Jekyll and Hyde Duathlon 2013
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27 Oct 2013
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Team Name
Team Result
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Male Team1 Serpentine 03:45:303
Male Team2 Clapham Chasers 03:49:423
Male Team3 Thames Turbo 03:50:293
Male Team4 Tri London 03:57:313
Male Team5 London Fields Tri 04:01:043
Male Team6 Crystal Palace Tri 04:02:333
Male Team7 Serpentine 04:06:223
Male Team8 London Fields Tri 04:09:003
Male Team9 Thames Turbo 04:13:413
Male Team10 Clapham Chasers 04:14:243
Male Team11 Crystal Palace Tri 04:15:023
Male Team12 Team LVI 04:23:403
Male Team13 Clapham Chasers 04:24:373
Male Team14 London Fields Tri 04:25:043
Male Team15 Crystal Palace Tri 04:25:423
Male Team16 Thames Turbo 04:34:033
Male Team17 Imperial College 04:35:573
Male Team18 Thames Turbo 04:49:213
Male Team19 Clapham Chasers 04:56:153
Male Team20 Thames Turbo 05:17:133

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