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01 April 2017
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Race No
Time Adj
Cat Pos
Fastest Lap
Average Lap
Dist Done
16252Onya Bike Canberra +00:10:00Six Packs - OPEN Male13000:43:5900:49:2252521.2 km/h
24120GU Stroopwafel  Foursomes - OPEN Male12800:44:2100:51:1749020.4 km/h
36366Synergetic  Six Packs - OPEN Male22800:48:0100:52:1949020.0 km/h
46528Davy Sprocket / Spin Cycle Clothing  Six Packs - OPEN Mixed12800:45:1500:52:2349019.9 km/h
56258Onya Bike Krusty Mix  Six Packs - OPEN Male32700:48:5700:53:10472.519.6 km/h
61018CORCing Kows  Young Guns - Mixed12600:50:0300:55:5045518.7 km/h
74116Graphite Projects  Foursomes - OPEN Male22600:50:5300:55:5245518.6 km/h
843843fidi Originals  Foursomes - Honest 40s Male12600:49:4200:56:2745518.5 km/h
967923FIDI-6  Six Packs - Honest 40s Male12600:52:1200:56:3445518.4 km/h
104140INDR  Foursomes - Honest 40s Male22600:51:3600:56:4845518.3 km/h
114080Cranky24-7  Foursomes - OPEN Male32600:51:2800:56:4645518.3 km/h
124056C U Next Time  Foursomes - OPEN Male42500:50:5100:57:11437.518.2 km/h
136330Shack Attack  Six Packs - OPEN Male42500:51:3700:57:04437.518.2 km/h
146288Pearshaped Racing  Six Packs - OPEN Male52500:48:2200:57:27437.518.2 km/h
156426The Uncredibles  Six Packs - OPEN Male62500:52:0200:57:39437.518.1 km/h
164020ACBC ADFC  Foursomes - OPEN Male52500:45:1700:57:30437.518.0 km/h
176630Mt Buller Bike Park  Six Packs - OPEN Mixed22500:44:3300:58:21437.517.9 km/h
184204Pushys Online  Foursomes - OPEN Male62500:51:2000:58:40437.517.8 km/h
191000Canberra High 1  Young Guns - Male12500:49:1200:58:29437.517.8 km/h
204372Team IC  Foursomes - OPEN Mixed12500:51:0100:59:08437.517.7 km/h
216984Simply Riding  Six Packs - Honest 40s Mixed12500:52:1400:58:45437.517.6 km/h
226564Flakeurs  Six Packs - OPEN Mixed32500:52:1100:59:17437.517.6 km/h
236420The Newy Cogs  Six Packs - OPEN Male72500:53:0100:57:32437.517.6 km/h
246324Sellick Seagulls  Six Packs - OPEN Male82500:52:0901:00:03437.517.4 km/h
254344Kowabunga  Foursomes - OPEN Mixed22400:53:1200:59:5142017.5 km/h
264248The Crankers  Foursomes - OPEN Male72400:52:4800:59:5942017.4 km/h
276072C.O.T.  Six Packs - OPEN Male92400:52:5500:59:5842017.4 km/h
286060Brindabella Waste Gold  Six Packs - OPEN Male102400:50:2900:59:5342017.4 km/h
294172Mexican Bricklayers  Foursomes - OPEN Male82400:51:3800:59:5442017.3 km/h
304208Raging Pinkies  Foursomes - OPEN Male92400:50:5300:58:1842017.2 km/h
314332GUtee and the Beasts  Foursomes - OPEN Mixed32400:53:4001:00:2042017.2 km/h
326066Brindabella Waste Green  Six Packs - OPEN Male112400:53:0201:00:5042017.2 km/h
334368Still Not Ready  Foursomes - OPEN Mixed42400:52:2201:01:1742017.0 km/h
344476Tired old zebras  Foursomes - Honest 40s Male32400:50:2901:01:1842017.0 km/h
354400Falcon Counts  Foursomes - Honest 40s Male42400:53:2501:01:5042016.8 km/h
366018All Gear No Idea  Six Packs - OPEN Male122400:51:1701:02:0142016.8 km/h
3740003DK  Foursomes - OPEN Male102400:52:5201:02:1342016.7 km/h
384228Slappin Berms  Foursomes - OPEN Male112400:50:5201:02:0342016.6 km/h
394520TEAM LEVO 2  Foursomes - OPEN Ebike12300:47:2400:59:37402.517.3 km/h
406540Deloitte Team Three  Six Packs - OPEN Mixed42300:50:1601:01:31402.516.9 km/h
414340Jindy Trail Fairys  Foursomes - Honest 40s Mixed12300:54:1401:01:53402.516.9 km/h
424504Soggy Bottom Boys  Foursomes - Honest 40s Mixed22300:53:4601:02:07402.516.8 km/h
434268The Mountain Men  Foursomes - OPEN Male122300:51:4001:01:48402.516.7 km/h
446588Half Keen  Six Packs - OPEN Mixed52300:50:1501:00:30402.516.5 km/h
454300Mind the gap  Foursomes - OPEN Female12300:53:4901:02:57402.516.5 km/h
464196Pedal Pushers  Foursomes - OPEN Male132300:52:4801:03:06402.516.5 km/h
476372Synergy 1  Six Packs - OPEN Male132300:52:3801:02:38402.516.5 km/h
484324Dragging the chain  Foursomes - OPEN Mixed52300:53:4201:03:13402.516.5 km/h
496126Deep Sea Racing Prawns  Six Packs - OPEN Male142300:55:3301:03:34402.516.4 km/h
506960NODIS  Six Packs - Honest 40s Mixed22300:53:4501:03:41402.516.4 km/h
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