Tamworth Running Festival
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18 August 2013
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Race No
Cat Pos
Gen Pos
Dist Done
11062Mitch Salter00:18:0016 to 19 years1Male103:36 min/km
2338Ella Heeney00:20:1813 to 15 years1Female104:03 min/km
31079Kieran Smith00:20:3716 to 19 years2Male204:07 min/km
4460Jason Meier00:20:5116 to 19 years3Male304:10 min/km
5264Ryan Dunn00:21:2413 to 15 years1Male404:16 min/km
6473Lia Mills00:21:4113 to 15 years2Female204:20 min/km
7364Charlie James00:21:5340 to 49 Years1Male504:22 min/km
8474Brad Mills00:21:5810 to 12 years1Male604:23 min/km
9945Mel Tapp00:22:0530 to 39 years1Female304:25 min/km
10451Ethan McDonald00:22:1410 to 12 years2Male704:26 min/km
11391Trevor Kratzmann00:22:1840 to 49 Years2Male804:27 min/km
12188Jeff Benson00:22:5750 to 59 years1Male904:35 min/km
13371Will Jones00:22:5913 to 15 years2Male1004:35 min/km
14396Angus Lindsay00:23:0110 to 12 years3Male1104:36 min/km
151103Jay Tiberi00:23:0113 to 15 years3Male1204:36 min/km
161101Gino Tiberi00:23:0410 to 12 years4Male1304:36 min/km
17351Donna Hickey00:23:2550 to 59 years1Female404:41 min/km
181019Fletcher Partlin00:23:3310 to 12 years5Male1404:42 min/km
191097Cooper Thompson00:23:4513 to 15 years4Male1504:45 min/km
20175Lachlan Ayoub00:23:4720 to 29 years1Male1604:45 min/km
211075Justin Single00:23:5120 to 29 years2Male1704:46 min/km
221250Sharna Tapp00:23:5510 to 12 years1Female504:47 min/km
23169Martin Auster00:23:5760 and over1Male1804:47 min/km
24445Brooke Martin00:24:0110 to 12 years2Female604:48 min/km
251063Craig Salter00:24:0240 to 49 Years3Male1904:48 min/km
26435Luke Maher00:24:0810 to 12 years6Male2004:49 min/km
27950Isaac Carr00:24:1016 to 19 years4Male2104:50 min/km
281000Mark Mitchell00:24:1140 to 49 Years4Male2204:50 min/km
29218Ellie Camilleri00:24:1113 to 15 years3Female704:50 min/km
30227Will Chaffey00:24:1113 to 15 years5Male2304:50 min/km
31384Emily Knight00:24:1230 to 39 years2Female804:50 min/km
32452Julian McGovern00:24:1620 to 29 years3Male2404:51 min/km
33940Andrew Charlton00:24:1740 to 49 Years5Male2504:51 min/km
341123Bryce Warner00:24:2510 to 12 years7Male2604:53 min/km
35179Jacinta Ballard00:24:2710 to 12 years3Female904:53 min/km
361012Lacey Newcombe00:24:3610 to 12 years4Female1004:55 min/km
37173Sam Avard00:24:3910 to 12 years8Male2704:55 min/km
38450Tyler McDonald00:24:4916 to 19 years5Male2804:57 min/km
39408Hayden Loughrey00:24:5413 to 15 years6Male2904:58 min/km
401146Jack Wilson00:25:0110 to 12 years9Male3005:00 min/km
41205Ilki Boyraz00:25:01Under 91Male3105:00 min/km
42359Aaron Hudson00:25:0830 to 39 years1Male3205:01 min/km
43296Edward George00:25:1010 to 12 years10Male3305:02 min/km
441147Mitch Wilson00:25:14Under 92Male3405:02 min/km
451143Cameron Williams00:25:1510 to 12 years11Male3505:03 min/km
46407Jacob Loughrey00:25:1613 to 15 years7Male3605:03 min/km
47405Michael Loughrey00:25:1640 to 49 Years6Male3705:03 min/km
481138Paul Williams00:25:1730 to 39 years2Male3805:03 min/km
491068Jenny Shephard00:25:2840 to 49 Years1Female1105:05 min/km
50444Ben Martin00:25:3320 to 29 years4Male3905:06 min/km
Page 1 of 9 (436 items)

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