Lismore Samson Fitness Challenge
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2 Mar 2014
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Race No
Cat Pos
Gen Pos
17452 Gfx Men01:05:45Male Open Teams1Male1
28003 Tea Bags01:06:34Male Open Teams2Male2
38152 Edge Fitness Alstonville01:10:10Female Open Teams1Female1
412301 Nine12 Junior Freaks01:11:18Junior Boys1Male3
58004 Nine12 Boq Crew01:12:42Mixed Open Teams1Mixed1
69303 Star01:13:23Mixed Open Teams2Mixed2
712004 Nine 12 Bench Warmers01:15:17Mixed Open Teams3Mixed3
88451 Byron Bay Crossfit Fire Breathing Rubber Duckies01:17:52Mixed Open Teams4Mixed4
98304 Hybrid Fitness Grafton Mixed01:18:35Mixed Open Teams5Mixed5
108153 Hybrid Fitness01:20:10Female Open Teams2Female2
1110154 The Demolishers01:20:23Male Open Teams3Male4
127453 Nine12 Chrome01:20:30Masters Mixed1Mixed6
1311301 Edge Fit Old Girls01:20:35Masters Female1Female3
1412451 Edgefit Couples01:20:38Masters Mixed2Mixed7
1512002 Gsac Raw Deals01:21:35Mixed Open Teams6Mixed8
1612005 Northern Star Hockey01:21:55Mixed Open Teams7Mixed9
1710303 Over The Hilltop Hotties01:22:01Masters Mixed3Mixed10
189454 Rays Rangers01:22:23Mixed Open Teams8Mixed11
198303 Edge Fitness Alstonville 101:22:32Mixed Open Teams9Mixed12
2010153 Team Sivbuild01:22:53Male Open Teams4Male5
217451 Big Cat's Crew (elite Pt Studio)01:23:07Male Open Teams5Male6
2212453 Riverside 24/7 Masters01:23:15Masters Mixed4Mixed13
238301 Gsac Grunts01:23:35Male Open Teams6Male7
2410453 Fitness In Town Ballina & Lennox01:23:50Mixed Open Teams10Mixed14
2512152 Telstra Turtles01:24:16Mixed Open Teams11Mixed15
268001 Afa - Australian Financial Advisers01:24:19Male Open Teams7Male8
279003 Nine12 Halk's!01:24:49Female Open Teams3Female4
2810454 Summit Ducks Fly Together01:24:58Mixed Open Teams12Mixed16
2912151 Star Hockey01:25:06Mixed Open Teams13Mixed17
3011154 Summit Mixing It Up01:25:13Mixed Open Teams14Mixed18
319302 Snap Fitness01:25:23Mixed Open Teams15Mixed19
329451 Elite Pt Mixed #201:25:50Mixed Open Teams16Mixed20
339301 Ns Hockey01:26:13Mixed Open Teams17Mixed21
3410301 Hilltop Hotties A01:26:19Male Open Teams8Male9
358453 Gfx Mixed01:26:27Mixed Open Teams18Mixed22
3612304 Fit Group Masters Ballina & Lennox Head01:26:43Masters Male1Male10
3712001 Cafe Capello's Crew01:26:49Mixed Open Teams19Mixed23
389453 Nstar Hockey01:27:50Mixed Open Teams20Mixed24
398302 Crossfit Byron Bay01:27:56Mixed Open Teams21Mixed25
4012452 Nine12 Retro Fit01:28:27Masters Mixed5Mixed26
4112003 Lmps01:29:32Mixed Open Teams22Mixed27
428452 Elite Pt Mixed #101:29:36Mixed Open Teams23Mixed28
439304 Summit Sweat Quartet01:29:50Mixed Open Teams24Mixed29
4410004 Summit Stellas01:30:07Female Open Teams4Female5
458154 Summit Women Like It Dirty01:30:35Female Open Teams5Female6
4611003 Summit Fource01:30:42Female Open Teams6Female7
478151 Crossfit Ballina Bar Stars01:31:24Female Open Teams7Female8
4811153 Saredoscamy01:31:43Mixed Open Teams25Mixed30
4911455 The Maxine's Girls01:32:22Female Open Teams8Female9
5012302 The Richmond Rats01:32:29Mixed Open Teams26Mixed31
Page 1 of 2 (84 items)

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