Winton Trial Run 2018
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14 Apr 2018
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Race No
Cat Pos
Gen Pos
1854Cameron BullenUnder 161Male1Team East Lothian AC00:18:48
2853Harry BouverieUnder 162Male2 00:19:21
3856Corey CampbellUnder 163Male3Team East Lothian AC00:20:21
4969Robbie AndersonUnder 164Male4 00:20:53
5863Colin RileyUnder 165Male5Team East Lothian AC00:20:54
6860Finlay MilneUnder 166Male6Dunbar Running Club00:21:11
7929Colin WylieOver 401Male7Giffnock North AAC00:21:16
8868Samuel WardlawUnder 167Male8Haddington Running Club00:21:33
9941Murray ClarkUnder 168Male9 00:21:58
10862Jack RentonUnder 169Male10Team East Lothian AC00:21:58
11864Ruby RussellUnder 161Female1Fife Athletic Club00:22:14
12932Connor LuptonUnder 1610Male11Haddington RC00:22:17
13910Connor MooreSenior1Male12 00:22:49
14937Alayne FinlaySenior1Female2Ochil Hill Runners00:23:10
15930Joel AtkinsonUnder 1611Male13East Lothian Orienteers00:23:36
16888Sam GraySenior2Male14 00:24:09
17877Laura CorfieldSenior2Female3 00:24:16
18956Mark ForrestSenior3Male15 00:24:20
19933Neil FinnieSenior4Male16 00:24:24
20855Jessica BullenUnder 162Female4Team East Lothian AC00:24:28
21959Rory TrotterUnder 1612Male17 00:24:56
22851Cameron BellUnder 1613Male18 00:25:01
23960Jo TrotterSenior3Female5 00:25:08
24861Toby RalphUnder 1614Male19Haddington Running Club00:25:08
25867Michael WallaceUnder 1615Male20 00:25:38
26958Lewis CairnsUnder 1616Male21 00:25:46
27857Iain CurtisUnder 1617Male22 00:25:59
28859Maisie MccarthyUnder 163Female6 00:26:09
29947Grant BullochOver 501Male23 00:26:43
30852Harry BertrandUnder 1618Male24 00:26:56
31923Lauren TuffSenior4Female7n/a00:26:57
32905Kevin MccarthyOver 502Male25 00:26:59
33939Chrissie ClarkUnder 164Female8 00:27:30
34938Fraser ClarkOver 402Male26 00:27:30
35953Andrew BroughOver 403Male27 00:27:38
36934Lochie MurrayUnder 1619Male28 00:28:01
37948Carol BullochOver 501Female9 00:28:37
38971David McneillSenior5Male29 00:28:44
39970Chris RhodesOver 404Male30 00:28:47
40954Fiona AllanSenior5Female10 00:29:56
41902Lesley MarshallOver 601Female11 00:29:56
42950Christopher LamotteOver 503Male31 00:30:08
43967Sarah BeckSenior6Female12 00:30:34
44968Stuart BeckSenior6Male32 00:30:34
45962Scott MonteithSenior7Male33 00:30:43
46961Meg FlynnSenior7Female13 00:30:43
47951Derek MckenzieOver 504Male34 00:31:00
48931Suz HendersonOver 401Female14 00:31:01
49891Graham HoggOver 505Male35 00:31:02
50957Zoe DoigUnder 165Female15 00:31:09
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