Carcoar Cup 2013
3 Nov 2013


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PosRace NoNameTimeCategoryCat PosGenderGen Pos
19Brendan Davies04:02:15All Ages1Male1
212Andrew Heyden04:23:18All Ages2Male2
313Ewan Horsburgh04:36:59All Ages3Male3
414Gary Mullins04:40:20All Ages4Male4
56Brett Easton05:06:23All Ages5Male5
616Wes Gibson05:17:40All Ages6Male6
711Sarah Fien05:26:44All Ages1Female1
815Jesse Mccoullough05:42:27All Ages7Male7
92Ewan Frith05:59:31All Ages8Male8
105April Palmerlee06:14:26All Ages2Female2
118Dianne Galea06:46:29All Ages3Female3
1210Jade Crim06:48:58All Ages4Female4
3Dean MastersonNot startedAll AgesMale
4Gary FittlerNot startedAll AgesMale
7Joseph McCannNot startedAll AgesMale
17Kellie GibsonNot startedAll AgesFemale
18 Not startedUnknown
19 Not startedUnknown
20 Not startedUnknown
Page 1 of 1 (19 items)