathryn LANGF 30-391Female7ValhallaNew York15:18 min/m
15132Erica SISCOF 19-292Female8WantageNew Jersey15:19 min/m
1649Lyla Kathleen SANDFORTF 8-5Female9WarwickNew York15:34 min/m
17149Deanna YOUNGF 8-6Female10GlenwoodNew Jersey15:49 min/m
18124Zoe SANTAGATOF 11-121Female11ChesterNew York16:07 min/m
19125Kayla SCHEUERMANNF 11-122Female12WarwickNew York16:07 min/m
2051Levi SOLARIM 9-102Male8WarwickNew York16:10 min/m
2192Kelli FRIEDLERF 30-392Female13WarwickNew York16:13 min/m
2284Jaden CRESSEVEURM 11-122Male9WarwickNew York16:13 min/m
23148Matthew YOUNGM 9-103Male10GlenwoodNew Jersey16:28 min/m
2435Sophia MAYBECKF 8-7Female14WarwickNew York16:29 min/m
25109Ryan MAYBECKM 40-492Male11WarwickNew York16:29 min/m
2650Eva Lee SANDFORTF 8-8Female15WarwickNew York16:41 min/m
2748Jessica SANDFORTF 40-491Female16WarwickNew York16:41 min/m
2882Patrice CHIMENTOF 19-293Female17Sterling ForestNew York16:45 min/m
29131Nicole SISCOF 19-294Female18SussexNew Jersey17:21 min/m
30128Fiona SEZACKF 8-9Female19ChesterNew York17:28 min/m
3131Audrey FINNF 8-10Female20WarwickNew York17:36 min/m
3247Aaron ROSINM 9-104Male12WarwickNew York17:45 min/m
33145Aubrey WRIGHTF 9-101Female21WarwickNew York17:52 min/m
3443Lucas RICOM 8-2Male13FloridaNew York18:15 min/m
35117Laura RICOF 30-393Female22FloridaNew York18:15 min/m
3699Elena HOVEYF 60-691Female23Ho Ho KusNew Jersey18:39 min/m
37102Kasey KINGF 19-295Female24StockholmNew Jersey19:35 min/m
38127Matthew SCHUDDEM 8-3Male14MonroeNew York21:30 min/m
39126Erika SCHUDDEF 40-492Female25MonroeNew York21:30 min/m
4081Janice CHIMENTOF 50-591Female26Sterling ForestNew York22:18 min/m
41105Ilona MASKOVAF 40-493Female27Croton On HudsonNew York22:33 min/m
4288Christine FALLONF 40-494Female28MerrickNew York22:33 min/m
4389James Henry FALLONM 15-161Male15MerrickNew York22:33 min/m
44106Adriana MASKOVAF 15-161Female29Croton On HudsonNew York22:34 min/m
4580Bernadette CHAMAKF 50-592Female30New CityNew York23:09 min/m
46104Gabby LUCEROF 19-296Female31New CityNew York23:10 min/m
47121Lenise ROGERSF 30-394Female32WarwickNew York23:11 min/m
48122Lucas ROGERSM 9-105Male16WarwickNew York23:11 min/m
49134Elle SREDNICKIF 8-11Female33WarwickNew York23:20 min/m
50133Lisa SREDNICKIF 40-495Female34WarwickNew York23:20 min/m
Page 1 of 2 (77 items)