Tamworth Running Festival 2018
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5 Aug 2018
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Race No
Cat Pos
Gen Pos
Sprint finish
1140Jeremy Boller00:18:0616 to 19 years1Male153:37 min/km00:00:16
2171Ben Abell00:18:1230 to 39 years1Male253:38 min/km00:00:19
3141Lester Noble00:19:0816 to 19 years2Male353:49 min/km00:00:19
457Richard Squires00:19:2240 to 49 Years1Male453:52 min/km00:00:14
520Stuart Fischli00:19:2613 to 15 years1Male553:53 min/km00:00:15
675Allan Thompson00:19:3240 to 49 Years2Male653:54 min/km00:00:23
749Chiyo Brown00:19:5310 to 12 years1Female153:58 min/km00:00:21
8123Rob Reed00:19:5540 to 49 Years3Male753:59 min/km00:00:20
993Tim Dyall00:19:5750 to 59 years1Male853:59 min/km00:00:24
10118Maxwell Rumble00:20:1113 to 15 years2Male954:02 min/km00:00:21
11108Simon Mattheus00:20:2010 to 12 years1Male1054:04 min/km00:00:25
1276Adam Farquhar00:20:2710 to 12 years2Male1154:05 min/km00:00:23
1321Dominic Zimmerman00:20:4016 to 19 years3Male1254:08 min/km00:00:21
14189Tim Turner00:20:4740 to 49 Years4Male1354:09 min/km00:00:21
15190Greg Eather00:20:5040 to 49 Years5Male1454:10 min/km00:00:21
1629Zara Cogan00:20:5910 to 12 years2Female254:11 min/km00:00:27
1794Annie Fotheringham00:21:4016 to 19 years1Female354:20 min/km00:00:19
18173Nathan Moore00:21:4210 to 12 years3Male1554:20 min/km00:00:19
19136Stuart Bouveng00:21:5640 to 49 Years6Male1654:23 min/km00:00:32
2048Peter Brown00:22:2960 to 69 years1Male1754:29 min/km00:00:24
21112Jeremy Fay00:22:3916 to 19 years4Male1854:31 min/km00:00:24
2240Hayden Miller00:22:5010 to 12 years4Male1954:34 min/km00:00:24
23128Damikah Barwick-Taylor00:22:5110 to 12 years3Female454:34 min/km00:00:25
2442Isabella Gooch00:22:5713 to 15 years1Female554:35 min/km00:00:26
2547Katie Austin00:23:0330 to 39 years1Female654:36 min/km00:00:25
26153Liam Griffiths00:23:1010 to 12 years5Male2054:38 min/km00:00:21
2761Brooke Stainton00:23:3210 to 12 years4Female754:42 min/km00:00:28
281Jenny Shephard00:23:3250 to 59 years1Female854:42 min/km00:00:29
2913Daniel Williams00:23:419yrs and under1Male2154:44 min/km00:00:24
3064Saskia Fitzgerald00:23:4310 to 12 years5Female954:44 min/km00:00:25
3112Adam Williams00:23:4413 to 15 years3Male2254:44 min/km00:00:28
32175Bronte Ellicott00:23:4516 to 19 years2Female1054:45 min/km00:00:25
3365Martin Lindeman00:24:3250 to 59 years2Male2354:54 min/km00:00:27
34133Ben Cini00:24:4410 to 12 years6Male2454:56 min/km00:00:26
35152Cameron Bice00:24:5030 to 39 years2Male2554:58 min/km00:00:27
36130Rose Stackman00:24:5830 to 39 years2Female1154:59 min/km00:00:26
37110Chris Fay00:25:0040 to 49 Years7Male2655:00 min/km00:00:32
38138Alexander Morgan-Giles00:25:0210 to 12 years7Male2755:00 min/km00:00:29
39151Ben Neale00:25:0610 to 12 years8Male2855:01 min/km00:00:25
4036Garry Kable00:25:0860 to 69 years2Male2955:01 min/km00:00:23
41154Ryan Griffiths00:25:1540 to 49 Years8Male3055:03 min/km00:00:28
42180Libby Magann00:25:1730 to 39 years3Female1255:03 min/km00:00:29
43111Harriet Fay00:25:3513 to 15 years2Female1355:07 min/km00:00:33
44121Codie Cottrell-Dormer00:25:3813 to 15 years4Male3155:07 min/km00:00:29
45120Maddie Cottrell-Dormer00:25:3810 to 12 years6Female1455:07 min/km00:00:28
46102Roberta Thompson00:25:5650 to 59 years2Female1555:11 min/km00:00:30
4728Katrina Cogan00:26:0640 to 49 Years1Female1655:13 min/km00:00:30
48172Mel Mcgilchrist00:26:1220 to 29 years1Female1755:14 min/km00:00:30
4954Wendy Simm00:26:2040 to 49 Years2Female1855:16 min/km00:00:30
5058Nicole Walsh00:26:2430 to 39 years4Female1955:16 min/km00:00:32
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