Singletrack Mind Series Round 2 - Coondoo Road
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Race Series
04 August 2013
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Race No
Cat Pos
Fastest Lap
Average Lap
Dist Done
1321ALLTRACK BICYCLES 7:07:30Male Threes11625:0926:43147.220.7 km/h
2168Target Trek MTB Racing 7:23:23Male Pairs11626:0327:42147.219.9 km/h
3300Rad Shreddas 7:24:10Male Threes21626:1427:45147.219.9 km/h
48Edward McDonald 7:24:12Open Male Solo11626:5727:45147.219.9 km/h
5570ONYAbike Big Rigs 7:25:54Male Threes31625:4527:52147.219.8 km/h
6138OnyaBike - Tomo and Daz 7:26:59Male Pairs21626:3527:56147.219.8 km/h
7140Onya Bike 7:01:38Male Pairs31526:0428:0613819.6 km/h
8315Velosophy Racing 7:04:54Male Threes41526:5428:1913819.5 km/h
99Andrew Lloyd 7:10:08Open Male Solo21526:2928:4013819.2 km/h
10460Target Trek Racing Juniors 7:15:23Juniors11527:4529:0113819.0 km/h
11597Alltrack Heathcote 7:16:35Male Threes51527:3929:0613819.0 km/h
12242Ren & Stimpy 7:24:25Masters Pairs11527:4329:3713818.6 km/h
13333L.K.S. 7:24:36Male Threes61528:2829:3813818.6 km/h
14230Benny and the Jet 7:27:00Masters Pairs21528:3429:4813818.5 km/h
15324BMORC 7:30:05Male Threes71527:4830:0013818.4 km/h
16104Altitude Training Systems 6:39:04Male Pairs41426:3928:30128.819.4 km/h
17450Alltrack Juniors 7:01:14Juniors21428:0330:05128.818.3 km/h
18557Cake & Ice Cream 7:04:20Male Pairs51428:3130:18128.818.2 km/h
19381machmacking 7:04:53Masters Threes11428:3030:20128.818.2 km/h
2053Garry James 7:05:31Masters Male Solo11428:5930:23128.818.2 km/h
21372Gladjanus Racing Team 7:05:45Masters Pairs31428:1830:24128.818.2 km/h
22136OnTheGo Racing 7:07:55Male Pairs61428:4330:33128.818.1 km/h
23192Bike Culture | Whyte Racing 7:08:36Mixed Pairs11426:2530:36128.818.0 km/h
24378Horccules vs The Chocolate Footed Monster 7:08:47Masters Threes21429:2930:37128.818.0 km/h
25212Roast Beef and Frog Legs 7:08:50Mixed Pairs21427:5330:37128.818.0 km/h
26580Mr & Mrs Pollock 7:10:59Mixed Pairs31427:4830:47128.817.9 km/h
27619Elderly illegitimates 7:13:09Masters Threes31429:2130:56128.817.8 km/h
28303STEVENS Bikes 7:13:29Male Pairs71427:2730:57128.817.8 km/h
29248Target Trek Masters 7:13:50Masters Pairs41428:4730:59128.817.8 km/h
30116DCT - 2's 7:19:24Male Pairs81429:2831:23128.817.6 km/h
31605Jake Whitton 7:21:11Open Male Solo31428:4431:30128.817.5 km/h
3256David Langley 7:22:07Masters Male Solo21430:3531:34128.817.5 km/h
33553KMS-AUS 7:22:26Male Pairs91430:0231:36128.817.5 km/h
34110Cowpat Climbers 7:22:31Male Pairs101427:0331:36128.817.5 km/h
35387Shack Attack 7:23:19Masters Threes41428:2931:39128.817.4 km/h
36559Team BV29 7:24:09Male Pairs111429:2131:43128.817.4 km/h
3728David Rae 7:24:34Open Male Solo41428:5231:45128.817.4 km/h
38146PQR 7:24:49Male Pairs121428:1831:46128.817.4 km/h
3969Phil Welch 7:26:44Masters Male Solo31430:2631:54128.817.3 km/h
40602Ramses is the best 7:27:43Male Threes81428:5031:58128.817.3 km/h
41583Trent Moore 7:28:06Masters Male Solo41429:5332:00128.817.2 km/h
4214Grantley Butterfield 7:29:50Open Male Solo51430:2832:07128.817.2 km/h
43408Nowra Physiotherapy 7:30:35Fab Fours11428:3532:11128.817.2 km/h
44144Pedal Bashers 7:30:44Juniors31428:3732:11128.817.1 km/h
451Eliza Kwan 7:31:20Open Female Solo11430:0532:14128.817.1 km/h
46228Altitude Training Systems 2 6:53:53Masters Pairs51329:5431:50119.617.3 km/h
4747Paul Brodie 6:56:43Masters Male Solo51330:0332:03119.617.2 km/h
48574Knoweyedeer 6:56:46Male Threes91329:2532:03119.617.2 km/h
49600Phillip Banks 7:00:04Open Male Solo61330:5532:18119.617.1 km/h
5031Chris Schofield 7:00:14Open Male Solo71330:0332:19119.617.1 km/h
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