Carcoar Running Festival
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4 Nov 2012
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Race No
Cat Pos *
Gen Pos
13Angela BATEUP 03:08:53All Ages1Female1
258Wayne BULLOCK 03:10:30All Ages1Male1
511Athene CHARIOT 03:26:06All Ages2Female2
338John ROBINS 03:25:24All Ages2Male2
951Joanne WHITHEAR 03:52:39All Ages3Female3
456Nicholas ZAWADSKI 03:25:59All Ages3Male3
1427Anne MACKIE 03:57:53All Ages4Female4
615Marcus COCKSHUTT 03:36:52All Ages4Male4
75Wylie BRECKENRIDGE 03:39:21All Ages5Male5
1825Stephanie JURIVICH 04:10:09All Ages5Female5
2024Jennifer JURIVICH 04:15:21All Ages6Female6
835Rick PATZOLD 03:50:12All Ages6Male6
1019John GLEN 03:52:42All Ages7Male7
3145Bonnie TRATT 04:44:50All Ages7Female7
1146Eduard VON SLAWIK 03:53:16All Ages8Male8
3410Ingrid CHAPMAN 04:49:25All Ages8Female8
4116Rebecca COOK 04:59:49All Ages9Female9
1231Simon MORGAN 03:53:34All Ages9Male9
4326Ella KURZ 05:16:15All Ages10Female10
139Dave CATTO 03:55:42All Ages10Male10
1513Matthew CHERRI 04:05:32All Ages11Male11
1612Scott CHARLTON 04:08:42All Ages12Male12
1754Roland WOOD 04:09:21All Ages13Male13
1921Matthew HALE 04:10:11All Ages14Male14
2149Nathan WELLS 04:24:32All Ages15Male15
2244Roland STOKES 04:25:14All Ages16Male16
2323Ray JAMES 04:26:43All Ages17Male17
248Peter CALDERONE 04:28:09All Ages18Male18
2540Matthew SHARWOOD 04:32:50All Ages19Male19
2657Myron ZLOTNICK 04:35:32All Ages20Male20
2714James CHISHOLM 04:38:41All Ages21Male21
2834Garry PAGE 04:41:50All Ages22Male22
2955Shane WRIGHT 04:44:10All Ages23Male23
3059Blair Hurst 04:44:47All Ages24Male24
3222Tom HINDS 04:45:06All Ages25Male25
3329Thomas MARTIN 04:46:06All Ages26Male26
357Jeff BUXTON 04:49:41All Ages27Male27
3618Peter FOSTER 04:50:12All Ages28Male28
3717Nathan CUTTER 04:50:22All Ages29Male29
382Kieran BABICH 04:52:26All Ages30Male30
3943Andrew STOCKINGS 04:52:51All Ages31Male31
4041Pete SINFIELD 04:56:36All Ages32Male32
4232Trent MORROW 05:04:55All Ages33Male33
4437Lorenzo POLETTO 07:12:04All Ages34Male34
Page 1 of 1 (44 items)

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