Lismore Samson Fitness Challenge
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7 Mar 2015
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Race No
Cat Pos
Gen Pos
11301 Tea Bags01:03:34Male Open Teams1Male1
21302 Gfx Men01:04:21Male Open Teams2Male2
31233 K.t's Small Group Training01:15:16Mixed Open Teams1Mixed1
49154 Elite Force Fitness Mixed Opens01:15:33Mixed Open Teams2Mixed2
51123 Capello Cavemen01:17:10Male Open Teams3Male3
61304 The Incredibles 201:18:02Male Open Teams4Male4
71202 Hybrid Hackers01:18:45Mixed Open Teams3Mixed3
81203 Scufitnessforu01:19:56Mixed Open Teams4Mixed4
91132 Crossfit 2480 Guardians01:22:11Masters Male1Male5
108303 Elite Force Fitness Lennox Vintage01:22:39Masters Mixed1Mixed5
111232 Edge Fitness Alstonville01:23:46Masters Mixed2Mixed6
128002 Teapotsey01:24:21Female Open Teams1Female1
131453 Australian Financial Advisers01:25:01Male Open Teams5Male6
149453 Lactic Acid Flashback01:26:39Mixed Open Teams5Mixed7
151005 Hybrid Fitness Grafton Mixed01:26:43Mixed Open Teams6Mixed8
168302 Schweizer's Angels01:27:49Female Open Teams2Female2
171214 Sir Summit Mix Alot01:28:19Mixed Open Teams7Mixed9
181125 Snap Fitness01:28:54Male Open Teams6Male7
191101 2 Fit 2 Deadly Coffs Harbour01:29:08Male Open Teams7Male8
201122 Because We Made Our Daughters Do It01:29:34Male Open Teams8Male9
211201 Summit Scorchers01:29:49Mixed Open Teams8Mixed10
221103 Boq Lismore Lads01:29:54Male Open Teams9Male10
239304 Marita's Watching We Can't Stop01:30:11Mixed Open Teams9Mixed11
248152 Summit Stella's01:30:37Female Open Teams3Female3
258304 Coruba Crusaders01:31:35Mixed Open Teams10Mixed12
261124 Hilltop Hotties01:31:52Male Open Teams10Male11
271143 Scu 'leg Day Crusaders'01:32:02Mixed Open Teams11Mixed13
281212 Elite Zoe- Riley- Tom & Shell01:32:51Mixed Open Teams12Mixed14
291213 Summit Like It Hot01:33:24Mixed Open Teams13Mixed15
301001 Elite Mixed01:33:27Mixed Open Teams14Mixed16
319303 Marita's Runners01:33:45Mixed Open Teams15Mixed17
321131 2 Fit 2 Deadly Coffs01:33:48Masters Male2Male12
331003 Tweed Grunts01:34:06Mixed Open Teams16Mixed18
341142 Crossfit 248001:34:18Mixed Open Teams17Mixed19
351451 The Incredibles01:34:19Male Open Teams11Male13
368451 Elite Force Fitness Chiro Team01:35:29Female Open Teams4Female4
371204 Gfx Mixed01:35:36Mixed Open Teams18Mixed20
388003 Beautyspot Babes01:35:55Female Open Teams5Female5
399151 Summit Turbo Tanks01:36:27Female Open Teams6Female6
408001 Hybrid Harley-Davison01:37:59Female Open Teams7Female7
419152 Parents Made Us Do It01:38:28Junior Girls1Female8
421102 Slow But Good01:38:34Male Open Teams12Male14
438154 Iron Chicks01:39:16Female Open Teams8Female9
441305 Gsac Villains01:40:11Male Open Teams13Male15
451303 Scu Gym & Pool01:40:24Male Open Teams14Male16
468305 Woollams 201501:42:24Mixed Open Teams19Mixed21
471004 Lukes Challenge Green01:43:02Mixed Open Teams20Mixed22
481454 Elite Males01:43:51Male Open Teams15Male17
499451 Wogs Are Us01:44:11Mixed Open Teams21Mixed23
501211 Give It A Go!01:45:26Mixed Open Teams22Mixed24
Page 1 of 2 (78 items)

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