Evocities MTB Series Round 3 - Winter's Edge XC
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Race Series
31 May 2015
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Race No
Cat Pos
Gen Pos
Team Member 1
Team Member 2
Team Member 3
Fastest Lap
Slowest Lap
Average Lap
Dist Done
1306AlDente Racing Team 6:08:32Team of 3 Male1Male1Paddy CorcoranJoshua CorcoranCRAIG HUTTON1326:3130:2428:20130
2200Over Yonder Racing 5:55:147hr Male Pairs1Male2Peter FisherMike Cameron 1227:4135:3729:36120
3236Sur la Plaque 6:13:097hr Mixed Pairs1Mixed1Eva BolandJohn Bridge 1228:1435:3531:05120
4232Mr & Mrs Pollock 6:13:507hr Mixed Pairs2Mixed2Danielle PollockDouglas Pollock 1228:3633:4731:09120
5234Dubbo Duo 6:28:077hr Mixed Pairs3Mixed3Josiah HoyleSimone Grounds 1230:0135:0232:20120
6226Bling Tin Tin 6:02:347hr Male Pairs2Male3Sascha LotzAubry Hill 1131:1334:5632:57110
7214K & D Cycling 6:15:047hr Male Pairs3Male4Grant DowellKelvin Proctor 1132:1236:2534:05110
8204X SYDNEY TAMWORTH BOYS 6:17:467hr Male Pairs4Male5Steven MairMartin Siddons 1132:1635:5334:20110
9248Here We Go Again 6:22:057hr Mixed Pairs4Mixed4Toireasa GallagherMark Anthony Gallagher 1131:4237:2134:44110
10309The Recliners 6:24:17Team of 3 Male2Male6Timothy ReeksLes ChappellPhillip James1132:4838:0034:56110
11246Bel & David 6:24:207hr Mixed Pairs5Mixed5Belinda DiproseDavid Tallentire 1133:0339:1534:56110
12408"A Rabbit, the Vanilla Gorilla and a Douchebag" 6:26:53Team of 3 Male3Male7Ben FitzGeraldAndrew DaviesPhil Lyon1132:1138:5835:10110
13300Taree Tipriders 6:35:34Team of 3 Male4Male8Chad VowlesPeter JohnstonTim O'Reily1133:1140:1235:57110
14208Mac Design 5:53:147hr Male Pairs5Male9Ian ButlerJason Moxham 1032:2340:3535:19100
15224Trek-kers 5:57:557hr Male Pairs6Male10Scott ThomasJames Gallagher 1029:5842:4935:47100
16315CORC Juniors 6:04:54Team of 3 Mixed1Mixed6Matilda NichollsJarred PaullSam Alexander1032:3743:4436:29100
17416Sneaky Bacon Racing 6:07:137hr Female Pairs1Female1Melinda AllenAmanda Porter 1035:1939:5936:43100
18228Stranger Danger 6:13:327hr Female Pairs2Female2Michelle InglisElise Burriss 1035:2840:3837:21100
1916TAMMTB2 6:19:517hr Male Pairs7Male11Joel SimGraeme Wiggins 1031:5545:0037:59100
20220wayne & johnny 6:29:417hr Male Pairs8Male12Wayne ComerfordJohnny Mulhall 1035:5243:5538:58100
21403G & R Racing 6:30:347hr Mixed Pairs6Mixed7Glen PartridgeRobyn Partridge 1033:0350:0239:03100
22303McManiacs 6:36:59Team of 3 Male5Male13Nicholas McDonaldTim McDonaldCurtis McLean1035:3943:3939:41100
23250Lovin' Lefty's 6:39:277hr Mixed Pairs7Mixed8Rodney LovettRachel Lovett 1031:131:14:1639:56100
24206Trouble on Two wheels 5:54:027hr Male Pairs9Male14Talbot AdsettByron Adsett 931:3858:0839:2090
25218Josh and Tim 5:59:227hr Male Pairs10Male15Timothy Cheneyjoshua Houghton  935:4048:3139:5590
26242calves&kel 6:01:427hr Mixed Pairs8Mixed9Jasen RaymondKelly Fuller 931:591:01:5740:1190
27238still in love 6:20:177hr Mixed Pairs9Mixed10Angela JonesDavid Jones 936:1348:1942:1590
28212Loose Screws 6:26:517hr Male Pairs11Male16Gary RichardsScott Smith 936:1352:3242:5990
29222Little Big Dogs 6:31:537hr Male Pairs12Male17Aaron RodgersTanner Covington-Gorst 937:2951:0643:3290
30312The Giant Gang 5:40:09Team of 3 Male6Male18Milton AdsettRoss KiellorMatthew Fraser838:1246:5142:3180
31244MegsnDeb 5:40:497hr Mixed Pairs10Mixed11Brent GapesDebby Gapes 834:2854:5142:3680
32216Team Ophir 5:51:077hr Male Pairs13Male19Thomas EylesWilliam Steer 838:4449:1443:5380
33210scott n les 5:55:517hr Male Pairs14Male20Bryan MatthewsScott Clark 840:5149:3144:2880
34405The Pretenders 5:30:347hr Mixed Pairs11Mixed12Thorncraft DarrylRenee Covington 743:2851:4447:1370
35240The Dirty Barnyarders 6:03:117hr Mixed Pairs12Mixed13Clarissa LarkDerek Williamson 740:081:11:3251:5370
36252Mills Inc. 3:31:197hr Mixed Pairs13Mixed14Susanna MillsHerman Mills 540:3444:2742:1550
202Ward Brothers Not started7hr Male PairsMaleJayden WardKyle Ward 00000
230Bear Not started7hr Female PairsFemaleRachel BlakersRebecca Thomson 00000
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