Zappi's Gran Fondo 2014
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31 August 2014
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Race No
Net Time
3Aidan AllcockFinishedAll AgesMale
4Edward AlveynFinishedAll AgesMale
6Kurt AustinFinishedAll AgesMale
7Phil AveryFinishedAll AgesMale
10Simon BaylyFinishedAll AgesMale
12Harley BellFinishedAll AgesMale
13Supend GergunFinishedAll AgesMale
15Peter BlackmanFinishedAll AgesMale
16Maxwell BoltonFinishedAll AgesMale
17Christopher BrandFinishedAll AgesMale
18John BreckonFinishedAll AgesMale
20Peter BrettFinishedAll AgesMale
23Gavin BucklandFinishedAll AgesMale
24Rory BuissonFinishedAll AgesMale
26Mark CareyFinishedAll AgesMale
27Peter ChangFinishedAll AgesMale
29Graham CherrillFinishedAll AgesMale
30Roger CherryFinishedAll AgesMale
31Sean ChurchillFinishedAll AgesMale
34Tom ColesFinishedAll AgesMale
35Geoff CookFinishedAll AgesMale
37Daniel CooperFinishedAll AgesMale
38Hamish CoullFinishedAll AgesMale
39Dan CoulsonFinishedAll AgesMale
40Graham GraggsFinishedAll AgesMale
44Benjamin de JagerFinishedAll AgesMale
45Yannick DelahousseFinishedAll AgesMale
46Jonathan DennisFinishedAll AgesMale
47Andrea Dennis-WestFinishedAll AgesFemale
48Nick DennishFinishedAll AgesMale
49Domenico Di GiacomoFinishedAll AgesMale
50Stephen Dokken IsgarFinishedAll AgesMale
53Matthew DuxburyFinishedAll AgesMale
54Joanne EdwardsFinishedAll AgesFemale
55Baha El KassabyFinishedAll AgesMale
56Geoff EllisFinishedAll AgesMale
57Erik ErikssonFinishedAll AgesMale
58Alex FanshaweFinishedAll AgesMale
59Robert FanshaweFinishedAll AgesMale
60Ian FarrFinishedAll AgesMale
62Rob FerrisFinishedAll AgesMale
64Richard GibsonFinishedAll AgesMale
66Stuart GillFinishedAll AgesMale
67Michael GoodFinishedAll AgesMale
68Grant GoodallFinishedAll AgesMale
69Mike GorshkovFinishedAll AgesMale
70Joe GraystoneFinishedAll AgesMale
72Jerry GreatorexFinishedAll AgesMale
73David GreenFinishedAll AgesMale
74Harry GriffinFinishedAll AgesMale
Page 1 of 4 (179 items)

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