NSW Regional Distance Running Championships
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17 August 2017
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Race No
Second Categ
Series Points
Orange Points
Bathurst Points
Mudgee Points
Dubbo Points
1Brianna AdamsUnder 19Overall FemaleFemale37891010
2Hollee SimonsUnder 19Overall FemaleFemale19910  
3Zoe PetersUnder 19Overall FemaleFemale1010   
4Harriet ReillyUnder 19Overall FemaleFemale9   9
5Millie SkeneUnder 19Overall FemaleFemale8   8
6Melanie BrashUnder 19Overall FemaleFemale77   
7Jenny Wood20-29Overall FemaleFemale29 10910
8Dominique Ferguson20-29Overall FemaleFemale1010   
9Alyssa Carson20-29Overall FemaleFemale10  10 
10Kate Mccarthy20-29Overall FemaleFemale9 9  
11Viviana Croker20-29Overall FemaleFemale99   
12Tess Cochrane20-29Overall FemaleFemale9   9
13Peta Travers-Jones20-29Overall FemaleFemale88   
14Claire Dawson20-29Overall FemaleFemale8 8  
15Jodie Inder20-29Overall FemaleFemale8   8
16Nicole Petrin20-29Overall FemaleFemale8  8 
17Jana Tsiligiannis20-29Overall FemaleFemale77   
18Gemma Paul20-29Overall FemaleFemale7 7  
19Gabrielle Meredith20-29Overall FemaleFemale7   7
20Tegan Kastelein20-29Overall FemaleFemale7  7 
21Amelia Greenwood20-29Overall FemaleFemale6 51 
22Meggen Tidyman20-29Overall FemaleFemale6   6
23Rosie Gale20-29Overall FemaleFemale6 6  
24Sophie Boyle20-29Overall FemaleFemale66   
25Madison Gray20-29Overall FemaleFemale6  6 
26Meredith Epp20-29Overall FemaleFemale55   
27Sophie Fardell20-29Overall FemaleFemale5   5
28Brooke Mccallum20-29Overall FemaleFemale5  5 
29Miriam Tan20-29Overall FemaleFemale41 3 
30Rhianna Wik -Gamble20-29Overall FemaleFemale4   4
31Rachel Knight20-29Overall FemaleFemale4 4  
32Kelsey Mcintosh20-29Overall FemaleFemale44   
33Jordan Gill20-29Overall FemaleFemale4  4 
34Caitlin Parish20-29Overall FemaleFemale3   3
35Abbie Hibbard20-29Overall FemaleFemale3 3  
36Maggie Thompson20-29Overall FemaleFemale33   
37Phoebe Bruce20-29Overall FemaleFemale22   
38Claire Harington20-29Overall FemaleFemale2   2
39Emily Costello20-29Overall FemaleFemale2  2 
40Jennifer Raines20-29Overall FemaleFemale1   1
41Elisha Wohling20-29Overall FemaleFemale1   1
42Clare Larkin20-29Overall FemaleFemale1   1
43Ally Lemon20-29Overall FemaleFemale1   1
44Olivia Rossi20-29Overall FemaleFemale1   1
45Chloe Shannon20-29Overall FemaleFemale1   1
46Emily Thompson20-29Overall FemaleFemale1   1
47Eliza Tweeddale20-29Overall FemaleFemale1   1
48Tabitha Underwood20-29Overall FemaleFemale1   1
49Hannah Watkins20-29Overall FemaleFemale1   1
50Clara Wilson20-29Overall FemaleFemale1   1
Page 1 of 15 (732 items)

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