Tamworth Running Festival
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16 Aug 2015
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Race No
Cat Pos
Gen Pos
14059Stuart Geddes17:4013 to 15 years1Male13:32 min/km
24045Darryl Domer18:0916 to 19 years1Male23:37 min/km
34194Natasha Favotto18:4016 to 19 years1Female13:44 min/km
44200Lacie Quigley18:4710 to 12 years1Female23:45 min/km
54123James Polson18:5130 to 39 years1Male33:46 min/km
64060Matthew Hall19:0130 to 39 years2Male43:48 min/km
74044Carlos Meier19:4116 to 19 years2Male53:56 min/km
84128Ella Heeney19:4413 to 15 years1Female33:56 min/km
94087Adam Williams20:0710 to 12 years1Male64:01 min/km
104151Sarah Schiffmann20:0810 to 12 years2Female44:01 min/km
114195Blake Russell20:4013 to 15 years2Male74:08 min/km
124324Richard Squires20:4040 to 49 Years1Male84:08 min/km
134291Jesse Carmichael21:0016 to 19 years3Male94:12 min/km
144272Janet Martin21:0140 to 49 Years1Female54:12 min/km
154024Malachi Bailey21:0210 to 12 years2Male104:12 min/km
164239Jacinta Ballard21:2113 to 15 years2Female64:16 min/km
174169John Ryan21:3120 to 29 years1Male114:18 min/km
184203Tyhla Condrick21:4610 to 12 years3Male124:21 min/km
194280Jacob Allen21:4920 to 29 years2Male134:21 min/km
204178Carl Russell21:5230 to 39 years3Male144:22 min/km
214202Cody Baxter21:5710 to 12 years4Male154:23 min/km
224046Zachary Decker21:5713 to 15 years3Male164:23 min/km
234285Jodie Heeney22:1740 to 49 Years2Female74:27 min/km
244148Bryce Warner22:2913 to 15 years4Male174:29 min/km
254029Grace Collins22:3110 to 12 years3Female84:30 min/km
264305Mikaela Bridge22:3110 to 12 years4Female94:30 min/km
274061Jasper Hall22:38Under 91Male184:31 min/km
284309Jacob Bird22:4210 to 12 years5Male194:32 min/km
294172Adam Cruickshank22:4216 to 19 years4Male204:32 min/km
304215George Gardiner22:4316 to 19 years5Male214:32 min/km
314053Codie Cottrell-Dormer22:4510 to 12 years6Male224:33 min/km
324233Jason Chick22:5640 to 49 Years2Male234:35 min/km
334273Brooke Martin23:0610 to 12 years5Female104:37 min/km
344290Nathan Moore23:14Under 92Male244:38 min/km
354050Craig Stainton23:1550 to 59 years1Male254:39 min/km
364289Brad Moore23:2340 to 49 Years3Male264:40 min/km
374310Annabelle Sadlier23:2610 to 12 years6Female114:41 min/km
384207Jayden Tiberi23:2613 to 15 years5Male274:41 min/km
394278Tim Fitzsummons23:3020 to 29 years3Male284:42 min/km
404282Stephen Wood23:3230 to 39 years4Male294:42 min/km
414067Mark Mitchell23:3640 to 49 Years4Male304:43 min/km
424092Edward George23:3813 to 15 years6Male314:43 min/km
434070Luke Maher23:3910 to 12 years7Male324:43 min/km
444122KATE LLOYD23:5413 to 15 years3Female124:46 min/km
454300Joshua Bennie24:0420 to 29 years4Male334:48 min/km
464074Daniel Williams24:07Under 93Male344:49 min/km
474237David Vandeven24:1240 to 49 Years5Male354:50 min/km
484073Michelle Versluys24:1340 to 49 Years3Female134:50 min/km
494199VEER PRATAP24:1430 to 39 years1Female144:50 min/km
504210Hugh Corcoran24:1410 to 12 years8Male364:50 min/km
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