Dubbo 300 Evocities Round 5
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Race Series
19 July 2015
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Race No
Cat Pos
Gender *
Fastest Lap
Average Lap
Dist Done
4629Catherine Wood 5:27:36G8 Performance Master Female (40-49)1Female51:04:321:05:3181.514.9 km/h
6238Catherine Moore 4:48:10G8 Performance Master Female (40-49)3Female41:07:051:12:0265.213.6 km/h
5367Claudia Fiess 5:58:12G8 Performance Master Female (40-49)2Female51:06:001:11:3881.513.7 km/h
2424Sneaky Bacon Racing 5:47:33Hogs Breath Female Pairs1Female655:5757:5597.816.9 km/h
3048Stranger Danger 6:01:02Hogs Breath Female Pairs2Female657:281:00:1097.816.3 km/h
7233Dalene Pretorius 6:11:40NAB Super Masters Female (50+)2Female41:27:291:32:5565.210.5 km/h
3695Wendy Stevenson 5:09:43NAB Super Masters Female (50+)1Female558:431:01:5681.515.8 km/h
7027Eliza Middleton 5:24:38QantasLink Open Female6Female41:14:461:21:0965.212.1 km/h
2640Liz Smith 5:48:31QantasLink Open Female2Female656:5958:0597.816.8 km/h
4965Leah Childs 5:44:14QantasLink Open Female3Female51:06:021:08:5081.514.2 km/h
5990Camilla Brent 4:43:44QantasLink Open Female5Female41:04:291:10:5665.213.8 km/h
5198Kate Heynes 5:51:51QantasLink Open Female4Female51:03:151:10:2281.513.9 km/h
22100Brooke Rowlands 5:41:33QantasLink Open Female1Female653:2656:5597.817.2 km/h
109Georgie Dawson Not startedQantasLink Open FemaleFemale0000 km/h
662Matthew Corboy 5:02:08Fly Orana Master Male (40-49)11Male41:06:251:15:3265.212.9 km/h
8111Wayne Taylor 2:55:04Fly Orana Master Male (40-49)14Male21:23:161:27:3232.611.2 km/h
18Daniel Beresford DNSFly Orana Master Male (40-49)Male0000 km/h
4326Mathew Dickerson 5:15:51Fly Orana Master Male (40-49)8Male554:481:03:1081.515.5 km/h
1028Jason Morgan 5:08:55Fly Orana Master Male (40-49)2Male649:4851:2997.819.0 km/h
831David Speering 5:05:46Fly Orana Master Male (40-49)1Male649:0650:5797.819.2 km/h
6934Ray Simpson 5:17:55Fly Orana Master Male (40-49)12Male41:09:341:19:2865.212.3 km/h
1743Trent Moore 5:24:07Fly Orana Master Male (40-49)4Male651:4354:0197.818.1 km/h
6151Charles Wright 4:47:32Fly Orana Master Male (40-49)9Male41:07:201:11:5365.213.6 km/h
2857Russell Graham 5:53:37Fly Orana Master Male (40-49)5Male653:5058:5697.816.6 km/h
7868Wayne Comerford 2:27:43Fly Orana Master Male (40-49)13Male21:07:191:13:5132.613.2 km/h
6476Anthony Redding 4:50:14Fly Orana Master Male (40-49)10Male41:06:341:12:3365.213.5 km/h
1677Jamie Vogele 5:22:25Fly Orana Master Male (40-49)3Male651:3953:4497.818.2 km/h
4196Tom Harvey 5:13:34Fly Orana Master Male (40-49)7Male557:301:02:4281.515.6 km/h
37110Adam Bramwell 5:10:24Fly Orana Master Male (40-49)6Male554:581:02:0481.515.8 km/h
317Mac Design 6:04:27Maas Group Properties Male Pairs6Male656:371:00:4497.816.1 km/h
7916AlTurnerTives 2:37:02Maas Group Properties Male Pairs16Male21:13:471:18:3132.612.5 km/h
5522Ex Dubbos 4:11:31Maas Group Properties Male Pairs11Male459:001:02:5265.215.6 km/h
1435Chaffing the dream 5:17:46Maas Group Properties Male Pairs2Male651:5652:5797.818.5 km/h
6844Loose Screws 5:13:06Maas Group Properties Male Pairs14Male41:12:331:18:1665.212.5 km/h
2346Rango Racing 5:44:28Maas Group Properties Male Pairs4Male654:3857:2497.817.0 km/h
4759Josh and Tim 5:34:43Maas Group Properties Male Pairs9Male51:01:321:06:5681.514.6 km/h
4861Vining and Jules bring out the Gimp 5:40:43Maas Group Properties Male Pairs10Male51:01:341:08:0881.514.4 km/h
6772Little Big Dogs 5:09:27Maas Group Properties Male Pairs13Male41:11:001:17:2165.212.6 km/h
3574JCAG 5:09:01Maas Group Properties Male Pairs7Male559:581:01:4881.515.8 km/h
4078In2it 5:13:31Maas Group Properties Male Pairs8Male559:031:02:4281.515.6 km/h
2580X-Sydney Tamworth Boys 5:48:17Maas Group Properties Male Pairs5Male654:5458:0297.816.8 km/h
1382Al Dentephoenix 5:14:39Maas Group Properties Male Pairs1Male650:0752:2697.818.6 km/h
7187Team Ophir 5:31:53Maas Group Properties Male Pairs15Male41:18:491:22:5865.211.8 km/h
5693SPEED DEMONS 4:16:08Maas Group Properties Male Pairs12Male458:211:04:0265.215.3 km/h
15101Kenny Springs Cycling with DG Cycles 5:18:39Maas Group Properties Male Pairs3Male649:5153:0697.818.4 km/h
523John Van Den Ham 5:55:31NAB Super Masters Male (50+)7Male51:06:061:11:0681.513.8 km/h
21peter selkrig DNSNAB Super Masters Male (50+)Male0000 km/h
3830Malcolm Bradley 5:11:35NAB Super Masters Male (50+)4Male558:241:02:1981.515.7 km/h
3932Peter Rohr 5:11:37NAB Super Masters Male (50+)5Male558:411:02:1981.515.7 km/h
1237Garry James 5:13:44NAB Super Masters Male (50+)1Male649:5152:1797.818.7 km/h
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