10 Dec 2016


Team times are calculated as the sum of the 3 fastest times, subject to at least one being a female
CategoryPosTeam NameTeam ResultNo Members
100km Team1Gone Running - Joint Dynamics46:08:405
100km Team2The North Face Team50:49:174
100km Team3Bukki Muhely Miskolc51:09:293
100km Team4Kin Hang Hiking Club56:27:545
100km Team7EFCC Kong Fok Church62:06:174
100km Team8The East Face64:38:185
100km Team9FA Runners Team 368:07:094
100km Team10Dream Chasing Action68:16:413
100km Team11TAKES70:04:114
100km Team12QUAN^272:45:355
100km Team14FA RUNNERS Team X77:41:014