Tamworth Running Festival 2014
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17 Aug 2014
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Race No
Cat Pos
Gen Pos
Start Time
14143Ben Malby19:0020 to 29 years1Male13:48 min/km09:42:13
24284Welse Kyle19:0516 to 19 years1Male23:49 min/km09:42:13
34101Sophie Heeney19:1716 to 19 years1Female13:51 min/km09:42:13
44102Anthony Heeney19:4340 to 49 Years1Male33:56 min/km09:42:13
54100Ella Heeney19:4313 to 15 years1Female23:56 min/km09:42:13
64260Lachlan Wheeler20:2113 to 15 years1Male44:04 min/km09:42:13
74247Allan Thompson20:2840 to 49 Years2Male54:05 min/km09:42:13
84166Andrew Mills20:3840 to 49 Years3Male64:07 min/km09:42:13
94084Stuart Geddes20:5913 to 15 years2Male74:11 min/km09:42:13
104078Harry Foley21:1016 to 19 years2Male84:14 min/km09:42:13
114162Bradley Mills21:1613 to 15 years3Male94:15 min/km09:42:13
124027Matthew Bruce21:5713 to 15 years4Male104:23 min/km09:42:13
134008Cameron Barber21:5810 to 12 years1Male114:23 min/km09:42:13
144049Codie Cottrell-Dormer22:0810 to 12 years2Male124:25 min/km09:42:13
154039Isaac Carr22:0816 to 19 years3Male134:25 min/km09:42:13
164042Andrew Charlton22:0840 to 49 Years4Male144:25 min/km09:42:13
174172Lacey Newcombe22:2110 to 12 years1Female34:28 min/km09:42:13
184050Mia Cottrell-Dormer22:2530 to 39 years1Female44:29 min/km09:42:13
19274Samuel Low22:2813 to 15 years5Male154:29 min/km09:42:13
204007Malachi Bailey22:309 yrs and under1Male164:30 min/km09:42:13
214131Angus Lindsay22:3010 to 12 years3Male174:30 min/km09:42:13
224128Paige Levingston22:3010 to 12 years2Female54:30 min/km09:42:13
234266Paul Willams22:4130 to 39 years1Male184:32 min/km09:42:13
244163Lia Mills22:4616 to 19 years2Female64:33 min/km09:42:13
254144Alexander Manners22:5920 to 29 years2Male194:35 min/km09:42:13
26656Laura Roff23:0020 to 29 years1Female74:36 min/km09:42:13
274178Fletcher Partlin23:1110 to 12 years4Male204:38 min/km09:42:13
284243Nash Tapp23:1913 to 15 years6Male214:39 min/km09:42:13
294009David Barnett23:2040 to 49 Years5Male224:40 min/km09:42:13
304107Donna Hickey23:2450 to 59 years1Female84:40 min/km09:42:13
314276Jack Wilson23:2710 to 12 years5Male234:41 min/km09:42:13
324283William McClymont23:469 yrs and under2Male244:45 min/km09:42:13
334270Cameron Williams24:1310 to 12 years6Male254:50 min/km09:42:13
344037Ellie Camilleri24:2416 to 19 years3Female94:52 min/km09:42:13
354072Bronte Ellicott24:2813 to 15 years2Female104:53 min/km09:42:13
364130Michael Ligertwood24:2820 to 29 years3Male264:53 min/km09:42:13
374140Luke Maher24:3010 to 12 years7Male274:54 min/km09:42:13
384281Oliver Barry24:3110 to 12 years8Male284:54 min/km09:42:13
394026Cale Bruce24:3210 to 12 years9Male294:54 min/km09:42:13
404005Warren Ansell24:3840 to 49 Years6Male304:55 min/km09:42:13
414019Ilki Boyraz24:4010 to 12 years10Male314:56 min/km09:42:13
424133KATE LLOYD24:4513 to 15 years3Female114:57 min/km09:42:13
434150Luke McDonald24:5310 to 12 years11Male324:58 min/km09:42:13
444006Katie Austin24:5820 to 29 years2Female124:59 min/km09:42:13
454097CLINTON HAM25:0040 to 49 Years7Male335:00 min/km09:42:13
464289David Vandeven25:0340 to 49 Years8Male345:00 min/km09:42:13
474242Zane Tapp25:0710 to 12 years12Male355:01 min/km09:42:13
484196Daniel Radmore25:0930 to 39 years2Male365:01 min/km09:42:13
494055Ruby Dalitz25:119 yrs and under1Female135:02 min/km09:42:13
504168Mark Mitchell25:1240 to 49 Years9Male375:02 min/km09:42:13
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